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Hey, hey, hey Divas and Divos! Whatcha doin? I’m down in Miami with my girl Kellee, soaking up some sun, attending my first tennis open and hoping to see her highness, Serena Williams beat somebody like they stole something! Yes, this diva is expanding her horizons and enjoying new experiences,... Continue reading
Hey, hey, hey, Divas and Divos! How YOU doin? Ya’ll know I am always on Instagram and Twitter keeping you up to date on Marlo’s world, but I miss my blog and I hope you do too. I just took an awesome trip to Aspen, Colorado for my birthday and... Continue reading
It’s Marlo Mondays Divas and Divos! I want your opinion on how do you define friendship? More importantly, how would you deal with “so-called friends,” who are only around for the flashing lights and popping bottles, but nowhere to be found when the isht hits the fan in your life?... Continue reading
Today is the day! Tweet me, email, facebook... somehow, someway get your pics in and I'm going to post the 5 best! I'm waiting! Continue reading
Marlo Mondays Divas and Divos and today I’m highlighting you! This week it’s not about me, it’s about me giving back to those who mean the most to me, my family and of course you guys. Been keeping a low profile lately, but I took time out to have tea... Continue reading
Marlo Mondays Divas and Divos! What’s good wit ya? This week I’m sharing my thoughts on the subject of relationships. Why? Because after too many conversations with friends and others who are worried about biological clocks, growing old alone, getting married, etc., I think it’s time we stop letting this... Continue reading
Marlo Mondays Ya’ll! And it’s time to talk about what’s really real. I’ve been feeling some way lately about how the people in my life, family, friends and so-called friends feel they are entitled to a piece of my pie that they neither helped buy nor bake. Many stories have... Continue reading
It’s Monday and that means it’s time for a new conversation just between us Divas and Divos! Keep the topics and questions coming… You’re keeping me focused as I continue working on my hustle. This week let’s talk about getting past your past… How many times have we all had... Continue reading
Divas and Divos… What day is it? It’s Marlo Mondays!!! And this Diva is turned up! I spent the weekend in New York. A city I’ve grown to love because it’s true, if you have a dream, New York City is the place to pursue it. And it’s like Mr.... Continue reading
A diva asked me how I feel about family and did I want kids of my own. Well, Marlo loves the kids and if it’s in the cards for me, I hope to have a family of my own. I have lots of nieces and nephews that I’m very close... Continue reading
Reveal, refresh and renew the power within – then do it for others… Divas and Divos, you know what day it is, but I’m not spilling tea. Dropping jewels, (of wisdom) is more like it. Yesterday, I hosted an event that is very close to my heart. It was Glam... Continue reading
Marlo Mondays in effect Divas & Divos! Let’s have a little fun with the question this week okay??? A diva asked, “How I stay in shape?” Well, fitness is not just about the body. I’m a southern girl and we are thick! Where I’m from, you need a little junk... Continue reading
Hey Divas and Divos! It’s time for Marlo Mondays and today we’re going deep! I told you that I’ll be using my blog as a platform to talk about anything and everything, including the topics and ideas you all send me. Ya’ll have some interesting things you want to talk... Continue reading
I know Divas and Divos, my Marlo Mondays post is late, but better late than never right? This week's topic is "How do I get my money?" First, let me say that this is the question posed to me most frequently and it is without a doubt the most rude... Continue reading
Hey Divas and Divos!!!!! Happy Sunday. I hope you all haven't forgotten your girl. Just getting my grind on and that's werk. Just want to let you know that starting tomorrow I'll be posting a new weekly blog I'm calling, "Marlo Mondays." I'm going to use this platform to talk... Continue reading
Happy Friday Divas and Divos! Yes, I've been MIA for a little bit, but this diva is WERKING! I do have more to share and will definitely keep you in the loop. Just let me take a breath, and I'll be back. Cherish the day. Give love and give thanks...... Continue reading
I am speechless Divas and Divos! Thank you for your love and support. It's not easy accept correction. It's even harder to correct yourself. Just moving forward, one day and one step at a time... Muah! Continue reading
Divas and Divos... I realize how we women sometimes tear each other apart in anger when in truth we're really just feeling hurt or betrayed. But that's not the woman I want to be. I don't want to be a Diva who seeks to destroy another with words or "reads,"... Continue reading
Divas and Divos, I truly appreciate the advice, cautions, even those who are still not on Team Marlo. Believe me, I am no one's BFF on the show and I have not spilled any tea shared between me and my former "friend" with any new friends. Have I shared my opinions, observations and feelings... yes, but really personal information that was meant to be kept in confidence, No! That was started by my former friend and any info leaked may have been attributed to me, but did not actually come from me. If you heard it from me, it was not a secret. Even though all is fair in Wars and Reads, I drew my own line in the sand that I chose not to cross. Some things I just did not say... Keep in mind, TV is TV and drama is needed for ratings, but everything I've said or done has always been from the heart. With Marlo, what you see, is what you get. For the record, NeNe is NOT the reason I was on RHOA. She did not bring me on the show. She didn't even want me on the show. For the cameras she decided to befriend me once I was added to the cast. I now realize that her intentions were not genuine (as I was warned and my ears and eyes are open now too...). I was devastated. I thought she cared for me and I truly cared for her and her family. I accept my mistakes, but I will not be anyone's doormat. Not now and not ever. Would you? Time can heal all wounds, and God can rebuild bridges. We'll see what happens. In the meantime, no matter what, Marlo is still standing. I love you all! Smooches! Marlo
Heeeeey Divas and Divos! Just want all of you to know, I thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart for the love and support. I don't want to tear another sister down, but I won't bullied by one either. I know we all make mistakes and I also know the importance of forgiveness. I hope that in time, we'll stop being crabs in a barrel and realize there's enough "shine" for all of us! Keep spreading the word and maybe, just maybe I'll be around a while longer... Smooches! Your Diva, Marlo!
Divas and Divos, I’m doing my best to be the one to take the high road, but these last few weeks have been filled with lots of shade and haterade from people promoting products from Donald Trump’s hair emporium! Say what you will about me, but I’m always going to... Continue reading
To all my Divas and Divos, those new to Team Marlo and especially my ride or die crew. I just want to thank ya'll for the love you're showing your girl! I'm sorry if I can't reply to each post. I read them all, even those chock full of haterade,... Continue reading
Heeeeey Divas and Divos! Yes, I know, we’ve been out of touch these past couple weeks, but you’re always on my mind. Your girl has just been laying low til all the dust settles from the latest RHOA drama. I was chillin with my girl at the All-Star Game, eating... Continue reading
It’s time to talk FASHION Divas and Divos! Did you all see the Grammy’s last night? Well of course the performances were amazing, but ya’ll know Marlo is all about the clothes and who was wearing what! As usual there were some real hits or let’s call them hawts, because... Continue reading
It’s a day of reflection and celebration Divas and Divos… Today we pay homage to the life and legacy of one of the world’s greatest leaders and champions of freedom. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King gave his life for those who understood our plight and for those who didn’t... Continue reading