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There is a common thought in everday society that women and men are different. While this is true biologically it is not necessarily true physically and emotionally. I was watching tv one day saw this ad for dr. Pepper. The next day I saw an ad for Lipton energy. The two commercials couldn't be anymore different. While both commercials show different stereotypes for women and men the message is still conveyed that one sex is the weaker tuan the other. The dr. Pepper commercial has the slogan that it's not for women. They say this because the drink is ten... Continue reading
after looking at some of the articles at Rookie, I noticed this article called "The Year of My Eating Disorder". The article talks about how this girl, who was a sixth grader at the time, was anorexic and how she overcame it. My initial reaction was that no sixth grader should ever be that self-conscious of their weight or how they look. However, this got me thinking about the discussion that we had about body image in class the other day. I never realized that the media was starting to affect kids at such a young age. I mean I've... Continue reading
I would like to qualify that yes some presidents are using racism and stereotypes to gain votes in the poles. The African Americans of the United States haven’t forgotten the civil rights movement. Most of the baby boomers have lived through it and are relaying the stories to their children and grandchildren. I believe that what President Carter said in the Article was right. The politicians have been using racism for years to appeal to whatever percentage of the population still lives within the confines of black and white. I also can’t believe both Newt Gringrich and Rick Santorum when... Continue reading
This is a video by "Weird Al" Yankovic called "Fat". It creates humor with parody and situational irony at the beginning of the video. The song and the video are a parody of Michael Jackson's "Bad". This video is a parody because it replaces all the words to Jackson's song but still keeps the beat and the rhythm. The reason why it is because the video focuses on the issue of obesity in America. It uses hyperbole and dramatic irony to highlight this. The hyperbole would be the fat suit suddenly inflating when there is a showdown between the two... Continue reading
So…culturally, in America we try to avoid talking about race in some instances because well it can leave a really bad impression of people. Dr. Laura who was a radio personality said it on her show and got a lot of flack for it. Senator Doug Lamborn was highly criticized for calling President Obama a “tar baby”. I think that racism and the concept of racism is still an issue in this country because there are people's grandparents who have worked fields in the south and had to survive segregation. There are people’s parents who grew up in the Civil... Continue reading
So when I first started to read the scarlet letter I was extremely skeptical of the book. I already knew the basis of the story and I thought to my self that it would be another shakespeare-like tragedy. Well.. My expectations were exceeded. True, everybody dies in the end and Hester doesn't get a happy ending but you learn a valuable lesson. Humans are inherently blind to so many things that are present in society. In the book, after Dimmesdale kind of confesses the first time, the townspeople love him even more. They think that he is more of a... Continue reading
So I really think that this song in the Little Mermaid adresses individual Segbastian is trying to convinvce Ariel not to got the land whose customs are different from the under water life. He tries to show her the good things about the sea. This also reminds me of some transcendentalist values such as an appreciation for common everyday life and it (indirectly) emphasized breakling from traditional society. This is because Ariel is trying to leave the ocean and experience life first hand(individual experience) on solid land ( ryhme not intended). This conflict of individual vs. community is further... Continue reading
I find it interesting that evey character in the scarlet letter has their own secret. I know that most stories consist of the all the characters having secrets but I think that each character represents a different aspect of human nature based off of what they have.I think that Hester represents human desires. She desires love, freedom and respect. She longs for the dignity and anonymity that she lost with the revelation of the affair. She longs to start a new life with Pearl Pearl is, quite literally in Hester's case, the consequence that you end up with when you... Continue reading
Almost every little kid has seen a Disney Movie of some sort. What's unique about Disney's movies is that the movies are highly romaticized. This romanticism that is used in the movie is what makes the movies so enjoyable for all ages and, let's face it, timeless classics. Take The Lion King for example. The main story line is Hamlet but the story has been romanticized for little kids. The lions talk and they lead amazing similar lives all in their own little secluded savanna. The song, the circle of life is an exellent demonstration of this: this clip shows... Continue reading
Okay watching the SuperBowl is always fun, especially watching all of the funny commercials. Seeing this commercial still makes me laugh. The logical fallacy that it sends me right off the bat is that a wine and cheese tasting is so boring that men have to hide their beer and miniature tv just to get through the evening. This would be hasty generalization. This is not completely true because it you had paid attention to the beginning of the commercial, you would have seen at least two men having a good time. I even know some people that enjoy wine... Continue reading
The novel Extremely Loud & incredibly Close focuses on the themes of loss, love, hope, and forgiveness. These concepts are exhibited through 9/11, in which the main character's father dies. Oskar deals with his father's death by inventing but he can never bring himself to forgive the person who piloted the plane in the World Trade Center. Oskar's grandfather is also showcased as having a struggle of coming to terms with his own tragedy that is tied to the Dresden bombing. Oskar's grandmother is also a survivor of Dresden. It seems to me that an underlying message in the book... Continue reading
After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, so many music artists shared their opinions about how they viewed the government. Lil Wayne made a song called Georgia…Bush in memory of hurricane Katrina. At a first glance you would think that Lil Wayne is just dissing the president for not caring about the residents of New Orleans. When you look at the lyrics, Lil Wayne questions the fundamentals that the Unites States is said to operate off of. Lil Wayne starts off the song saying: “This song is dedicated to the one wit the suit, Thick white skin and his eyes bright... Continue reading
He uses the pledge of Allegiance to pack a punch and to really drive home the purpose and the exigence. He uses strong tones of ethos and pathos to rally the people together. He is trying to get Congress to stand together and he wants them to band together and show the world the greatness of America and to show the world why the united States is the most powerful nation. He also uses logos when he cites all of the plans to persuade Congress that this bill is the right decision for the nation Continue reading
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Sep 8, 2011