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Both AIF and The Chamber are both nothing more than corporate shills that are organized to screw the public and increase their members' profits. I hope there is a way that both can lose on this issue but it is all but guaranteed that it is the public and school systems that will get the screwing. Pompous claims by our Republican "leadership" aside, we have nothing to gain long term from resort casinos except some low paying service sector jobs. The profits will go out of state or out of the country.
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When the next hurricane plows thru Florida it is quite likely that Gov Cueball will tell FEMA to stay away so he can contract state funds for recovery with politically favored corportations. These will be open-ended, no-bid contracts issued on an "emergency" basis that will last at least as long as he is in office. He has shown a great disdain for that nasty federal money when his company is not stealing it.
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That $75K is what came in on the top of the table. Rivera has always done much better at raising funds under the table. Does he have any relatives left that he hasn't used as intermediaries to channel money directly to his own pockets?
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The neo-Mafia dons that run the Republican Party expect their mademen to collect tribute from the ones who benefit from their criminality. The message has never been clearer that there is a political quid pro quo under the thin guise of legalized bribery. The New Republican Party has taken this to heights that surely gag Eisenhauer, Goldwater, Reagan and any previous serious conservative national political leader.
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Mar 30, 2011