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Extra Organised
I write about using organisation in the service of relationships and experiences.
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Well, this was one of the big adventures on my 12 in 2 list (12 adventures I want to accomplish in 2 years). I made sure there were lots of smaller, easily achieveable dreams on the list to help motivate me to tackle the large, scary ones—like hiking the 20... Continue reading
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Many meals are based around similar ingredients. It is endlessly surprising to me how a few staple pantry items can be turned into surprisingly different meals. For example, similar baking ingredients prepared in slightly different ways, and with the change or addition of one or two ingredients can become a... Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2014 at Extra Organised
We tend to get takeaway hamburgers too. I really like homemade ones, but they take me a lot longer to make than pizza. Probably because I like them with the lot so have to do eggs and bacon as well!
Hi Sarah, how fantastic that you collect birdcages. They are so beautiful on display. I can see why you can't keep too many though as they do take up a lot of space. I enjoyed reading your long weekend to do list - it looks like you got through a lot. Your interval running program looks ambitious! I've just finished reading Fast Exercise by Michael Mosley and it's all about the benefits of high intensity interval training. I'm slowly building up my intervals!
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Hi Jane, thanks for your comment. I often find that my mistakes are caused by my attention being elsewhere! I like your idea for giving yourself time to think and plan so you can focus better at other times. I think this could work well for me too. I definitely need lots of thinking time and it does combine beautifully with a walk :)
Thanks for your comment Andrea, it's really nice to get the perspective of a yoga teacher! The point you make is spot on: "I don't have to dress in any certain way but the way that is comfortable for me". Your layering sounds like the perfect solution for both cold weather (warmer with layers) and exercise (take off the top layers). We definitely overcomplicate dress codes and sometimes it just takes a bit of lateral thinking and we can come up with much easier, more suitable, and more comfortable alternatives.
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"What’s your best organising tip or technique?” My answer to this FAQ is simple: My best organising tip is to be in the present moment. The only way to have experiences and create memories is now. Likewise, the only way to improve our lives, simplify a situation, or prevent a... Continue reading
Posted Apr 3, 2014 at Extra Organised
That sounds delicious and quick, Fairy!
My favourite days are spent pottering at home—cleaning, sorting, planning, improving. Days like this usually bring a sense of contentment and a healthy tiredness from physical activity and a sense of progress even if only small, like a freshly weeded garden or the budget sorted. Even when I feel down,... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2014 at Extra Organised
Friday night is sometimes takeaway but I had a number of ingredients in the fridge that needed using so I decided to channel Mrs Patmore (Downton Abbey) and cook up my own Italian feast. I decided on a meatlovers pizza using leftover Pork Ragu as the topping sprinkled with lots... Continue reading
Posted Mar 28, 2014 at Extra Organised
Thanks so much for your update - you've made my day!! I'm glad you're spreading the word. Like you, I've found this a revolutionary way of looking at my clothing as the numbers don't lie :) I love that it's encouraged more creativity with your wardrobe too. All the best, Kim.
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Hi Sarah, yes the only time my oven has ever been cleaned is when I've outsourced it (usually just before a move or the arrival of a baby when I've managed to sweet-talk someone else into doing it for me!). Well done on getting your super sorted out and making progress on your will. It's easy to put these things off because they tend to be more challenging tasks, but they feel so good when they're sorted! You're taking the right steps with your will, so just keep going, one step at a time until you get there.
Yes, in regard to dressing for "themed" days my kids are usually fine (my son is especially all set for an orange theme) and I would be OK for the colours in the photos above, but I don't have many colours beyond that. I was pleased to find that my travelling wardrobe was more workable than I thought it was which has further inspired me to stick to these colours in future purchases.
Thanks Sarah, I'm glad the 12 in 2 challenge is helpful. I think stretch goals are a great idea and I agree that giving yourself a reasonable timeframe is a good motivator/framework for making them happen. When I know I've got an average of 2 months per dream, plus 2 years overall to make them happen, that sounds quite achievable! I admit too to pushing my harder goals back toward the end of the 2 years :) Reading your posts, I am sure you are going to nail that half marathon.
Hi Sarah, thanks for finding me again! Perhaps because I was quiet on my blog for a couple of months something has happened with my email alerts? That's fantastic that you've read almost all the books in your collection - and also that you are able to stop reading those that aren't really interesting you. I've mastered this skill too and I give a book a decent chance to interest me but if it hasn't done so after a few chapters then it's not likely worth the read. Sounds like you're juggling lots of evening activities - it must be tiring after working full time. Since having kids, I try to avoid going out at night as I'm usually too tired by then, but I must admit I've always preferred my evenings at home :) Going out to waterpolo and/or SES though does sound really interesting.
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2014 on What is manageable? at Extra Organised
Thanks Slackerjo, I like the idea of oven liners. That could save a lot of future work! Do you take all the shelves out of your oven and just scrub it all in there? Thanks for your help with this :)
I agree Slackerjo, small steps or a short timeframe, is a good way to ease in to a difficult task. Can you please let me know how to clean an oven in 15 mins?? If mine takes only that long I think I could handle it but it's the thought of the chemical cleaners, finding some way of scrubbing the trays, etc, that is putting me off. I have not cleaned it in a few years!
Organising blocks are those tasks that are easily put off because we find them too daunting. I’ve sorted out a couple recently, such as educating myself on superannuation and decluttering the office, but I still have some scary ones to go, including cleaning the oven :) These are the tasks... Continue reading
Posted Feb 16, 2014 at Extra Organised
Thanks for your lovely comment Fiona. It's keeping accountable to you on my blog that also helps keep me inspired :)
My 12 in 2 list started as a way of motivating myself to attempt 12 dreams in 2 years—a month to plan and a month to do each one. You can read the original 12 in 2 post here. To stay on track, I needed to tackle six dreams on... Continue reading
Posted Feb 9, 2014 at Extra Organised
I read your clothing and project 333 posts with great interest, Fairy. Using three colours for your wardrobe would make every day's clothing choices, as well as when you are travelling, much more straightforward!
I like the streamlined idea of that - you wouldn't need to bother with complicated packing lists or things going together - you would know exactly what to take! Cargo pants are definitely versatile for travelling. One of the only versions of women's clothing that usually contains enough pockets.
I recently travelled to attend a week-long conference, and as I was hanging up my clothes, I realised I’d put together two main combinations: black and green, and black and red. It wasn’t entirely intentional but it worked! I could have chosen one colour theme (black and green or black... Continue reading
Posted Feb 5, 2014 at Extra Organised
There are certain books I have trouble reading in public or right before bed for this very reason. Reading Bill Bryson was downright funny and I would be laughing at the book while also laughing at myself trying to control my laughing - just made it worse :)
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2014 on What is manageable? at Extra Organised
Hello Slackerjo! Another Kate Morton fan... I love your description of audiobooks. And how funny in the supermarket. It wasn't Endless Love by any chance, was it, apparently it contains the longest literary amorous scene in history :)
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