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An american dream View more PowerPoint from andrewcubs1 Continue reading
American pop-culture Is often grotesquely inconsiderate when it comes to gender roles. The plethora of programs in just television can span from one extreme to another. Often times shows are canceled because of their vile nature and the extremely high amount of complaints a network receives. A perfect example of a show, which was canceled because of its extreme disrespect is "Family Guy". This program received a staggering number of complaints within it first few seasons because of its stereotypical content, but it was brought back after a very long hiatus because the true meaning of the show was revealed.... Continue reading
Recently I read a post on the F-Bomb which made me really think about what a feminist is. In this post the writer was at one point an "open feminist", but now she is a little more covered up about it. The issue was that she had been receiving nasty looks and comments about a bumper sticker which called her self a feminist. The issue the author faces does not surprise me. people often act very hostile toward feminists. This is often due to the false picture some people pain of feminists. The stereotypical feminist is loud, obnoxious, in your... Continue reading
I have to begin by saying that Houston was an innovative artist, however she is not worthy of the amount of sadness and morning going on around the world. The fact is, she has been a train wreck for twenty years. she has struggled with addiction and has given nothing back to society. What is truley sad is that good people who give back to society die every day. These people are not celebrated by the world and wealthy people and world leaders almost never reach out when a not so well known activist dies. The bottom line is that... Continue reading
Iam a firm believer of the idea that whenever a person reads novel or other story, which is made into a movie, the reader will consider the book better. In my opinion the main reason for this is that the reader has already created their own depictionof the character and other elements such as setting. In my experiance a great example of this assertion is in the movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.When I saw the film I thoroughly enjoyed it, however i did think that the book was better. This is because in my mind the characters appeared much... Continue reading
Saturday Night Live (SNL) is pure uncut satire. The entire show is based off of sarcasm, irony, understatements, and hyperbole. the segment which represents what SNL is all about is Weekend Update. In this segment a parody of a news broadcast is set up and the fake reporters mock and make fun of celebrities and important political figures. In this segment Seth and Amy tear apart Rod Blagojevich who was just recently arrested. One of the first satirical devices I noticed was verbal irony, A.K.A sarcasm. when Amy asks if he doesn't know that people tap phones she is not... Continue reading
In this particular episode of "The Office" Micheal Scot desides to have a "Racial Diversity Day" (Link Below). In the begining his intentions are good but he actually ends up offending a coworker and making the rest of his employees uncomfertable. Though this insident is highly exadurated it does say somthing about Amerioca. In my personal experiance people have been blatantly racist whithoout realizing it. One example is when a person I know made a comment that "all indians do is run convinence stores" when I tried to make the person aware of this they simply said, "It is not... Continue reading
Throughout America's relatively brief history there have been a great number of traits we as a country developed. One of these traitsis our rugged individualism. Rugged individualism is our ability to be a nonconformist, a complex person made up of many ideals and moral standards which coincides with multiple cultures and or religions. One character who personifies America's rugged individualism is Nathaniall in "The Last of the Mohicans". Nathanial is of a very different background than most colonial Americans. He was born to a white family but was raised by his adopted Native American. Later in life this gave him... Continue reading
As I began to near the end of "The Scarlet Letter" (Spoiler Alert!) I began to wonder, if Hester and Dimsedale committed the same sin why was their individual outcome so different?In simpler terms why did Dimsedale die and Hester Live? The Answer is, Hester was able to forgive her self and be pure while Dimsedale emersed himself in the Puritan community and tormented his own soul until he died. At a point near the end of the story Hester finlay forgave herself and the sun shone on her. While Dimsedale still tormented himself and was convinced that he had... Continue reading
One of the newest characters we have met in "The scarlet Letter" is Pearl. Pearl is hester's daughter and she is not the most normal little girl. On multiple occasions Pearl has done strange things, such as throwing stones at other children while mumbling in strange tongs and smiling at her own mother's pain. Soon people are saying that she is a demon child or even the devil's daughter. however I do not agree. When a child is raised by an outcast single mother who is constantly tormented he or she will not be what people call normal, but this... Continue reading
Romanticism is vital element in modern media. Though not always brought up or even thought about romanticism is incorporated into a huge number of current movies. Much of the time romanticism is conveyed through feeling without logic. A great example of a modern movie which embodies romanticism as well as feeling without logic is Forrest Gump". In "Forest Gump" the main character Forest is not the brightest or most intellegent personin his home town, although what forest can do better than anyone else is feel. Forest feels about everything, he doesn't always have logical reason for how he feels of... Continue reading
Modern day media, more specifically television commercials, uses logical fallacies constantly to make an attempt at attracting customers.One example of a commercial using a logical fallacy is in a state Farm commercial were a man claims his insurance agent purchased a falcon for him, while it is obvious that the argument is completely untrue. The basis of the character's argument is the fact that he saved tons of money switching insurance companies and he used the money he saved to buy a falcon ergo the insurance agent bought him a falcon. The fallacy the commercial incorporates is a Post Hoc... Continue reading
The Sunday before the 9/11/2011 I went to church. It just so happened that this particular sunday the readings were on the topic of forgiveness so the priest basedhis sermon on, will we ever forgive 9/11? I don't consider my self an extremely religious this idea really made me think, not just on that sunday morning but for days after that Sunday. The two main ideas Icontemplated were, will we ever forgive the acts of 9/11, and assuming we can when will the forgiveness come? So will we ever forgive the acts of that dark day? Personally i think I... Continue reading
The Apple Corporation has always been coming out with the latest and greatest technologies as well as new and innovative commercials, more specifically the Ipad commercial. The commercial consist of a list of what ‘Ipad is” although what many of the words in the commercial are describing is not the Ipad but is the American Ideal. One of the first word IPad (America) is described as is “current” after a picture of a newspaper is shown. The IPad being described as current shows that this is America and America is current we are what is happening in the world, which... Continue reading
I feel that Obama telling Congress to pass the bill may be a mistake. There are certain people whith in Congress that simply do not want to agree with Obama. So him commanding Congress to pass the bill may make those Senators and Represenatives even more stuck in their ways. Continue reading
The cost of the bill is NOT something to be worried about. If we cant create new jobs or help out of work families get on their feet we will NOT be able to pump money back into the economy. New jobs are vital, even if it costs this country money in the short term it will improve our economic status in the long run, which is what we need the most. Continue reading
Is this speech a last ditch effort for the president to gain the trust of the American people that his administration can still fix the economic crisis? I belive that is one of the major roles of this speech. According to an NBC poll president Obama has 42% approval ratings. Those ratings are unacceptable to him and gaining the trust of the American people is the first step toward actually fixing the economy . Continue reading
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Sep 7, 2011