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Not only is this picture incredibly creepy, it also says a lot more than what one might first notice. When one initially looks at this advertisement, they see an advertisement for eye makeup. This is fairly obvious from the caption in the bottom left corner and even the remarkably unnerving photograph. These women literally look like dolls. Based on this idea of women looking like dolls, this ad constructs gender by enforcing stereotypes and shaping the ideal body image for women. Because this advertisement depicts women as dolls, it enforces the stereotype of women as an object. Dolls, being the... Continue reading
It's the general consensus that books almost always do a better job at telling a story than their movie counterparts. A film simply does not have the time or the means by which to give a story justice. But, then again as with most things, there is a varying degree to which books are successfully brought to life on the big screen. But what is it? There are some stories that have just been a horrible attempt at movie-fying a novel. An example of this is non other than our very own Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran... Continue reading
When one thinks of satire in general, what often first comes to mind are cartoons such South Park, The Simpsons and in this case, Family Guy. This particular clip is no exception and is chock-full of satire. First, before the actual plot even kicks in, one of the infamous Family Guy "cutscene" comes in. They make fun of Beethoven being almost completely deaf by the use of parody. Imitation of the composer in a humorous and extremely exaggerated way is only the warm up for what is about to come. When Stewie tells Brian the name of his song is... Continue reading
For those of you who have not seen this episode of 30 Rock, the context is that Tracy is having issues dealing with his father so he is brought into Jack's office to see a therapist for help. Jack is soon asked to impersonate Tracy's father and, based on a few simple clues, is able to reconstruct his character apparently very well. With only the facts that Tracy's father was from North Philadelphia, worked in a Campbell's soup factory, and had a droopy lip, Jack somehow drew that his father also enjoys collared greens and gambles away welfare checks. How... Continue reading
As far as we've watched The Last of the Mohicans in class, there are two things that can be drawn: 1) The Mohicans with whom Nathaniel Poe makes company represent transcendentalists and 2) the British represent the very opposite. Simply the way Poe moves through the forest with his group is so smooth, and for a lack of better words, right with nature. It's almost as if they are a manifestation of the forest that is so often the setting. Even the clothes they wear seem to be natural and worn. On the complete other hand, the British are far... Continue reading
Fly Like An Eagle - Steve Miller Band When the word transcendentalism comes to mind, so do names such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Emily Dickinson. While that would only be natural, many other Romanticists are thrust to the side or not even thought of at all. Apparently, after listening to "Fly Like An Eagle" by Steve Miller Band, Miller is one of those artists. Themes of Transcendentalism are scattered throughout this song, as well as others by the group. In the chorus alone, there are many appeals to the movement: I want to fly like an... Continue reading
Every single time this commercial comes on, I change the channel as soon as possible. Images of pitiful dogs and cats who apparently need my help accompanied by sad, sappy music has to be the best example of a sob story around. A Sob Story, a logical fallacy in which the audience is bombarded by emotion-provoking ideas, could be among the most obnoxious logical fallacies of them all, especially if it interrupts my Sunday afternoon of football. How can I possibly be content with touchdowns and field goals while there are innocent animals out there dying all over the place?... Continue reading
Before any girls play the "just jealous" card, hear me out. I as well as many other guys have been wondering what the deal is with this Justin Bieber kid, among other large name pop stars out there today. Sure, his music is just typical pop that we see around today. With lots of breakups, parties, and pimples, teenagers can "relate" to a lot of this kind of music. But why has he seemed to skyrocket above everyone else? Yeah I'll give him that he's a good-looking dude, but there have been equally attractive stars before him. Is it just... Continue reading
The McDonald's commercial with LeBron James and Dwight Howard competing in a dunk contest for a burger and fries says a lot-- more than just mesmerizing us with impressive CGI dunks. With huge name basketball stars leading the endorsement charge, as well as former legend Larry Bird, Americans are more prone to wolfing down a high-fat, high-sodium artery-clogger than ever before. This ad screams corporate manipulation of the population, which is so typical of large American companies, especially those in the fast food industry. It seems that McDonald's will go to any extent to sell just one more Big Mac,... Continue reading
Right off the bat, President Obama appeals to the emotions of many people by mentioning the "urgency" of the situation that America as in currently, as well as alluding to the economic crisis that applies to the many people without jobs. This brings about feelings of earnestness for the desperate need of a jump-start to the economy, but, at the same time, it makes one excited for being able to fix our country. These, in combination, create a very effective appeal to emotion using Pathos. As well as Pathos, Ethos plays a large part in the speech. By questioning the... Continue reading
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Sep 7, 2011