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Once you find your international call provider and register with them, you will be given an access number which you will use to call your destination number. All you have to do is put some money in your account ( start with a small amount so you can easily tell the rates) and make your calls. This will be charged by this provider while you receive one of the cheapest phone bills available. This service is good for people that make international calls once in a while and for those that make international calls on a daily bases. For the numbers that you call often, it will be a good idea to save the access number and destination number in your phone-book so the next time you need to make cheap calls you can just pick out the person from your phone list.
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2011 on At a bookstore near you… at Dani Rodrik's weblog
Depends on the person Raj... I care about people in general but i`m not rich :) well maybe not in the money way... Cheers Justin @ international call
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May 29, 2011