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Gene Savchuk
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Let’s start with this hypothetical situation. I have a very large warehouse where people are welcome to store their belongings. I don’t charge you to store your valuables in this warehouse, nor do I restrict who has access. You can store as much as you want, I give you a complimentary ability to draw the lines on the floor that would symbolize the walls surrounding your belongings. I would also inform you in a 70-page legal document (that you most likely wouldn't read) that everything you put in this space has the potential to be viewed by countless others and... Continue reading
Posted Jan 23, 2012 at Threat Geek
Let me rant for a second… I can’t help but notice that while security threats are radically evolving—going several layers deep into the content seems radical to me—the security vendors keep selling same technologies from last decade. I guess adding a "next generation" prefix is all it takes to create a new security category. Or anything for that matter—there's a "Silver Diner" restaurant in my area that sells a "next generation” breakfast. Let me explain: Antivirus’ have been around since computers were essentially big calculators, sometimes connected into the local networks. After a while, Internet Protocol came along and revolutionized... Continue reading
Posted Jun 28, 2011 at Threat Geek
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Jun 23, 2011