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You may want to examine how your using the disks. If I remember correctly, flash memory cells have a limited number of write cycles (it used to be 100,000 cycles, but i'm sure its gotten better) , and these cells are usually erased and written in blocks. I'm sure the number of cycles is pretty high, but any number of things that would cause continuous writing to the disk may cause it to die earlier than expected. For example a daily virus scan or backup procedure would cause the last access time and archive flag on all of your files to be updated daily, resulting in a lot of unnecessary write cycles (I believe windows can be configured to not update the last access time). Also, if you have a low memory system or do memory intensive work and the system swap file is located on your SSD, you may be doing continuous writing to the disk that would wear it out. I guess in short, flash memory is good for fast storage but is simply not meant for continuous small random writing. I would disable last access file time updating ( and possibly even move your swap file to a standard hard drive. Then I bet you will see a much better life span.
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May 3, 2011