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Ramoqiddis: Jewish people had no country for over 2000 years. Then Hitler monstrously halved their population. Israel was the UN-sanctioned solution to this one-off, exceptional tragedy. Israelis made from a half-empty land that nobody but themselves cared about, the only democracy in the middle-east, an agricultural "miracle", a center of innovation, science and culture. Palestinians should be going: "Wow, mate, how did you do that, give us tips!". Instead, they dream of splattering their own children's blood all over the place. Should all the REAL nations and civilisations invaded and destroyed by arabs since the 7th century, start feeding their kiddies with Palestinian-inspired lullabies? If revenge was the way, Jewish people would be killing Germans for the REAL, ABOMINABLE CRIMES committed by their ancestors. But Jewish and German people are FRIENDS. Israel is like a Living University, right at your doorstep. Get a grip.
Are christian men TAUGHT by their religion to beat women if/when displeased? If that is the case (it is not), christianity must be REFORMED. Read Phyllis Chesler "Are Honor Killings Simply Domestic Violence?" on her website. All women and children (and men) must be protected from violence, starting with the ideologies & cultures targeting them directly.
Pissing on a dead jihadist is a mark of disrespect to the dead jihadist, but a mark of respect for the dead jihadist's DEAD VICTIMS. Stop the hatred: stop jihad.
Playing dress-up, cultural commentators and landscape designers now. What they really need are little cars & toys & dolls to play with. Thinking seems a bit over their head... :D
Islam has spent the last 1400 years trying to take over the world. Already, 270 million people lost their lives to Muham-mad 'divine mission'. 18136 terrorist attacks since 9/11. Pamela Geller says it ain't cool or trendy. She is so scaaarrrrrryyyy!!!!!
17,500 jihadi attacks in last 10 years. Islam involved in over 90% of conflicts in the world. Radical, or more accurately, committed Islam, violent or stealth, promoting itself everywhere. I am surprised (and relieved) that this intensive "islamic cultural exchange" has not produced more copycat horrors by non-muslim nutcases... so far.
17,500 jihad attacks in 10 years. Islam involved in 90%+ of conflicts in the world. Radical Islam, or more accurately, Committed Islam, violent or stealth, promoting itself everywhere. I am surprised (and relieved) that this islamic "cultural exchange" has not produced more copy-cat horrors by non-muslim radicals/nutcases... yet.
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Jun 5, 2011