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Yes – or "four days before his death", which seems to fit with the dates. Many thanks for pointing that out. I should mention that there is a catalogue of the books Gladstone owned, which provides searchable details of marginalia. There is information about it here:
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I've just checked and the photograph is by Elliott Erwitt ( (A colleague points out that the picture was also used on the cover of the album The First of a Million Kisses by Fairground Attraction . . . .)
Kathleen – To return to the The Oxford Dictionary of First Names (online edition): here are the entries relevant to your name: “Kathleen (Irish) Traditional Anglicized form of Caitlín.” "Caitlín (Irish) Equivalent of Katherine, pronounced ‘kat-leen’. It is being used increasingly in the English-speaking world, generally without the accent and with the pronunciation ‘kate-lin’. VARIANTS: Caitlyn, Kaitlyn.”
Thank you for your question, Laura. I’m afraid the relationship between psychotic perception and “real” perception is not something I have read about, but I can offer a loosely related footnote about “latent inhibition” (LI), the human tendency to filter out information irrelevant to the task at hand. Low LI has been linked both to creative achievement and to psychosis. According to the neuroscientist Dr Mark Lythgoe (the Director of UCL Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging), “Research indicates that people with less latent inhibition . . . let the irrelevant into their minds far more easily, and so are constantly making associations between things". (Incidentally, Jo Shapcott’s poem “Composition”, from the collection Of Mutability, which won the Costa prize and was reviewed in the TLS of December 17, 2010, was inspired by a conversation with Dr Lythgoe on that very subject.)
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Aug 15, 2011