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@Jeff: I had the stuttering issue (i.e. everything freezes for ~90 seconds) that went away with the Intel RST registry tweak and setting the SATA ports all to hot-swap enabled. However, I still had a KERNEL_INPAGE_ERROR type of BSOD (apparently some I/O error with the paging subsystem) when I was doing some heavy SQL Server work. The scary part is that on reboot the drive is unrecognized and doesn't become visible to BIOS until a power down and cold reboot. I went BSOD free for 3 days and then got another one. At that point, I updated the firmware from 2.08 to 2.09 and haven't had a BSOD since (but it's only been a few days, so I don't know if it's really fixed). It seems like the 2.09 firmware is a bit of a hack (perhaps just throttling the SATA6 connection) which is why they don't recommend you update unless you're having problems. FWIW: I have a Vertex 3 240G Max IOPs drive which is slightly different than the regular V3 (reportedly better quality 34nm NAND vs 25nm). I just wanted to ask about your situation because OCZ claims that it's only happening to ~1% of users but it seems like quite a bit more are affected. Furthermore, OCZ support staff in the forums want to fault Asus's cable as being inferior for reliable 6Gbps traffic (which seems odd). I'm curious if OCZ is seeing these problems earlier because they were the first out with a Sandforce 2xxx drive, or if it's something unique to their firmware or board design. I'm hoping you go BSOD free and don't run into it, but just wanted you to be aware in case you see it too. Thankfully, SSMS autosaves your SQL work in progress, so I didn't lose much of my DB update I was working on at the time.
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2011 on Building a PC, Part VII: Rebooting at Coding Horror
Hi Jeff, I'm very curious about your SSD setup with this exact motherboard (since I have it as well with the same CPU). Have you been affected by the Vertex 3 BSODs with this setup (c.f. the OCZ forums)? Did you use the white tipped 6G SATA cable that came with the P8Z68-V Pro? Are you using Intel's RST driver? Did you have to apply the registry hacks to prevent stuttering/freezes? What Vertex 3 firmware are you on? 2.09?
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2011 on Building a PC, Part VII: Rebooting at Coding Horror
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Jul 18, 2011