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Here's a LeBron interview that is really good. And if you don't like LeBron you will probably just love this...
Toggle Commented Jun 16, 2011 on Free agent profile: J.R. Smith at Lakers Now
So really, the only reason everyone is pushing for a trade is because of the knees. Posted by: alekesam ======= That probably is the main reason but it's a darn good one.
Justa- "MM - I disagree with your take on Kobe's so-called controversial silence on the topic of Mike Brown. Who the hell cares what he says to the media? ======= Well, actually, about a million people or more care what Kobe says to the media. That's why they covered his press con about the homeless, because it was Kobe. That's a reason he gets so much coverage in general, it's Kobe. Kobe is the team leader and an international star, he's an EF Hutton of BB, in a way. He is one of the most well known players in the NBA. Many in the press have wanted a statement regarding Brown and that alone should make him aware (as if he isn't) he should say something simply because people want to know. His silence is intentional, that's what makes it not alright. It would be so, so easy for him to get word to the press, just 1 or 2 sentences, but he is choosing not to do that. Yes, that silence sends a message.
Not great news for the Magic... ===================== Howard: I want to stay, but I'm still becoming a free agent By Scott Howard-Cooper, Posted Jun 13 2011 9:23AM TREVISO, Italy -- Dwight Howard reaffirmed his desire to stay with the Magic, but told on Monday that he will definitely become a free agent rather than sign an extension in the next year and also left open the possibility he would reconsider his future in Orlando if the team does not win the title next season.
I worry that you will not be able to maintain your sanity as Kobe’s career enters the downside of his career. ................................. LAKERTOM ======== Lol, that's a funny line, in a way. I mean, it struck me as funny. Anyway, there are going to be lots and lots and lots of people having that problem as Kobe ages and shows his mortality. Good post LT, some good stuff in there, imo.
LRob, I'm probably part of the minority but I like your comments about LeBron. He didn't practice the 'be the best you can be' approach, but there's nothing really wrong with being a good number two. I understand the criticism but it does seem to go overboard. I thought overall the Heat did pretty darn good this year, they did make it to the Finals after all. They will likely be back again and now that they've had a year together if they pick up another piece or two, well, ugh.
Geesh, trying to log in gets badder and badder. Twitter doesn't work and Yahoo wouldn't work despite multiple tries until just now. MM, are you trying to motivate us to find another blog. Oh well, I guess the upside is the fewer comments there are the easier it is for you to monitor them. ========== Anyway,about those trades with those Minny Wolves, instead of trading Pau or LO, anyone got any ideas on a trade for Rubio? What might the Lakers need to give up for him, that is, if he is worth trading for?
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Jun 12, 2011