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mother-of-four, wife, friend, daughter, sister, writer, and eternal optimist
Interests: raising kids, reading, writing, cooking (not baking), DVD box sets, playing songs on repeat, laughing til my face hurts
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Its a great little motivator, Dana. Good luck!
Yes, Im not doing a very good job of sharing mine either Kristy! Good luck and thanks for entering!
Ha- my soon-to-be puppy will be quite happy if Im still into my Fitbit like I am now! Good luck, Joanne. Thanks for entering.
Ha even more motivating when youre competing with your sister ;) Good luck, Alison.
Well youre well ahead of me, Jennifer. Im sticking to the rapid walking for now ;)
Ohhhh I am my own worst competitor, Karen, except when it comes to my sister ;) Good luck and thanks for entering.
Oh those dance bills....too bad we dont get to join the classes. Ive always thought it would be a great work out. Good luck, Serena, thanks for entering.
I really do like this product (and its many accessories). Its quite the non-intrusive motivator. However, this time around the contest is for Canadians only. Sorry :(
Hi Sandi - so nice to see you. I wish you could win, but its Canadian residents only (sorry, not my rules). Come back again for my next giveaway. And keep up the good work, Im proud of you!
Family rivalries for the good of our health - always worthwhile. Good luck, Ally, Ive got my fingers crossed for you!
Oh that silly, silly Aria. Well, actually were friends today. It smiled at me and told me I lost two pounds. Good luck, Joanne. Thanks for entering!
Hi Jessica: Nice to see you again :) I definitely need a kick in the pants. Couch surfing seems to be my favourite sport at the moment. Summer with the kids can do that to a gal. Good luck!
Yes, Ive been reporting to my hubby how many times my sleep is interrupted every night ;) Good luck, Diane, and thanks so much for entering.
Thanks for entering, Yashy. Good luck!
Youre one of the healthiest people I know, Kitty. Hagen Daas exempted.
There are SO many cool accessories! Good luck, Celine. Thanks for entering.
They make the whole exercise thing a lot more fun!
Youre gonna keep my butt, arent you, F? P.S. Im glad Im your first :)
About six years ago, I told my sister I was thinking of doing a mini-triathlon. She almost choked on her food and said something like, "Yeah, right". When I finally managed to convince her that I was going to put my uncoordinated self through the training process, she said, "Not... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at late night plays
If you've ever heard an Irish ballad, then you already know each one tells its own story. I've known them by heart from the earliest days of my childhood. And though they belong to my dad's home, their sounds and verses connected me and my sister to the stories of... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at late night plays
I am spending the end of Canada's birthday month abroad. And my focus and energy has been directed at getting ready and prepared for take off. I'm going on my own (without JB and the kids) and joining my parents and sister for a 10-day re-do of a childhood trip... Continue reading
Posted Aug 7, 2014 at late night plays
Love that sprinkler photo, too. It's hilarious! One of those unexpected moments.
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2014 on {GIVEAWAY}: LITTLE MOMENTS at late night plays
I know you'll love this app, Pat. Thanks for entering. Good luck!!! xo
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2014 on {GIVEAWAY}: LITTLE MOMENTS at late night plays
Thanks, Shan and good luck!
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2014 on {GIVEAWAY}: LITTLE MOMENTS at late night plays
We went camping over the weekend. It's always exactly what we need and is always over too quickly. It's a chance to step away from routines, deadlines, clocks. The only electronic device we bring is my iPhone, because it's also my camera. Having such a small and easy-to-carry photo taker... Continue reading
Posted Jul 15, 2014 at late night plays