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Ion Yadigaroglu
Co-Founder of Capricorn Investment Group
Interests: Decarbonizing the world, the second green revolution, and other global challenges that are giant investment opportunities
Recent Activity
To quote Tony Robbins (the best coach of all times!), a "Class 4 experience is something that 1. does not feel good, 2. is not good for you, 3. is not good for others, 4. does not serve the greater good." Why would someone continuously indulge in a Class 4... Continue reading
Can you make real money and be a force for good? I returned recently from India where a landslide of corruption scandals of late are stirring outrage. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh—once considered India’s most honest—is feeling the pressure to step down, and in March of this year, the head of... Continue reading
Imagine that you built a greenhouse in your backyard. You walk inside, and it is warmer, as expected. Everything you know about the simple physics of a greenhouse tells you that it should be warmer. And yet, you convince yourself that, in fact, there must be a really complicated other... Continue reading
Vinod is famous for telling people that, at grid scale, solar thermal will win over pholtovoltaics. Some of us have believed instead that the window for solar thermal was a very small one. Although cheaper on paper, PV is improving at a breathtaking rate, wheras solar thermal is basically the... Continue reading
I think about the history of solar in a few phases/events: The early days, with solar as an offshoot of the semi-conductor industry, using largely "waste" wafers from chip making. Chip making is about creating perfection one cm2 at a time, using billion dollar machines, and staring with ultra pure... Continue reading
For my inaugural blog, I thought I'd start with two big ideas that have been really important to me for the past year or so. I'll phrase them as predictions: 1/ You'll find it impossible to buy a non-electric (full EV) car within 2-3 years. 2/ Unsubsidized, distributed solar in... Continue reading
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Mar 31, 2011