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Upstate, NY
I am a happily married wife and Mama...I started this blog to share our ideas and interest with other like minded Moms.
Interests: Gardening, canning, cooking, sewing, quilting....and being outdoors.
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He is such a handsome boy!!!! Good work Mama! i am in LOVE with that color! against the gray of his shirt...and those pumpkins....He looks like a Fall add for GQ mag!
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SO sad to have missed YOU!!!! I am happy you got so many sweet treats! That bunny!!!!! ALL THE HEART EYES!!! hahaha! I cant wait to get some of your SWEET fabric! and....whatever you are stitching up with it looks AMAZING! CONGRATULATIONS on EVERYTHING Amy! Its wonderful!!!!!!!
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Your blog has been a cornerstone in my life....for SO many years now! This post today....Well. Its just SO YOU!!! and the reason why, if you blogged for FIFTY years...I would happily follow you:) Thank YOU Amanda!
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Mimi looks ready for action in her poncho and boots! She has the most confident stride:) That moon! Oh...wasnt it brilliant!!! I am gonna have to try your soup recipes!!! They look SO good! all of this...SO beautiful!!! I am glad you were able to take your quilt somewhere with tables! Isnt it the worst trying to pin and baste crawling around on the floor...I wear knee pads and a back brace! haha! I look like I am ready for heavy construction...but, the quilting world it IS!! THAT DRESS! Holy crap Alicia!!It is SWEET perfection...Your eye for combining print and pattern is supreme! It is SO amazingly darling!!! I CANNOT wait to see it on her:) Cutest little red ever:)))))
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2015 on Soup and Sew at Posie Gets Cozy
OMG!!! Alicia! I cant even begin to express to you my thoughts on this....AH-MAZING piece of heaven:) I have watched it grow...with great enthusiasm ...on IG! Every new block...sheer eye candy! I ordered the book...WHY????? I have a 12 year old football player! hahahaha! I just cant get enough of is everything beautiful...and memorable...and hopeful! The loveliest gift! your baby girl is blessed. I knew it the day she was would not be ordinary. It would be special. Like YOU! Thank you for sharing:) You inspire me endlessly...and make my heart happy. I am SO lucky to have ever stumbled across many years ago...You bring me so much joy! WELL DONE! I hope Mimi is holding it in her hands when she is 90!
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2015 on A Birthday Quilt for My Girl at Posie Gets Cozy
EEEEKS!!!!! 3 DAYS! i am dying with excitement! I had to work all weekend and feel hopelessly unprepared! except for my SS sewing;) I hope she loves it! I cant wait to meet you Amy! I feel incredibly blessed...and fortunate to have this incredible opportunity!!!!! LOVE all that you DO!
Now I want soup, and pie....and I REALLY want a poncho!!! You are just the everything you do! Mimi is looking so big these days:) I LOVE the picture with the sand dotting her face...she looks like a tiny Pippi Longstocking!!!! and laugh! oh my gosh..."Oh! The high chair!"..."Sure Mom!" are like tiny little psychologists:) they baffle me! hahaha! so hilarious! I love that you are writing it all down...she is a spunky little thing...I just enjoy watching her grow SO much!Thank you Alicia...and Andy for sharing all you do!
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2015 on Hello there! at Posie Gets Cozy
That little girl is one in a million:) Just like HER MAMA!!!! Those eyes how they sparkled:) Those dimples how merry!!!!!! Happy Birthday Ada! You have created the most beautiful environment for your party!!!
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2015 on in the moments just before at SouleMama
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Amazing!!!! They are ALL SO PRETTY!!! I cant wait to buy some:)))) Awesome work Amy!
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2015 on Paperie ~ see the full collection! at nanaCompany
She is her Mothers daughter! What a BEAUTIFUL young lady:) Thoughtful, funny, creative..and she gets things DONE! Haha! I just love her:) Happy Birthday Ada! You are a blessing to many!
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2015 on ten at SouleMama
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Happy Birthday Amanda!!! Your family is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! C and E got BIG! You look like a baby among them too:) Looking good girl! Thank you for all you do and share through the year(s)! I hope your day was as wonderful and special as YOU are!
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2015 on September Change at SouleMama
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I am SO excited and HAPPY for YOU!!!! Yay!!!! A very well deserved honor, I might add! You earned it....Your work is wonderful....ALWAYS beautiful...and YOU are just the sweetest person on top of it all! I cant wait to BUY some of this GOODNESS:)))))
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2015 on The secret's out xx at nanaCompany
You are simply amazing:) Thanks for sharing your LOVELY photos!!!!! and....DO TELL! What are you knitting in that wonderful GREEN yarn????? Inquiring minds want to know:)))
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I ADORE that little dress!! Oh my goodness:) That C&S is so gorgeous! She wears it well too....What a little muse she is for you! Just think...when she is old enough to realize ALL the time and LOVE that was spent...creating these wonderful memories....It makes my eyes fill with tears..she will know how special you two are..and how LOVED she is! Cant wait to see the rest of the wardrobe:)))) Oh...and that QUILT! GURL!!!! I cant get enough of it...super duper amazing awesomeness:) Love you guys!
Toggle Commented Sep 1, 2015 on Late-Summer Sunset at Posie Gets Cozy
This is JUST the thing I was looking for Amanda!!! Perfect timing! I even have what looks to be that VERY shade in a lovely madelinetosh! Thank you for also including the link for the beautiful shawl pin! I was just catching up here this morning, and I know I am late to respond on your post the other day....First, let me just say it saddens me that ANYONE would utter a negative word about you. I found you YEARS ago...right after gaining custody of my first grandchild...I can only say, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed...and then I found you. From the beginning your gentle ways, and nurturing ideas have helped me tremendously in raising a new little one...who is now 12, and bigger than me! We have every book you wrote, and also covet our treasured Taproot magazines! Thank you for ALL that you do and share....You are absolutely one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL people in this world!!!!
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2015 on Wild Cherry (a shawl) at SouleMama
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Gah! That kid is CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!! I LOVE all the pics! So fun:) Her face in the raincoat pic cracks me up! You are SO hilarious...I am with you...flailing full speed ahead across the field...ready to collapse! So many busy days..Tomorrow! Adirondack adventure! Water safari! yay!!! I am PRAYING for rain for you...Mimi can do a rain dance in her new digs and hopefully that will appease the rain gods!! Oh..and the dishes. BRILLIANT!! hahaha! and...we just swithched to a booster seat..that STILL had a seatbelt! I think he felt like a big boy, sitting at the table...but he was still buckled in:) Wait till its time to leave the crib for a bed! oye! I did feel like a genius with the LAST round of that adventure...When the time comes, I will share my success story! lol!!!! Have a GREAT vacation Andy!!!! XXXOOO
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2015 on Still Summer at Posie Gets Cozy
These are BEAUTIFUL Alicia!!! I wish Zach would wear one for 13!!! Lol!!!! Maybe someday I will have a grandaughter to make one for! Love them:) Cant wait to see Meem's modeling them on her big day!
What a beautiful post as always! The little girl on the cover of the "Orphaline" book looks like Mimi! I can picture her in a little blue cape! Adorable:) YOU are the best Mom making that CABIN! Mimi is blessed:) I cant wait to see it! OH...and, just let me know what time is good to stop by for dinner, and I'll be over!!!
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2015 on Down Home at Posie Gets Cozy
Your pictures are SO beautiful! I love what you think to photograph! it is all going to give Mimi such wonderful memories! I can see her looking back someday saying, "Oh! I remember that little corgi on the shelf!" haha! Good stuff!!! I was up and ready for work this morning, and got cancelled...which is a real gift! A WHOLE free day!!! I am going to check out this Paprika app! I just use pinterest to pin all my faves...but this app sounds much better! I REALLY wish I had someone to make those party hats for! CUTEST hats ever....I imagine your muse is quite the inspiration...she is such a little doll! Enjoy your day!XXXOOO
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2015 on Little Kitchen at Posie Gets Cozy
That child is BEAUTIFUL! I love the picture on the step...all that berry picking wore her out!!! Her HAIR is so pretty! Very unusual for a baby of her age I think! OK! your plan!!! YOU can DO anything ALICIA!!! I have to try those fish tacos! they look amazing! I have to say...I am totally spoiled...I wake up, and peruse pinterest...get a recipe I want to try, make a list of what I need....and here comes the spoiled part...My HUSBAND does ALL the grocery shopping, brings me everything I need..and then I just make it! I am a nurse, so like Andy, I work 12 hour shifts..on those days, when I get home, Jack has some great snack type foods for me, and he feeds Zach earlier! Works for us...but, with him being retired, we do have lots more time! Good luck with the plan! I believe in you completely!
Toggle Commented Jul 21, 2015 on The Plan at Posie Gets Cozy
We were on vacation, and this is the MOST behind on your blog I have been in YEARS!!!! Its awesome! 3 posts in a row!!! haha! I am like...scroll on...BINGO! Another post:) Big smiles:)) Your big beautiful golden peach of a girl is scrumptious! Thank you for all these gifts on my first day home from the beach...its freezing here, but your pictures and words have warmed my heart:)
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2015 on Summer Circles at Posie Gets Cozy
I feel the same as Julie ( in above comments)...Joy upon Joy...These pictures make me SO happy...and also make me cry..because they are just so FULL of the reality of your dreams coming true...I would like to hug you TOO:) Thank you Alicia for sharing your majic...
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2015 on Haystack Rock at Posie Gets Cozy
All those years....You never knew you were just waiting for HER to be born:) She is a perfect, blessed baby girl...So glad you never gave up...
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2015 on Berry Hot at Posie Gets Cozy
Your garden is AMAZING Amanda! I love your garden updates! I have NO room sad...sniff..sniff! We have only 9 tomato plants, six peppers, cucumbers on a trellis...a few eggplant, lots of herbs..and TONS of perrenials and flowers! My dream is to have an area with raised beds, and pea gravel walkways..Its just that we are out of room! Whose idea was it to get the pool??? Sigh! I will just have to walk through your garden with YOU!
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2015 on In the Garden, June 26 at SouleMama
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Amanda....You just keep getting better!!!! I will follow you forever..YOU have endlessly inspired make me make me cry! and you ALWAYS remind me what a priveledge and a pleasure it is to be a parent! Your little Ada has been a special one since that very FIRST day! I remember watching it unfold..and crying tears of joy for you! What a beautiful life you and Soulepapa are giving these precious kids of yours!
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2015 on off she goes at SouleMama
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