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"Your hair was its natural dark color which is how I like it." Men -- gotta love 'em, Pamela. Their thoughts are so unembellished. Refreshing! ;)
There are whisper campaigns and whisper elections in SC. You can bet a slew of Dems voted for Newt Gingrich in SC's primary today. Note the first comment in the above linked blog highlighting the "active discouragement" by SCDP Chairman not to. CMA?
Whatever Callista Gingrich houses in her lingerie chest may shock the living hoodoo out of all of us. Do cyborgs even use underwear? A great column on South Carolina's OPPORTUNITY/DUTY/RESPONSIBILITY to stop Newt Gingrich, TODAY:
Dedicated to Richard, with special intentions:
Toggle Commented Jan 21, 2012 on Big Day in the GOP Race at Atlas Shrugs
@ 1:40 ...... Yes?????
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2012 on Whistling Past the Graveyard at Atlas Shrugs
BHO: "The Sandman did not come out..." [a reference to Sandman Sims, the tap dancer who chased unpopular acts offstage at the Apollo for decades.] I had to look this Sandman reference up. A+ for effort and ability to carry a tune. But it may not be the same Sandman: Mr. Sandman, "Yes.........?"
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2012 on Whistling Past the Graveyard at Atlas Shrugs
Richard -- here's another thought: the troll card is worn out. "Troll" is the very vernacular of the Left. This is not my first rodeo, Richard. I try to recognize over the top imagery when I encounter it and when I use it. Such as when I said the a Lizard presidency (with his morals) will seek to normalize cultural perversity (open marriage). That's over the top. There. I admit it.
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2012 on Big Day in the GOP Race at Atlas Shrugs
"hands and feet in shackles" may be a tad over the top in trying to portray the Lizard's supporters as racists. Just a thought.
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2012 on Big Day in the GOP Race at Atlas Shrugs
Annie -- Since you are new to SC, you may be the ONLY R VOTER who is up for a fresh round of forgiveness tours after what our last governor put us through. We are slap out of forgiveness around here. And his was a simple case, not one of cultural perversity as Newt would like to normalize from his cushy new chair in the White House. What woman who is not also a politician could vote for this man after hearing Marianne Gingrich spill her heart? What does that say about his view of women? Is he that much better than the Islamists? Aren't we equally disposable in both systems?
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2012 on Is Newt About to Be Cained at Atlas Shrugs
Just look who's joining you in the endorsement rodeo, Pamela. Please stop shooting from the hip like this.
Does it all make sense now to the inquiring minds among us? Why Ron Paul was so "ignored" by the media all this time? Until his messiahship was ready? Why his arrival on the scene of American politics coincided with the fall of the Shah of Iran/1979? Why he is Barack Obama, 2.0 -- but so cleverly disguised as a racist old white bastid? Say, aren't Islamists the uber racists? And last, but not least, did you all know there are Republican Muslims?!?
Nyk -- Ron Paul is not the one. Sorry. He may want you to think that he thinks that America is a pristine, sovereign, non-participatory island, but we both know, and he especially knows that that isn't the case anymore. Buh-bye 1950s. What we need first and foremost is a fiscal conservative -- nay, a fiscal magician. Which of the R candidates do you think has mastered anything near that level of economic skill and where do you think he learned it? [Hint: where = in the real world, not in Washington; who = Mitt Romney]
Susan, CitiznX -- read between the lines: "Christianist principles are just as fundamentalist as radical Islam" [not as bloody -- but, really?] "...his primary mission is to...Christianize the U.S.A." [really? and the purpose of that would be ........?] ### "Islamist Propagandress?"
re: Anti-Romney Alliance So the Rs are already making group suicide pacts to prevent a Romney presidency? Good Lord -- talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.
No, KC. We won't be screwed until Mitt Romney comes to the Screw Me state, South Carolina. Here, he will be screwed which will in turn screw us. Mitt Romney is the only candidate who can put my mind at ease even BEFORE the election. We the People shouldn't feel like WE have to run the country, as we have had to do with Hussein the Destroyer. Aren't you tired of shlepping it to the Oval Office every day free of charge? Don't you want to get back to your lives?!?
Gee Whiz -- I heard Soros has endorsed Ron Paul. He's the white Obama, the treasonist du jour.
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2012 on I-Uh-Way at Atlas Shrugs
here: plonit [5 years ago said] "The hind quarter contains the sciatic nerve. Which is biblically prohibited. This originates Genesis chapter 32 in the story of Jacob wrestling with the angel when he is injured in his thigh. After this the bible says: Therefore the children of Israel eat not the sinew of the thigh-vein which is upon the hollow of the thigh, unto this day; because he touched the hollow of Jacob's thigh, even in the sinew of the thigh-vein. (JPS translation) To take out the vein is a very delicate and difficult process so most kosher meat production plants remove the whole hind quarter and sell it as non kosher meat."
Also Old Cross-eyes -- No sacrificial rite is administered with kosher slaughter. It is simply a humane method of slaughter. I know, this seems oxymoronic.
Old Cross-eyes -- re: "the hind quarters (the best cuts) are sent to market all the time rather than wasted, and not labelled as kosher." No hind quarters are kosher, and are therefore always sent to non-kosher markets. This is a biblical prohibition for Jews relating to the sciatic nerve (gid hanasheh) and is derived from the account of Jacob's (Israel's) struggle with the angel in Genesis 32.
[I just really like the way the Spaniards punctuate.]
¡Egad! -- the Brits have found their stones again. All halal meat is sacrificed to Allah, who I am convinced more and more everyday is actually the Baal the Hebrews have warned us about for 3,000+ years now. Muslims are always saying the Master this and the Master that. It is a Master:slave death sentence. 'Baal' translated from Hebrew to English is ... master. And the leftists embrace this with ¿abandon? There is a neurological disconnect somewhere.
What mother can read this and not have their heart broken? Do we not think this could happen to any of us? Do we not every Christmas and Hanukkah wonder if this could be our last? Perhaps we should. Perhaps the best thing we can do is to put ourselves in Asia's shoes, if only in our hearts and minds and deeds. Islam is snuffing out one spirit, one life, one family, one country at a time. Empathy and compassion are only effective among the healthy and the free. Attempts to comment @ American Thinker article (1) 1:29P; (2) 2:36P;
Security, when discreet, is a great thing. But I visited a synagogue in Mississippi during the 'HiHos' and the first & last person you see as you enter & exit the building is a big portly cop that looks like he's been on the gravy train too long, standing there like a Walmart greeter. And his huge fancy cop SUV with flashing lights and all the latest bells and whistles was parked not 20 feet from the door. This kind of detracts from the ambiance. Could they not just hide and watch? Maybe be unseen, unheard, and a little less glorified?
Christie's silent approval is blatantly political (Islam-funded and -driven). A new blogger at the Jerusalem Post has been chronicling over the past several months the evolution of what began as Christian theological anti-Judaism into what manifests itself today as political (Islamic/secular) anti-Judaism. Check it out some time:
@Fern -- I think you're right. Stormfront must love Ron Paul. @Directorblue -- well-said on explaining the Ron Paul effect. He definitely needs a suit or a sheet or a party that fits him. To understand a bit more about Ron Paul and the anti-Semites that flock around him, just read Infowars for a day or two. The Jew haters literally froth @ the mouth. And yes, I hear that Alex Jones is married to a Jew of sorts, but surely she is of a lost tribe which stands for nothing. Not Israel, not her own people, not even common sense.