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Xenoterracide: not really. Arch Linux's pacman repositories only cover very major software on your computer. Anything niche needs to be manually compiled or fiddled with from the AUR; then you give up on autoupdates. [unsupported] is the web based repository that is commonly referred to as the AUR, or Arch User Repository.* Users can submit source packages containing various build files including PKGBUILDs to this repo. This is an unofficial and unsupported repository which isn't directly accessible via pacman. To install a package from [unsupported] a user would have to download and extract the source package, run makepkg which downloads upstream sources and builds the package, and finally install the built package using pacman. One of the popular AUR Helpers may be used to help with these tasks. That's what drove me off Arch when I tried it (briefly.) Package management is a big part of Linux's advatanges over other OSes. You can achieve that more effectively on Debian/Ubuntu by augmenting the default software sources with more specialized ones like the Google Nightlies PPA... in my experience. YMMV :)
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May 23, 2011