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Wierd. I have two computers with SSDs. My Main Workstation: Intel X25-M 160GB OS 300GB velociraptor 750GB 7200RPM Western Digital (data) I install programs that need a real boost on the ssd like visual studio on the SSD. Programs that aren't that much of a hog i install on the velociraptor. Most recently i moved my profiles to the velociraptor. My pagefile has always been on my velociraptor My Notebook OCZ Vertex 2 Until about 2 weeks ago this was my only drive because i had a 15in lenovo that would only take 1 drive. I just upgraded to a dell 17 xps and i have both the vertex and the existing hard drive they sent. I've had the ocz vertex 2 for over a year and i've had the intel x25-m about 2 weeks after the released them (a long time) i've never had an issue with either one. Of course i go crazy on backups. I use a combination of crashplan/acronis/freenas w/ rsync to make sure i never loose data. That being said the speed increase with ssd is enough that i will never been without one. For those of you who are worried you could use raid 1 thought its going to double your cost. is now following The Typepad Team
May 8, 2011