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I would bet he has a girlfriend or a boyfriend or the Bishop has asked him to leave as the pope demanded that of Father Couglin did in the late 1930's with his radical Right radio show that had more people listening than Limbaugh does today. He also might have a FoxNews show lined up or a space on Glenn Beck's internet site. On Fox he essentially said the poor have too much and the rich don't have enough. I say good riddens sir.
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2012 on Fr Jonathan Morris at life-after-RC
Florida's citizens are worried that this governor has no clue on what to do if we are hit. His "limited government" is going to drowned us in poor judgement and stupidity. I would expect all the state's resources will go to Palm Beach, Miami Beach, Key Biscayne etc.
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Can anyone tell me one positive thing Rubio has accomplished for the people of Florida....just one thing....I can't and I cannot believe this guy is our senator considering his horrible record in the Florida State Government. I hope he goes public about destroying medicare and social security....
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May 23, 2011