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Pure Speculation, but still fun. Hey its the Offseason.
This Page/site here definately has some problems. Its just a matter of getting someone on the times staff to get the job done. Hey, im a former times employee... dont tell me why its taking forever and a day to get things done.
Mike Brown will bring some freshness from the HC position and perhaps the players will buy into "His Way" which is fine as it should be. In my opinion, No Amount of Great Coaching in the world is going to get THIS Lakers team to the Finals anytime soon. The team Roster isnt balanced as it should be and Kobe simply makes too much money and wants the ball too much for any changes to happen while he is still on the Payroll. Kobe is the one who should "get in line" when it comes to shots per game and just being a good all around player. Kobe never was or never will be a good leader. Its not in him.
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Jun 3, 2011