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Prison Break is a show about a man that is trying to break his brother out of prison. To do this, though, he has to go to prison himself. This may not sound full of stereotypes but there is one big one that I do want to talk about. The prison doctor in the show is a woman. At first the show shows her as the one with power. She is always businesslike and never takes crap from the prisoners. This was breaking the submissive stereotype that is often shown about women. Another woman character is the president of the... Continue reading
When I was looking at the website fbomb, this article jumped out at me. I never realized how we naturally considered some jobs as men's jobs and some as women's jobs. When this article said that all of the members of the class responded that "boss" corresponds with "he" it made me think. I think that if we start using more gender neutral terms for certain jobs and positions, we will start seeing men and women as more equal, even if we say we already do. Women in our society are supposedly equal. But then why do we still associate... Continue reading
The novel is always better than the film. First of all, books have way more detail. It provides a much better description of characters, settings, and events. Also, sometimes when people see a movie, they come out wondering why certain people were cast or why certain scenes are the way they are. One example is when people found out that Taylor Swift was going to be in the movie version of Les Mis. Movies take away your ability to use your imagination. When you read a book you create everything in your head. With movies, it creates the images for... Continue reading
The movie (and play) The Importance of Being Earnest, is one of the most perfect examples of satire in our culture. Although it is set in England, it makes fun of the upper class. The play uses dramatic irony to show how Oscar Wilde sees the upper class as too formal and snobbish. It is dramatic irony because the characters in the play obviously think that they are high class with their multiple houses and butlers even though the author thinks that the upper class is too snobbish. The show also uses hyperbole to make its point. Every character in... Continue reading
I also find these lip readings really funny. They are a perfect example of parody because it takes songs that already exist and change the lyrics. However, I do agree with Nate because they do not really have a deeper meaning to them.
I agree with all of your points. The show is the perfect example of satire because it shows so many different types of irony as well as makes fun of a bunch of different stereotypes that are common in today's society.
Race has always had a prevalent role in American culture. When people are separated into groups, often it is by race. It also seems that we judge people based on their race. When we do that it makes us seem ignorant because we often are only Paying attention to the stereotypes that we have always heard about. Music seems to be a piece of media that has a lot to do with race in our minds. On the show In Living Color, Jim Carrey did a parody of the song Informer by Snow and called it Imposter. Snow is a... Continue reading
I agree with Nate. I feel like people base their opinions of other people too strongly on race. When people ask about someone else one of the first things they find out is sometimes the race. It seems very superficial and wrong to judge people so strongly on their race.
I agree. In movies it seems lIke the African American always dies first. Many times when I watch movies icons myself wondering why that is.
The Last of the Mohicans is a film about Nathaniel Poe, a white man who was raised by Indians. Because of this alone, he was caught between the two worlds and never quite became a part of a certain society. This shows his breaking from society. He was on his own being his own person. The film always shows nature. It seemed to be a big part of the movie. The opening shot, for example, was of the mountains. Nathaniel was always shown in nature and it became apparent that the Mohicans were associated with nature. When Nathaniel left Cora... Continue reading
I agree with that the Mohicans represent transcendentalism while the British are the opposite. Nathanial was almost always shown in nature and the British were always fighting and destroying things.
I agree. The movie does seem to show a lot of focus on nature. A lot of the time there will be a shot of just nature. Also, the fact that Nathaniel is not a part of a given society shows breaking from society.
When I finished The Scarlet Letter, I wondered why Dimmsdale died when he was on the scaffold. I think that part of the reason was that he had been holding on to his sin for so long that he had begun to need it even though it was tormenting him. When he finally confessed to his sin, the feeling that he had gotten it off of his chest and that he no longer had any dark secret still kept to himself finally left him feeling at peace. I think that he died peacefully because he had finally gotten confessed his... Continue reading
You bring up some good points. I agree that Pearl being able to catch the sunlight shows that she is not from the devil because the light shows goodness and in the book evil is usually associated with darkness. I do not agree with Pearl representing purity, however, because she has her traits such as her mischievousness that show otherwise.
I completely agree. I had never thought about this movie that way. Another example of individual vs community is when Belle's father is trying to convince everyone to help him find his daughter. It is just him and nobody in the town believes him.
In class we are reading The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. The novel is about a woman named Hester that committed adultery and so has been punished by the community by being forced to wear a scarlet letter "A" on her clothes. The punishment may not seem like such a big deal now but it set her apart from the rest of the community and everyone in the community knew who she was and what she did. Despite the fact that some people in the community believe that her punishment is effective, I think that in some ways, Hester has... Continue reading
The movie August Rush is a kind of more modern Oliver Twist. Evan is an orphan who refuses to go to a foster home because he knows his parents are somewhere and that they miss and love him. Evan runs away and goes in a journey that takes him all over New York City in search of his parents. This movie shows many aspects of Romanticism. First of all, it shows an emphasis of individual experience because the whole movie follows the experiences of Evan. It also shows strong emotion because Evan feels joy when he is playing guitar, sadness... Continue reading
We've all seen commercials where the advertisers say something along the lines of "serving you for over 20 years" or something like that. These advertisements are examples of the appeal to tradition logical fallacy. What these commercials are saying is pretty much that their product is better because it is older. They are not really selling their product with real reasons. One example is the Mercedes Benz commercial inserted at the bottom. Even though it doesn't explicitly say that it is better because it is older, this commercial starts with a very old car and progressively gets newer. It is... Continue reading
This is completely right. The commercials don't really give great reasons why you should donate. They hope that by showing that you are a jerk if you don't, you'll feel bad enough to donate. They show all the pictures of the animals and try to get you to donate money and all you can do is feel sorry for them.
I agree, Mike. These commercials use their faulty analogies to sell the insurance. When you think about it, what does a man playing a fiddle have to do with auto insurance? It never really made sense to me. I always just thought that they were funny but they never really make you want to buy their auto insurance.
ELIC is the best book I have read in a high school English class this far. I was hooked from the very first word and Oskar's quirky yet lovable personality kept me wondering what he would say next. But then I got to the ending. I thought, "what just happened?" I had just followed Oskar on his journey to discover more about his father and it turned out that his only clue about his father had nothing at all to do with his father and it was all one big coincidence. Sure, he may have learned about himself and he... Continue reading
Commercials for beer reinforce multiple stereotypes of what American men are supposed to enjoy. The first, of course, is beer. In some commercials for light beer, the man is considered not manly if he settles for a beer that is not from the brand that is being advertised. In one commercial a man is shown wearing women's jeans and in another he is shown hiking in the mountains with a knapsack. These two commercials believe that men are supposed to enjoy beer of a certain kind or they are not manly. Another stereotype that these commercials reinforce is that men... Continue reading
Obama gave a very powerful speech Thursday evening. He used it to try to get his new proposal for jobs passed. With his proposal, more people would have jobs. Obama effectively used but logos and pathos to support his arguments. He used logos because he gave statistics to show how bad the unemployment rates are in America. He used logic to show that if they fix the roads and bridges, they'll create more jobs and that will help the unemployment rate go down. He also says that if companies hire long term unemployed people, they will get tax breaks. That... Continue reading
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Sep 7, 2011