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To those of you who are upset about your queues being wiped clean on only 7 days notice, I have a simple solution. Don't use the instant queue at all, use the DVD queue to store and sort your instant entries. You can play titles just as easily from either queue, and when Netflix drops instant entries, you will still have them 'saved' and you can rent them at your leisure. There are a few titles that are only available as 'instant', but in my queue at least that is only about 20 entries out of 300.
Nothing that goes into my Saved queue ever goes out of it! The saved queue is the Black Hole of Netflix I have over 100 titles in the Saved queue; some of them have been there for more than five years; all of them can be purchased from Amazon; and I can only think of two titles that made it into my DVD queue, and maybe three that are offered as Streaming now. That's a terrible track record. I get the feeling Netflix is just living off its DVD inventory and not replacing anything. I know where that's going to go in a few years.
You both need to read the whole article. The excerpt is misleading. * Netflix has not agreed to carry the new Sundance package. It is not free. Sundance wants to sell it to Netflix. I personally will be surprised if Netflix agrees to buy it (but one can hope) * The big deal about Netflix agreeing to stream the new package, if it happens, is that virtually NONE of these movies will ever be available on DVD.
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Jul 28, 2011