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Gail Butler
Heartsease Cottage
As a childhood mud-eater (I don't remeber this, but my Mom tells me it was so), I've spent most of my life digging in the dirt - rockhounding, gold prospecting, gardening - and am happiest with my hands in the soil communing with its mysteries.
Interests: Anything "dirt" oriented and writing.
Recent Activity
Whole-flower potpourri is made from flowers that are dried in their entirety. A broken ceramic flower pot is perfect for this whole-rose potpourri. To make this type of potpourri, dry flowers with stems removed, either upright or lying on their sides, on wax-papered baking sheets in a warm dry spot.... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at A New Heartsease...
In this photo, foraged wood sorrel makes a delicious tapenade-like sauce for a mushroom omelet. Morning Star Farms veggie sausages and whole grain sourdough make a tasty, and memorable weekend breakfast! To make this delightful, simple sauce you'll need to either grow French Sorrel in your garden or, as I... Continue reading
Posted Aug 11, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
On the left is miners' lettuce. In the right of the photo is wood sorrel. Both are wild edibles gathered from the nearby forest. Now you see it. Now you don't! Just two weeks ago I was gathering wood sorrel on my forest strolls. Just a few days ago I... Continue reading
Posted Aug 8, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
First Jeff, then on to the cabinet project! Vacation in July! While I didn't go anywhere my nephew, Jeff Shark, flew up from Utah to visit my mother and me! We hadn't seen him in several years as he's been working and going to Snow College in Utah. He's grown... Continue reading
Posted Aug 2, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
Easy Elegance, Simple Grace, Natural Abundance, and Elective Frugality are "Cottage Lifestyle" attributes I live by. I think my Paris Apartment-styled bathroom hits all four of these criteria! Continue reading
Posted Jul 8, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
A delicious plant-based, vegan meal with a rich sweet and savory dressing. A thick, sweet-tart dressing balances the hearty quinoa base which doesn't need meat or cheese to be absolutely delicious! This is a healthful main dish entree in a bowl! I know. I know...everything is better with meat and... Continue reading
Posted Jun 24, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
Low-fat, healthy, plant-based - and tasty - enchiladas! What's not to love? Continue reading
Posted Jun 16, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
As a kid growing up my mom prepared delicious meals while adhering to a budget. I remember creamed tuna on toast and tuna casserole... Continue reading
Posted Jun 5, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
I've been experimenting with a plant-based diet. Not in an all-or-nothing way but as a gradual crowding out of refined, cholesterol-laden, to sugary, and fatty foods. Continue reading
Posted May 29, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
A couple of hot dry days ended the Springtime mushroom hunt. No more hunting until Fall. Continue reading
Posted May 26, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
To further my knowledge and acquisition of edible mushrooms I joined a mushroom club... Continue reading
Posted May 18, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
Where I live it's time to gather morels! Continue reading
Posted May 12, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
Classic Fiddle Head Saute - butter, garlic, a dash of salt and pepper. Perfect! Continue reading
Posted May 5, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
Vegan Ramp Vichyssoise is velvety, creamy goodness to warm the tummy on a cold Spring day or evening I like to make my Ramp Vichyssoise with Spring-gathered ramps and early-harvested red onions. In this photo chopped ramp stems with just a bit of the lower leaves, and a Spring red... Continue reading
Posted Apr 27, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
Think of Ramp Relish as sort of, well, "tapenade-ish" and a bit "pesto-ish". Continue reading
Posted Apr 25, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
The woods are providing edibles such as ramps, fiddle head ferns, and morels now! Continue reading
Posted Apr 21, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
Delicious, glazed Orange Rolls are a Sunday, or any morning, treat! Nice for Easter, too. I use two eight-inch cake pans to make a double batch of these delicious, pull-apart Orange Rolls. Make and glaze one batch to eat now, then freeze the un-glazed second batch for later by removing... Continue reading
Posted Apr 12, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
This delicious nut cheese snack uses nut solids left over from making Delicious Homemade Almond Milk! Continue reading
Posted Apr 4, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
It's easy to make your own delicious "no waste" almond milk Easy and frugal, homemade almond milk is richer, tastier, and has fewer ingredients. And, there is "no waste" because the "pressings" composed of nut meal are not tossed out but instead put to good use making a delicious nut... Continue reading
Posted Mar 29, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
Colcannon is a dish with Irish origins, usually featuring mashed potatoes and cabbage. It is, however, very flexible when it comes to swapping ingredients in or out. Continue reading
Posted Mar 21, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
A little rustic, a bit "faded elegance" - a clock frame became my inspiration. Continue reading
Posted Mar 13, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
Why buy seed starting pots each season when you can make your own! Why indeed? If you're like me and don't have newspaper delivery, it can be free if you ask a newspaper-receiving friend to give you some. There are plenty of places where you can acquire them, too. Coffee... Continue reading
Posted Mar 2, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
A mushroom omelet dressed with creamy Florentine sauce on a bed of kale, with rice pilaf, and steamed broccoli stalks is an easy brunch when made from leftovers! It was a lazy, snowy Sunday morning and I was hungry! I wanted to make myself a tasty brunch but didn't want... Continue reading
Posted Feb 21, 2017 at A New Heartsease...
This galette is very forgiving, pastry-wise, and easy to make using peeled pears. It has been brushed with beaten egg (plus a teaspoon of water), dusted with baker's sugar, and baked on parchment paper. Easier to make than a pie, you can use all-purpose white flour, store-bought pastry dough, or... Continue reading
Posted Feb 16, 2017 at A New Heartsease...