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OK... How about these? "Caffeine ingestion and fluid balance: a review" R. J. Maughan, J. Griffin Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics (official journal of the British Dietetic Association) Volume 16, Issue 6, pages 411–420, December 2003 Quote: "Conclusion The most ecologically valid of the published studies offers no support for the suggestion that consumption of caffeine-containing beverages as part of a normal lifestyle leads to fluid loss in excess of the volume ingested or is associated with poor hydration status. Therefore, there would appear to be no clear basis for refraining from caffeine containing drinks in situations where fluid balance might be compromised." "Caffeine, Fluid-Electrolyte Balance, Temperature Regulation, and Exercise-Heat Tolerance" Lawrence E. Armstrong; Douglas J. Casa; Carl M. Maresh; Matthew S. Ganio Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews 2007;35(3):135-140 Quote: "A variety of investigations have been reviewed spanning more than 75 yr. The evidence indicates that consuming a moderate level of caffeine results in a mild increase of urine production. Although this diuresis may (240-642 mg of caffeine) or may not (<240 mg) be significantly greater than a control fluid (0 mg of caffeine), there is no evidence to suggest that moderate caffeine intake (<456 mg) induces chronic dehydration or negatively affects exercise performance, temperature regulation, and circulatory strain in a hot environment. Caffeinated fluids contribute to the daily human water requirement in a manner that is similar to pure water." (emphasis mine) These are two literature reviews of many other science papers from many other credible, peer-reviewed, scientific sources, and the conclusions from both are that caffeinated beverages hydrate just as well as water. This isn't a corporate conspiracy, as your previous comment would require for you to reject that study, this is science.
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Thank you Michael Vezie and Mouse Comma The for commenting on the "Soda and coffee dehydrate you" comment. That's a myth I keep running into, and I just don't get. They're both 98+% H20, so how on Earth would that make you less hydrated than you were before you drank it? The article Mouse Comma The referred to is this: "The Effect of Caffeinated, Non-Caffeinated, Caloric and Non-Caloric Beverages on Hydration" Ann C. Grandjean, EdD, FACN, CNS, Kristin J. Reimers, RD, MS, Karen E. Bannick, MA and Mary C. Haven, MS. Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Oct. 2000, vol 19 no.5, p591-600. Quote: "Advising people to disregard caffeinated beverages as part of the daily fluid intake is not substantiated by the results of this study." Or, if you prefer, see the bottom of this Snopes article, which summarizes the above study:
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Jul 25, 2011