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Watched the recorded video. Tried loading it on my iPhone, because I saw your blog post from my RSS reader - opened the post, followed it to UStream and got a weird error from the iPhone saying "This content is currently not online." Opened the laptop sitting right next to me (am lazy and often browse from my phone) and could get in fine. Dunno if it's UStream/iPhone, or my RSS reader/UStream. Also, when I loaded it on the laptop, it played a commercial, played one second of the video, and then played another commercial. That was vaguely annoying. (Mac Lion, Chrome.) Technical stuff aside - I totally dug it. Rationally I know that "celebrities" are just people, too, but it's really cool to see inside your life and the fact that you've got a normal office like a normal guy - makes you even more accessible (although, to be fair, you're really accessible in general, which is one of the reasons I follow you on Twitter/RSS). And I loved seeing things in your office that I own - I was totally psyched to see "Ticket to Ride" (which I'm currently staring at) and your Cult of Done Manifesto, which my bf has on the back of a clipboard that he uses for brainstorming ideas. In fact, I interrupted the video a few times to show him stuff. Seeing that stuff makes you much more relatable (but, again, you're really good about that in general - as a fellow geek, I often find your content relatable). Re: subscriptions, etc - I'd totally pay a few bucks to see backstage at events and other cool "behind the scenes" type stuff. In part because I've never made it to any of your events, and they sound like they'd be a lot of fun - but also because you're one of the celebs I like to follow, I generally enjoy your stuff, think you've got a good sense of humor, are likable and I love being distracted from my work in small 5-10 minute chunks ;)
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Dec 1, 2011