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Nicole Santalucia
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Nin Andrews Interviews Nicole Santalucia and Asks Her the Kinds of Questions Nin Can Never Answer Why are you a poet? NS: Who is a poet? Well, why are you a poet? Look, my defense mechanisms are surfacing by trying to answer such a complicated, yet simple question with questions. No, really, I think . . . I might have turned into a poet the day I pulled my neighbors' pants down and ran home crying to my mom. I saw all the answers and all the questions that I ever wanted to ask that day, when I was 8... Continue reading
Posted Nov 11, 2011 at The Best American Poetry
Nin Andrews and I have been bitch-blogging for a few days now and we thought that we'd take today off from bitching, or at least tone it down a little. We want to take a moment and reflect upon a very important bitch moment in New York State, in my life, and also give some praise to one of our favorite poets, Maria Mazziotti Gillan. Thanks to Maria, thanks to Deanna, thanks to New York’s Marriage Equality Act approved on June 24, 2011, I got married last summer and wrote a blog entry for Best American Poetry. Here is the... Continue reading
Posted Nov 9, 2011 at The Best American Poetry
This entry is a continuation of our last blog entry in which Nicole promised to describe to everyone her “little bitch world” in which everything is a bitch. Now, not only does Nicole’s little bitch world brew bitch coffee, but the people read bitch books at the bitch library. Maybe you want directions to Nicole’s Town of Bitch. Maybe, you’ve driven through this town before. When I asked Nicole where Bitch Town is she said it’s just up the road, that I wouldn’t miss it. She said that there’s one grocery store, one coffee shop, one hospital, and one library.... Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2011 at The Best American Poetry
What can I say? A bitch is like a liar who finally gets to the truth and then hides it. If the truth is desirable for the poet who is after some form of truth then bitching is an articulation and honest form. For those poets who notice disturbances in the world, that is truths that not everyone notices, then the art of bitching is not just art plus bitching, nor is it a lazy art by way of bitching, nor bitching by way of art. One might say that bitching is for the disgruntled and unsatisfied, or it is... Continue reading
Posted Nov 6, 2011 at The Best American Poetry
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Nov 3, 2011