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Upstate, NY
I am a happily married wife and Mama...I started this blog to share our ideas and interest with other like minded Moms.
Interests: Gardening, canning, cooking, sewing, quilting....and being outdoors.
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It truly is like another world...beginnings. So amazing Margie...I think it is so interesting that all of those little patches of green can survive!
I am just thrilled that you are sharing these photos!! Everything is so entirely different..looks like a different planet! Those rock formations are mindblowing! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl...I cannot imagine how you cooked up that FEAST! You are such an amazing...inspiring woman! Your children are blessed...
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AMAZING scenery! It looks so primitive...The tapestry in the church is so beautiful..Oh! What a trip Margie!!!!! I am so happy that you are sharing so many lovely photos! Love the waterfalls...and the horses! Just...ALL OF IT! Some of the scenery looks a little like I imagine Ireland might lush and green..I love all of them..
SO happy to see you here! Your children are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Anne is stunning....the little ones are so precious! Surrounded by beauty:) The little apples did not fall far from the tree!!! I cant wait to see all of your projects..You are one of the most INSPIRATIONAL quilters EVER. I found it interesting that you rarely get through a project loving it the WHOLE journey. I cannot imagine you having the self doubt. I strive to create anything so majical as yours...We create because we have to ....Yes. SO TRUE...I have really been trying to finish what I start. NO stopping. LOVE,hate, or otherwise, I hope to have more FINISHED objects. I have a lot of guilt about the STARTS. Money, fabric, time...and there they sit. I guess we are all alike in that way...Again, Happy to see you back Amy..XXXOOO
SO remote! How in the world did you get to them?? Did you see any wild animals??? Of course, the first thought I had upon seeing the site at the base of the cliff...Did you find some amazing rocks:)? It all looks so lovely and remote..I cant even imagine...
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So amazing...Reminds me of looking at clouds and seeing all the different shapes! I would LOVE to visit there...
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I am SO HAPPY to see you back here:))) Welcome home Margie! These images are stunning..I love the different shades of blue..some are SO bright!! You and your daughter look very happy...excited to see, and hear, more about your trip!
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This is just one of "THOSE" kind of posts that make me LOVE you SOULES so much:)) Beautiful...Your children are going to have the most wonderful,AMAZING memories of their childhood..
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The photos in this post are absolutely LOVELY!!!! He does have quite the eye for composition:) That does not surprise me...the apple did not fall far from the tree! I have NEVER heard of this elderflower!!! How is that possible:) You are, as always, an inspiration. You look happy, healthy, and so beautiful in these photos...Thanks for all that you share and do...I have been a HUGE fan for so many years..and you are always surprising me with new ideas!! XO
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Oh my gosh!!! I guess SO! I saw the picture of flickr, and followed it here:) GOOD for you! and what a lovely pile of snuggly, beautiful quilts you now have!
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I ordered Juniper Kitty!! It was SO hard to choose:) They are ALL so wonderful...and eventually I hope to make each one! I love your shop..and ALL that you make and do! You have brought me SO many happy moments..whether reading your beautiful blog posts...looking at your pictures....or stitching up your designs! I own both of your books, and have also purchased ornament kits. I have NEVER been disappointed. Your talent is truly a gift! I am so happy for all you share here...XO
Your neighborhood is SO picturesque!!! MUCH more so than mine!! Last year was the first year I grew roses..My favorite was a coral rose that looked like a summer sunset in its layers..I hope it comes back strong this year..very little new growth on the base! SUCH a BAD winter we had...I lost quite a few flowers..but, that gives me an opportunity to try new varieties!! I do want to tell you too...I had a rough week, and the other day, I read your last post...and then read the whole last year AGAIN:) Like a book...I just enjoy your pictures...your writing..your crafts! It totally cheered me...SO THANK YOU:) Cant wait for the new softie kits!
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Wow! Your garden looks to be at LEAST a full month ahead of ours! I have so many of those flowers in my seems strange to see yours in bloom, and mine with just waking up! I wish I had knitterly skills like you! I am learning....slowly:) I can't even knit fairisle and it gives me "knitterish thrillsville"! I must tell you...that first pic of Mimi...well..I thought, That little apple did not fall from the tree! Sitting there admiring her pretty dress! and...just too add..the comment from Nicole..up top^ cracks me up too! Girl...YOU are a ROCK STAR:))
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I've read this post 3 times..and cried every time!!! It is just so REAL...and so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your little angel:) Happy Belated Mother's day!!!
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What a PRETTY quilt! So soft..and sweet! But, Mia...TAKES THE CAKE! What a little darling she is:))) Congrats on both:)
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Don't ever give it up Margie! I don't know how you do it all...I certainly could not do it. But, I know you have so much to offer...I love what you do..and how you do it. Take your time, but always come back:)
We are still quite buried in snow...another 6 inches fell yesterday..but, the red winged blackbirds, and the grackles have returned! I know Spring is near!! I like the idea of you sharing some of your powerhouse recipes here:)) You must be full of energy:) The babies looks always! I do wish you would have an Etsy shop update:) Those indigo pouches are looking great!
Oh Margie...Your post today was just like visiting an old friend..I have not been as present in blogland recently because OUR littlest grandchildren moved home in December:) The little doll you made for Lili is so inspiring:) I especially love her braided hair!!! As always Lili is just glowing..and your pictures are beautiful!!! GOOD FOR YOU with the healthy eating so far! Your dishes look like something from a gourmet restaurant:) Hugs to you....and yours:)
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Such SPRINGY colors!!! Thanks for the chance!!
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I LOVE the couch in the library! Looks like it belongs there...and that quilt!!! Wow...I just cant imagine how you get it all done! Cant wait to see it finished:))
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You are a gem:) Your photos are SO uniquely YOU!!! I love them all!
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Such lovely sentiments on SNOW!!!! It makes my heart happy that your wishes have all come true!!!Here in Upstate NY we have had an unbelievably snowy winter...The Tug Hill Plateau where I live has already had over 15 feet fall so far!!! Currently, I have a solid 4 feet in my yard, so I cannot honestly say that snow is making me happy! I hope the SNOW GODS can direct the snow to fall more for you...and just a bit less for us:))) And...tell Andy I feel for him! I am a nurse also...We have fun at work though, and we all bring TONS of food when the storms are expected!
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Its hard to believe that she is TWO already!!! Happy Birthday little Lilli:) She is just beaming with health and happiness!!! Thank you for sharing all your joys in this space Margie! It warms my heart:) XXXOOO
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The card is just AMAZING:) All the goodies are!! Good for you...I agree with Joanie..Your goodness attracts goodness:) Stay cozy today!! It is actually quite nice today...temp near 30 and a TINY bit of sun!!! Going to get outside for some much needed fresh air!!
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