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the new NBC show smash gives a some what accurate depiction of the professional theater world. the story goes, there are two girls up for the part of Marilyn Monroe, in Marilyn Monroe the musical and they have to battle it out for the part. the fact that they are battling for Marilyn is the start of the feminist problem. from the moment the girls step into the audition room, they are being surveyed through the male gaze, just like Marilyn always was. it was all about who had her body and sex appeal. the two things men got to... Continue reading
i know this is not technically a feminist article but it does represent a great deal of people who are often out down by society. and that group of people who love things. the rookie post is more about people liking strange or "weird" things but i think it applies to everyone weather you whole heart-ly love doctor who or if you know every stat there is too know about baseball. i think this article was about embracing the wondrous magic of human consciousness and loving something because you can. i think it is so important to embrace the things... Continue reading
if you were to ask if books or the movie version of a book was better? most people would answer book. which i think is completely legit. a lot of times movies leave out the best parts of the book, they don't stay true to the story, the characters don't develop. movies often Hollywood(ize) every book, adding fancy special effects where they don't need to be, and making every character drop dead gorgeous. but i also believe that movies, if done well, add something beautiful to a story. take for example lord of the rings. its one of the best... Continue reading
The importance of being earnest, is one of the greatest pieces of satire ever written.Oscar wilde wrote it as an exaggeration and parody of the upper class of london in the 1890's. When you first read it, the play can come off as boring, because its charters are so arrogant mean, and sometimes a little stupid. but as you read into it, or in my case see it over 30 times (it was because i was part of the production at school,, not because i have actively gone to see it over 30 times), the humor becomes more apparent, and... Continue reading
today we watched a clip from the Chappelle show about racial stereotypes. like everyone else in the room i found it hilarious. and i think its because we all felt that at least some of what he was saying was true. from nothing comes nothing. there are a reason we have stereotypes of people, and its because there really are people out there that fulfill our stereotypes. like how we stereotype people from jersey based on what we see on Jersey shore, we stereotype Californians because of what we see in movies, we stereotype politicians because of what we se... Continue reading
over this past week i went to alabama for thanksgiving. and while i was there i thought a lot about the frontier thesis, about what makes america great. the frontier thesis claims that the frontier is what made us as strong as we are. being from the south i have a huge appreciation for what it is, and i think that it contributes just as much as the frontier did to make the united states what it is. i realize that the USA does not just have one identity, the frontier did so much to make us strong but each... Continue reading
in the first chapter of the scarlet letter we are told that when settlers came to the new world the first thing they built was a cemetery and a prison. now i think that this says a lot about human nature and what we think of ourselves. the prison and the cemetery represent the two things that are going to happen wither we like it or not, we are going to die, and we are going to be bad. i think that building the prison in the first place makes the prison necessary. i say this because without the expectation... Continue reading
like planking, coneing gained its fame on the internet. the basic premise is when your at a fast food restaurant and you order a ice cream cone, when they pass it to you instead of grabbing it by the cone you grab it by the ice cream. yes i know it is a silly and unintelligent idea, mostly because you don't end up with ice cream. but the idea is that your being different. the new phenomenon of coneing is silly, but it also encompasses very important transcendentalist ideals, to step out side of social norms. a transcendentalist would say... Continue reading
over homecoming weekend i went to a play called Clybourne Park. it was about the racial tension in america and more specifically in chicago, and how it shifts over time. the whole play takes place in the same house but the first and second act take place over 50 years apart. the first act is set in the 1960s, and a white family is moving out and a black family is moving in. the drama revolves around the issue that the new family will change the dynamic of the neighborhood, and not in a good way. the second act takes... Continue reading
since the launch of my space, there have been many attempts at social networking, some successful like Facebook, others not so much. but since rise of Facebook i think we as a people feel more connected, almost a need to be connected. kids are finding it easier to post and talk and find out whats happening in others lives. Informant ion is whizzing over our heads and through our computers at one hundred miles per hour. we are all connected all the time. its a part of our culture to be constantly in the loop. but has it gone to... Continue reading
During the first few days of class we talked a little about the stereotyping of teenage girls. its a subject i feel very strongly about. these days its hard to walk around and not see hear or touch reminders that you may not be the perfect teenage girl. pop culture has bombarded us with the image of the teenage dream, according to katy perry the dream is to spend time with the perfect boy, to others its having all the boys like you. the interest that artists like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have on the aspect of male admirers... Continue reading
on thursday night obama spoke to the nationabout jobs in america. he opened his speech with an urgent massage claiming that if we dont pass this bill then our nation will fall apart. He claimes that this is the time we must act before something truly terrible happens. this is his exigences he wants the urgency of this bill and the nations situtation to show through form the very begining. he appels to pathos, scaring the nations people, telling them the truth about the fact that jobs are hard to find, but also giving us hope through the delvery of... Continue reading
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Sep 7, 2011