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"I mean, I feel like a 50's housewife right now. Like my dreams don't count," (Jonah Hill, Get Him To The Greek). In the movie Get Him To The Greek, Jonah Hill and his girlfriend were arguing and his girlfriend was being insensitive to his wants and needs in their relationship, which he then made the comment about the 1950's housewife. This shows that the common stereotypes in the 1950's were based around the ideology of the women being domestic and submissive. In the Pepsi Cola advertisement I chose to analyze, it does the exact same thing that Hill was... Continue reading
The blog post that caught my eye was on the blow site of The article is called "I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours". This post was talking about feminism in the past, present and future. This woman described how today, feminism is in its "third wave". The first was in the late 19th century and early 20th and the second wave was in the 1960s and '70s, which brings us to the present and the third wave. I agree with most of what she said, but one aspect that I disagreed with was how she... Continue reading
Now, everyone has there own opinion about this very controversial topic, naturally. This a very opinion based question and argument. My viewpoint, for this subject is one of a qualification, in that most of the movies based off of novels are just not as good. The very complex novels, and the ones that portray what the character is thinking at that moment are very hard to capture on film. For example, the novel I am reading right now, A Million Little Pieces, by James Frey, would be on the side of the movies that are very hard to capture the... Continue reading
This scene above from Shrek 2 is an example of a parody in the literature of satire. The scene shows all of the fairy tales characters going to save other fairy tale characters. It is a parody in sense because it begins with the Mission Impossible theme song. This sets the mood for them to do something totally bad ass. Then it shows the famous puppet Pinocchio going down the tunnel by his puppet strings to save Shrek, Donkey who is now a stallion and Puss in Boots. One the way down he gets tangled and the Gingerbread Man jumps... Continue reading
In almost all horror flicks, it seems as if the black guy dies first. For some reason, there is only 1 black guy, and the other characters are all white, and the black character dies first. There are plenty of examples of this trend, but I would like to point it out in the Scary Movie series. They make fun of scary movies and mix them together to make a parody. In the second Scary Movie, they point it out and blatantly say to the camera that the black character doesn't die first this time. It just shows me that... Continue reading
What would of happened if Hester and Dimmesdale went through with it and moved to Europe? I know their plans were cut short when Dimmesdale dropped dead, but would it of been a good thing for them to move? Their community would wonder where they both went. They might of put the pieces together that they ran away with each other. If they did, they would most likely be shunned from the community if they decided to ever come back. Also, Dimmesdale's good reputation of being a minister would most likely be stripped from him. Maybe it would be a... Continue reading
Astronomy is an amazing study in science. I never thought about it in a Romantic point of view, but now, I realize that it is very Romantic. It inspires people to visit space, that are life threatening missions. It has even inspired me to blog about it today. Anyways, in astronomy you learn about various planets, stars, solar systems and many other things. There are so many more things to learn about, than we already know. It is mind blowing how much we still have to learn about, even though there have been astronomers since about the 1500's. It's a... Continue reading
Everyone was worried about the NFL lockout, and thank God it was resolved. Now, we have the NBA lockout, which still hasn't been resolved, and according to Adrian Wojnarowski, from Yahoo! Sports, isn't coming to an end anytime soon. That is if NBA Commissioner, David Stern, the "Bully", doesn't give the players a fair deal that they and the owners can accept. Now, to my point. This article showed me that Adrian, was using the logical fallacy of Ad hominem. He talked about his argument quite a bit, which is that there needs to be a fair deal that everyone... Continue reading
Logical fallacies are in our everyday life and we probably use them without even knowing or acknowledging it. They're a common use of language in our society and they are a good way to get across an argument, if you use them right. For example, Obama's American Jobs Act speech. Obama, from the very beginning of his speech, all of the way to the end, used logical fallacies. The one that really caught my attention was the bandwagon appeal. He constantly demanded throughout his speech, "You should pass this jobs act right away." He was referring to Congress and the... Continue reading
Everyone who has ever existed will somehow have to deal with grief throughout his or her lives. It sucks, and everyone knows that it is one of, if not the worst emotion a human being can experience. Oskar, as well as many other people had to deal with this after losing a loved one in the tragedy of 9/11. The only thing of his father he really had left was his memory of him. The memories of lost loved ones are the only things that keep them real in your head and when they start to fade you desperately try... Continue reading
The beef jerky company, Slim Jim, has recently come out with a series of commercials that are targeted at men. The commercials describe how men should be "manly" and if they're doing something non-"manly", they have to eat a spicy Slim Jim Dare stick. It will supposedly make them more manly. There are three types of Dare Sticks, for the level of how non-manly you've been. For example, in one commercial, taking place in a hospital, a man was given a "Kind of Hot Dare Stick." He was given it because he was ironing his pants. The man next to... Continue reading
Obama's speech, to me, was very moving and motivating. I couldn't stop watching it because Obama put so much energy into it. He really had the Pathos part of the rhetoric down. I, myself find politics very boring and they don't appeal to me at all, but while watching this speech I really felt like I could really connect to what he was saying in his speech. My dad is a small business owner and he kept talking about how he really wanted to know what was in the new Jobs Act. He, like most small business owners' wanted a... Continue reading
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Sep 8, 2011