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I have not read either of your stories....yet. Key word: yet. That said, while I understand and appreciate the reader's perspective, I would encourage you to ignore it. Not to be insensitive, but because a writer should write from their heart. From their mind's eye that allows them to tell a story in the light that they see at the time of writing it. I applaud the reader for trying to shed his/her/it's perspective, and even take note that the world has enough evil in it already, but one of the beautiful things in this world is our ability to write as we feel, and let others judge...or not judge...or read...or not read. We all have our own choices to make.
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My wife and 2 year old are currently in Japan (wife was born there) and of course I am nervous. They are in a suburb outside of Kyoto (east of Tokyo by a long shot) and have an emergency plan to have them exit the country in a hurry (from Kansai Airport - Osaka) if they are in danger - thank goodness. I have traveled to Japan many times over the years, and have a sincere hope that this tragedy will be overcome - thank you all who support the relief and disaster recovery efforts. And thank you Wil for posting about it. Here are some pics from my travels in Japan: (that's my wife in the first shot btw.)
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Mar 19, 2011