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I have a GRDIII. It's really a joy to use. The interface is simple, intuitive, configurable to your preferences, and what might be called photo-centric. It's got the snap focus, a really useful and fast spot metering system in manual, a fast lens, and ISO reasonably usable up to 1600. Mostly its everything you need and nothing you don't to take good pictures, if you do your part, and it very seldom, if ever, trips you up in that process. Image quality is quite good for a G12 sized sensor. I understand the GXR is the same way, except with way better IQ in the case of the A12 modules. Issues about the lensors ( lens/sensor combo) seem almost beside the point. I hope you get one to use, I think you'll love using the camera. You need a lens, a sensor, and a body to interface between the two. The way Ricoh packages the three things in the GXR maximizes your long term use of the best thing they do, provide a great interface with lens and sensor. If sensor/lens modules proliferate in the future, how you access and control their capabilities will stay the same. It's not a bad idea. Novel, but not without its logic. IMO, the m mount is premature. They ought first to make a full set of APS-C size A12 modules. In fact they should have never made the 50 macro first. The 28 is great, but they need a 40mm f/2 pancake (should have been their first) and a fast portrait module. Since they already have the macro capability, that would give them a system that you might begin to think about as your main system, not a backup or take-along. I see no point in small sensors in the GXR. They do nothing to differentiate the GXR from multiple other available options including some of Ricoh's own. No matter how you package lens and sensor, a 28/2.5, 40/2, and 90/1.8 together with the 50 macro would be a formidable package. Those APS-C lensors when coupled with the wonderful, photographer first interface in a package as or more compact than a m4/3 kit might be something worth paying for.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2011 on The Ricoh GXR M-Module(s) at The Online Photographer
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May 28, 2011