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The easiest thing to do is blame the striker, and that's what most of the people on this board does blame our striker. If you watch the match today you'll see that every time the US attack its either a long ball into our strikers or a cross from the wings. There is never a buildup from the middle and there is barely any through balls. Swing it from the wings or launch it from the back, if those are the only tactic we can come up with against a team such as Panama we have no right winning the game. Don't even tell me that they were bunkering in the box and those were our only option. Or that we don't have the technical prowess to make through balls or create chances up the middle. Guadalupe was able to build up an attack through the middle and got 2 goals when they were down 1 man against the very same Panama team who at the time was defending to keep a 3-0 lead. You mean to tell me that Guadalupe is more technically gifted then an American team with about 90% of its roster plying their trade in Europe. There is something very wrong with our tactics, readiness and desires. Something needs to change whether it be firing the coach or fielding a whole new team after the disaster waiting to happen that is the gold cup. US has only played 60 minute of good soccer so far this tourney. If their strategy is to get behind early then come back late I wont be surprise if they lose the Guadalupe. Maybe then the USSF will make some much needed changes to the US soccer program.
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Jun 12, 2011