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"When the team needed him, he responded." <--- BINGO.
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Bill Russell INVENTED defense the way Dwight currently knows it. He fundamentally changed the way the game was played. Nobody was blocking shots before he showed up. Centers were supposed to keep their feet on the ground. His coaches actually tried to correct him when he originally started doing all of those things - blocking shots, etc. But he kept doing what he was doing. Would Dwight have changed the game the way Russell did? Who knows? But my initial reaction to the idea that Dwight is comparable in any way to Russell is KG's favorite sentence - "Get that sh*t outta here!"
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I love how that Link guy still says that LA should be considered the favorites even though they've lost 2 games to the Hornets. And the Lakers looked at least as bad as the Celtics heading into the playoffs (5 game losing streak anyone?) If the Celtics had lost 2 games in the first round, they'd already be writing the season's obituary...oh wait, they ARE already writing the obituary. And we swept. Go figure. We can only hope it pisses them off as much as it pisses us off and they let their play do the talking for them.
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Apr 27, 2011