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Missoula Montana
Free spirit writer/poet/textile artist
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Much delight in reading this post. How very important I, too, find the inclusion of smell in my being in a place..inside, outside, around town...and spring for me is always the season of such alive, amazing smells...perhaps after the blankets and cold of winter the arrival of spring scents so totally arouses the senses in me...and Sunny Rae in another spring of his life adds to your spring story these days. The piece for a dear new life is coming together beautifully...and Jude sits so well beneath that fold, so much a part of your journey with stitch, IMHO. When I made my move 6 years ago I brought with me, wrapped in wet paper towels, wrapped in newspaper and have in my garden space plants from my other home and the homes of friends. They were easy to propagate from the cuttings and bring me so much warmth from the alive memories they hold each year. The native plum and the lilacs would do very well in the Chico climate, I believe - if you are wanting to have some of those scents and floral delights be with you in the new space. Each step of your planning and shifting and just going on this journey of relocation is such delight to read about, to think about and to watch as the story unfolds. Namaste, Kristin
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yesterday as spring is pushing her arrival here, I was planting seeds in my containers on the porch...Asian greens a special and wonderful crop for April until the heat is too much in July, and then again in the I worked the soil I heard them...the geese overhead..calling out to one another as they move along on their migration journey...perhaps they are relatives of your visitors... a nice concept Kristin
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What a fantastic interior you have imagined and created with your talented Rene and Joel crafting pieces that perfectly make the space beautiful and flowing from one area to the other. Taking a leap into a different concept has proven to be a total success, dear Corey. I await the rest of the reveal, fully knowing that I will be enchanted. Kristin
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Your stray is magnificent...just as Soul-O is to me. Purple finger, the description by is such a great spring alive color...waiting for more of it here, watching every day for signs. And the first robin song yesterday. Kristin
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A bunny parade...what a delightful tradition...the flower photos are wonderful! Here I am watching and waiting for buds to form on branches..just now some lilac and cherry trees are telling me that soon, very soon there will be flowers.For now I will feast on your beautiful photos. Kristin
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Living in the land of the "Big Sky" I have not seen anything as astonishingly beautiful as a New Mexico sky...and this photo is pulling me back to those days of being in Taos, looking out the window at the cross painted by Georgia O'Keeffe and seeing the shies of which she wrote and painted. This photo is truly, magically tugging at my a very good way...thanks. Namaste, Kristin
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Spring arrived with your stitching and cloth..a wonderful arrival celebratory cloth...probably the birds singing loved seeing it in the window....spring comes and is stirring the pot of creativity.. Kristin
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looking at your "circling around and back" looking at images and it reflects your changes, and just where/who/how your are making your statement as an stirs me to likewise do some exploring....I see in your look back a woman sketched who is as imaginative and wild as you still are with your explorations...The beasts are a magnificent outpouring of wild imagination and always, always delight me. Although each one has their own "costume" and setting there is a togetherness in your style of expressing them in cloth and stitch. Your work has a true stamp of Jude that says always to me...."here is a woman who expresses clearly a sense of wonder and delight"....and I love looking at the cloths you make from the smallest to the largest. Wondering who you are as you draw and stitch through the years, you have created a body of work that tells me, and so many others, that you are truly an artist....and I never tire of seeing your work. Thanks for adding your story to my to get to the studio and look at where it is that I am going. Kristin
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wonderful morning full of blue - the photos are spectacular - Sacha had a master teacher every day of his life! You have the eye for composition that brings the subject of the photo to life...I, too, love the clothesline - a picture of the simplicity of living. The water of Cassis will be your treasure to take in from the fisherman's house and on your walks - what treasures will fill your eyes..and be grabbed by your camera to share. Thank you for another wonderful, beautiful morning in blue. Kristin
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7 days ago
Yes, yes, Jane...gathering is a wonderfully apt word to describe putting a body of Jude's work together to view and take-in and appreciate. It is a word that sing a great song for me....and how wonderful it will be to have time to spend with that body of work that tells some of the story of Jude's journey...gathering, yes, a full gathering in. Kristin
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A wonderfully beautiful capture of the beauty of wind and water. My childhood walks on the beaches of northern Washington state were stirred as I read your story and looked at your wonderful photos. Something about wind does change the colors of the water as it is rolling in to shore, crashing and splashing, and the skies, never are those colors present on a calm, clear day of sun. What a treat to take this beach-side journey with you in photos and words. Thank you, once again for giving my morning a magnificent beginning. Kristin
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Holding the journey together with questions - your words gave voice to what is this walk through the seventies. The questions give a framework to the steps taken. Kristin
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Somehow saying "I just do not know" opens the door for something to come in..thoughts, experiences, whatever. Yes, opening comes from just embracing not knowing. Getting colder here, too...seems like this has been a year of very cold, then a bit warmer...and the cycle just keeps repeating. Kristin
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You take the brush in hand and from the tip flow words that come alive as colors, as fragrance, as life...thank you always for my morning visit with your beautifully, artistically painted pictures of life with words and photos. Kristin
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Under the stars in Big Sky Country...always a takes the breath away winter so often the sky is blanketed and then, it opens up and the stars dance...stars we do all share, wherever we are Kristin
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How much I miss the dear, wonderful stories of Annie. Thank you for posting this story today. The Bugnes are just like a cookie my grandmother from Norway made, called fattigmann. How I enjoy the sensitive, strong, accomplished woman you brought alive to me so many times. I so appreciate having her stories as a page in my book of life. Kristin
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The sea was a major portion of my life as a child, young woman, mother, textile working artist....and then late 80's the Rocky Mountains...and there the rivers filled my need for water, moving water....and the birds that love the water. I moved back to a proximate location to the ocean late 90's and had those walks on the sandy, rocky shores and lived on the banks of a beautiful river...Always, always missing the special features of the ocean and visiting whenever possible, I now find comfort in the rivers of the Rocky Mountains once again..and the birds pull me to the banks of the rivers all year watch their migratory path continue year after year with just small variations. Perhaps this story tells me that Oceans are in my cellular structure and that a salve for the longing is the rivers. Kristin
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Joy today as blue skies with puffy white cumulus clouds brightens every minute of this day..buds forming on bushes as snow begins to much goodness all around to focus on, to allow the goodness to fill all of me, to stand me strong in the winds of so much negative news. Thank you Jude...for this wonderful word and photo post to stir in me the joy of just being. Kristin
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Sacha, a million thanks for the work you are doing to document the lives of the refugees in France. All of your photography, shared by your mother, has been seen and appreciated by her friends around the globe. I look forward to seeing the documentary when it is completed. Thank you Corey for sharing the ever so important work your son is doing. We are all so proud of his accomplishments. Kristin
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Hoping that you will find relief from the virus, soon...and the tea looks like something to explore...thanks for posting the label, I am searching about for their site and information. Had my first in probably 12 years sinus infection - it was a doozy to get rid of. Having some of that tea on hand seems like a good plan. Kristin
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Another beautifully written and illustrated story of life...the changes, the flowing from on to another and the mixing of the water that takes place in the flow...fantastic possibilities, beautiful results. Cassis, has been the fulcrum of an amazing and wonderful addition to the pages of your creative re-creating and re-imagining a space. How I love all the pieces of old now incorporated with pieces of old so beautifully in the fisherman's house. Thanks for the creative addition to my morning...snow still on the ground, I await spring and the newness that comes alive as the seasons change here...and your stories remind me how important it is to watch, take in and be with the changes. Kristin
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window opens to...whatever comes. A truly magical metaphor for the whole process of just following the energy that pulls us, calls us, leads us...perhaps through the window with Peter Pan...oh wouldn't that be an adventure Kristin
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What a treasure of a story, miss storyteller. You bring so many smiles to my mornings with the splendid little tales of life you weave in the method of a most excellent performer, sitting center stage as we all sit mesmerized by the delight you share. Kristin
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the pink sky of a winter sunset here in Missoula Montana is filling my home with the most glorious light...right now, that is the pink for me. Kristin
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