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The Independent Party of America Blog
Westminster, Maryland 21157
Founder AP Party; See new site; Author, Second Coming of Common Sense
Interests: My lifelong interest and primary hobby is observing social and economic policy and the political games that determine the status of our National System - the way America really works on a day-to-day basis. Currently the State of the Union is "half empty"...
Recent Activity
In 2018, we will first organize the public and interest groups to vote out every Republican member of the US Senate and US House as possible on 11-6-18! It could be easier than you think!! Not that we want a Congress full of Democrats (No). Especially, not with the non-platform they currently have. Continue reading
On Sunday November 19th I completed a paper I had been developing over the last couple of months. It was in response to the growing nuclear crisis between the US and North Korea. My concern is that the US will again give another Kim family dictator a pass, but this time Kim Jong-un could wind up with a deliverable nuclear weapon capability. In the 21-page Peace Plan I challenge the North Korean Military (NKM) to "take Kim out" or, immediately Exile him or, that he must Self-Exile immediately to allow the NKM to assume control of the country. allow the... Continue reading
In mid-October a reporter, Michel Elben from our paper, The Carroll County Times in Westminster, MD 21157 did an hour long interview with me at our local library. She asked good questions about my wanting ot run for President in 2020 and we discussed my Independent platform. The paper's editor, Wayne Carter decided to run it article on November 2nd on the Front page. Very nice of them to do so. CC Times Article 11-2-2017 Please check it out and pass it on. Remember the primary campaign website wth Independent platform details at Continue reading
I began the campaign's Twitter feed last week @OurPOTUS2020. I will be posting Tweets regularly from now on. Will be tweeting about the campaign, meetings, AP Party Chapters, platform proposals, current news issue, the dysfunctional Congress, and some Trump items. Continue reading
These two (2) postings quietly serve as the first public notices of my decision to run an Independent campaign for President of the United States in 2020. That campaign will, in fact, begin now with the obligatory "Exploratory Campaign" activities. Again, I am initiating political activity and actions in October 2017. Continue reading
IF, the election returns continue to go in Trump's favor, he could be the next President. He has destroyed the traditional Republican Party during this campaign. If the Republican Party old guard, that the voters unwisely sent back to the US Congress tonight, does not like Trump and decides to do something about it things could get ugly . Continue reading
Do remember I am a hard-core political Independent and thus make fun of and critic both Democrats and Republicans. I wanted to post something today before the election returns started coming in and We the People found out what our collective response was to this horrid 2016 Presidential and Congressional campaign. Here are a few random points for the sake of some perspective: First, Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person ever to run for President. Donald Trump while probably well-intentioned, is the least informed major party candidate ever to run for President. Ever since Barrack Obama was elected President... Continue reading
This proposal would require all Presidential and Congressional election to have a traditional Primary structure and eliminate the caucus format such as is utilized in states like Iowa. For one reason it would just that standard across the country. Secondly, and most important to me is that it would be private for each person. In a caucus format, people have to literally stand in public and declare their candidate preference. It is not private and the majority of people are not comfortable expressing their political views in public. Continue reading
This proposal is short, but the topic is not very sweet. It speaks to the true spirit of voting rights under our Democracy. This issue concerns what people are somewhat surprised to learn – why some American citizens are not allowed to vote in Federal and lower level elections. Today, by law if an American citizen has been convicted of certain types of more serious crimes e.g., a felony of some sort — then fully serves their court prescribed sentence, and are then returned to society — they are too often not allowed to vote again in Federal and lower level elections. Yes, this is a difficult issue to address, but it is important relative to honestly confronting the civil rehabilitation of some of our fellow citizens. All for one!! Continue reading
This National proposal addresses long-standing and quite avoidable procedural issues regarding our national level elections. These Democratically practical changes could rapidly “trickle down” to state, county, and local level elections, as well. The issues here boil down to date and time! First, the traditional first Tuesday voting date in November will be immediately and permanently moved to the first Saturday in November. This will make it far simpler for more Americans to vote. Continue reading
• Again, this legislation and resulting Amendment is will override the provisions of Citizens United! • We will be considering a $5,000 maximum per individual, per calendar year for a given candidate. • We will be considering a $25,000 maximum per corporate entity, per calendar year for a given candidate. • We will be considering the elimination Super PACs altogether. • There will be no more “dark money”. No undisclosed sources of campaign funds will be allowed. Continue reading
In the first Trimester, abortion on demand will be legal, allowed, and provided in a safe environment for women. In the second Trimester, abortion will be legal and allowed if the Mother’s life is at risk. Or, if it is determined that the fetus is “at risk” and in that situation only the Mother and/or Parents will make the final decision – not any court! And “partial birth” abortion (except to save the Mother’s life) will not be allowed. In the third Trimester, the same criteria will apply as in the second Trimester. Period! Continue reading
This is the third of five (5) proposed Amendments to our US Constitution. When I published the original 27 proposals of An American Agenda in the book, The Second Coming of Common Sense (CS2), Proposal #10 Zero Tolerance for Free-Will Crime by All People. It is time to bring the Gun Ownership Issue in this country to a Common Sense compromise – Once and For All!! Continue reading
In 2008, when I wrote the book CS2 I only addressed changing the House of Representative term of office leaving the US Senate term alone. However, now eight (8) years after writing CS2 I believe the Senate deserves term limits, as well. Continue reading
This Amendment proposes changing the President’s term of office that is currently up to two (2) consecutive four (4) year terms. Under this Amendment, the term would be changed to a single six (6) year. The one (1) term and out approach has worked well for the office of State Governor. The President would not need to spend a large part (almost 2 years) of their first term positioning themselves for a re-election campaign. They can be more legislatively aggressive and just do their job for the nation. Continue reading
In its simplest form students in elementary, middle, and high school will learn about the Civil Responsibility of Community Service and what they can do within their own neighborhoods with a just little of their time to make their locality a better place to live – things as simple as not throwing trash out the car window. Some may think these simple things, but it is where the seeds of civil accountability (or not) are planted. Again simply by utilizing the national school system as a public communication vehicle We will introduce the concepts and first experiences of Community Service to the youngest generation. Continue reading
This is blunt and where being politically correct is not prudent. More and more over the last 40 years the average American has shall we say gained a few pounds. To the point where today a disturbing percentage of our population in all age groups are over a healthy weight level, if not actually obese. This is a growing national health care crisis with some 86 million Americans on a path to Type-2 Diabetes and a lot of other avoidable ailments. If you have no idea what diabetes can do to the human body please do a little research. The Pharmaceutical Industry is loving this! Future sales! Rude, but absolutely true folks. We have Health Care Industry that functions solely as a repair shop, not as the preventive medicine operation it should be. Continue reading
We’re not talking multiple homes, but a family residence that will be theirs over the years. We know this one will cause some banging and crashing! Dealing practically with the home ownership issue will challenge our national commitment to American families and their Right to the American Dream. Another way of thinking about this is that is that every American citizen should have a fixed address. A place to call home for many years be it owned or rented under some long-term agreement. Global Warming implications?? Before the end of this century, America will unavoidably confront the reality of rising sea and river levels and the mandatory relocation of tens of millions of our people from all coastlines. I believe the public service concepts of this program will us develop the practical methodology for that massive residential building and relocation project. Ponder that harsh reality for a while my fellow Americans… Continue reading
This National program area will be restructuring of the way public services are provided to help Americans in various areas that require federal, state, county, city, etc., tax-based funding. The FSA proposal would streamline the functions of unemployment, welfare, housing, and any other subsidies that are currently administered in a somewhat uncoordinated manner. Again, we are already paying for the administration of these services. Continue reading
We have Law. And, now we will have Order! In order to make our neighborhoods safe for families to live in safely, we will turn up the heat on those committing certain violent and life threatening actions of “their own free will”. We will bring back the Death Penalty with a vengeance!! Continue reading
We will restart the Selective Military Service program! That will get some attention. And in so doing we will reverse an incredible domestic policy error made by the US Congress in 1976 when the original program was ended. This time around we will have all 18 old year young men and women be required to serve for two (2) years. Women are reasonably demanding equal Rights so here are the equal Responsibilities. See this video, Continue reading
Solving the nation’s problem with drugs, especially hard drugs is the issue that started me on the public problem solving journey a few decades ago. In 2003 I published the 137-page National Drug Reform (NDR) Proposal. It recommended the full legalization and decriminalization of cannabis. It also laid out a detailed and publicly acceptable plan for stop the domestic drug trade and cleaning up the hard drug user community. This is a link to the NDR Proposal that is a FREE download. Continue reading
In brief: The US Re-Employment System proposal introduces the third employment sector – the Resource Sector. As people fall out of the Private or Public sectors and need assistance such as re-training, unemployment benefits, housing, medical support, welfare, etc., they will be required to register for Resource sector services. We will help them with basic education (High School diploma), vocational training as appropriate, and social skills (checkbook, cleaning their residence, etc.) training as needed. A closed-end system to make better use of our tax dollars and our making people more productive members of American society. No more free rides. Continue reading
The US population now exceeds 325 Million with at least 18 million IOs (no one really knows how many there are) in “our” country. Globally, the population now exceeds 7.45 Billion inhabitants. We must never reach 8 Billion people and must as global priority bring that count back down to less than 7 Billion. Period! Continue reading
The “Common Agreement” as I believe it will be called, will clearly define the Expectations of each American citizen of our reformed social and economic systems. It will also clearly define the Responsibilities of each American citizen to properly support of our society and the national economy. Our elected government at all levels and Big American Industries will be required to support this new framework for the Common Good of our people, our society, the economy, and the environment. Continue reading