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The hilarious movie, House Bunny, is a humorous but accurate approach to sorority house drama. The movie begins with Shelley Darlington, who is a Playboy Playmate living in the Playboy Mansion. The day after her 27th birthday, she is tricked by a another Playmate who is jealous because of Shelley's success. She makes Shelley believe she is too old to be considered attractive enough. Because of this, she applies to be a house mother to the snobbish Phis sorority.However she is turned down and told to go to the less prissy Zeta's sorority house. They need 30 pledges or there... Continue reading
Some of the highest grossing films of all time are based on novels such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series. Most of them have even better reviews from critics. Personally, I believe that films take away the ability to use your imagination because you are seeing the director's interpretation of the novel. The director's interpretation could tamper with your opinion on the novel and confuse viewers because they have the power to change things and adapt them onto film. For instance, the movie,"Forest Gump" is based off of Winston Groom's novel and barely follows the basic storyline.... Continue reading
Family Guy is known for its clever use for satire. In this particualar episode, Stewie appears on the side of his mom's bed and seems as if he needs her urgently because of the use of his mom's first name which is Lois. After Stewie screams her name for the twenty-seventh time, she answers in a frustrated tone. Surprisingly, Stewie replied, "Hi." This is an example of situational irony because when Stewie screams his mother's name so much, viewers tend to think that he wants something very important like he needs his diaper changed. Instead, just to annoy her, Stewie... Continue reading
Categorizing individuals by type of race plays a huge part in the american culture. After researching how American citizens acted in the early 1900's, an individual can see how whites racially profiled blacks and segregated them only because of skin color. However, going towards the 21st century, people began to realize that racial profiling was an ignorant and an act of stupidity. In 1992, Michael Jackson released a song called "Black Or White". This song suggests that people should live colorblind when it comes to race because the main affect race has on an individual is the tone of an... Continue reading
Sinning in the Scarlet Letter is frowned upon tremendously. The question is what is the most affective punishment to rid individuals of their uncivilized behavior. After reading the Scarlet Letter, punishing someone without physically harming them is the most efficient way because Hester was looked at as an outsider because of the letter A that had to be pinned on all her clothing to let the community know she was an adultress. Puritans complained about how the magistrate let Hester off easy because she was not physically harmed by punishment. Some people wanted the A branded on her forhead. This... Continue reading
At first The Crucible seemed a little dry and complicated because it was during the Puritan time period and opened with girls dancing around the fire as if they were possessed. As we got further and further through the movie I started appreciating the complexity of the storyline. Thats another reason why I loved it so much. It was because it wasnt predictable and that describes a good movie in my opinion. John Proctor is definetly my favorite character because of his aloofness from the community and being an individual. Showing that there wasnt a need to be extremely religous... Continue reading
Gay marriage has similar characteristics of Romanticism in so many different aspects. It consists of strong emotion obviously between homosexuals. Although individuals cant get in trouble with the law for loving someone of the same sex, they can if attempting to document it. This battle for gay marriage has been going on for so long and homosexuals have been misjudged and misunderstood. Being misunderstood is not a bad thing. Its just that homosexuals have a completely different ideology system. Galileo and Newton were misunderstood and so was Ralph Emerson. Be an individual. Romanticism is present because gay marriage is a... Continue reading
The Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, is contemplating on whether or not to participate as a candidate during the 2012 presidential election. However critics are bashing him for being overweight and being too fat to be president of the United States. This is an example of Non Sequitor because being slightly overweight has nothing to do with how successful he could potentially be as president. The news reporters have been comparing him to former U.S. president William Taft who was over 300 pounds and had to get a custom made tub because he was too fat to bathe in... Continue reading
So many people enter and leave your life! Hundreds of thousands of people! You have to keep the door open so they can come in! But it also means you have to let them go! (ELIC,153) After Mr. Black said this to Oskar, it forced me to contemplate on whether or not Mr. Black knew about Oskar coming to his house. I know that Oskar explained how he thought his mother talked to the people he met during searching for the true meaning of the key but that wasn't 100% true. This quote is also forshadowing the end because Oskar... Continue reading
American Ideology is a comlex system. It consists of stereotyical behaviors established by society itself. Some of the stereotypes are absurd and draw suspicions as to whether a two year old thought of them. For instance, my artifact was a commercial for Bud Light which was persuading American men to consume light beer. The commericial gave the message that drinking is necessary to have a good time and be excepted by girls. The idea is naive because its common sense that alcohol is not a neccesity for having a good time. The commercial actually does a good job of persuading... Continue reading
President Obama addrsses how things used to be before America's high unemployment rate. Workers could just be faithful and reliable. As a result they would be given decent salaries and benifits. American Jobs Act is what he is trying to persuade Congress to pass. He would simply put people back to work and provide tax break for companies who hire new workers. Pay roll taxes could be cut in half.(80,000 dollars) Continue reading
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Sep 8, 2011