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The Great Plains
Ad Astra Per Aspera
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Because I wanted to play with Wordpress and I missed not having my own little corner of the Web. Continue reading
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"If I could just ask, what is it that you need from me?" She wiped the dripping, bespectacled steam from the bathroom mirror with a white hand towel, clutched the neck of her matching white, monogrammed bathrobe closed with her other hand, finished wiping the mirror, dropped the small towel... Continue reading
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I see The ocean from my window The window from my bed Framed in yellow-painted walnut A snitch Ravenous angelic bergamot Orange peels Distant like tangled long-leaved beheaded prairie grass Failed corn and sorghum Flown forlorn and fatal Whispering like the back of your knee In the long, centuries long... Continue reading
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Eleven Sudafed like Red Hots like Nardil like Robitussin like Ambien with shoes on like Brian Eno with a headache; an aura of indifference What happens is you see that my arms get longer that's what I like about it and "the world, chico, and everything in it..." and everything... Continue reading
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Frankly taken basement hanger Frankly shaken smack Beyond taco virgin Scratching jagged laddered crack Fairly daring shaky waking Fairly barely baked Beyond taco virgin Darkling marked afar guitar Massive missive missing finger Massive target shark alert Beyond taco virgin Working water jargon bark Continue reading
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I am a lawyer drinking Diet Coke from a 2-liter bottle in a $10-million apartment high above the crackd streets of the isle of Manahattan I am a hot mom drinking Vitamin Water Zero from a Sigg bottle parked in a minivan while a personal trainer rubs my thigh I... Continue reading
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Seven_twentyone_twelve Continue reading
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I started on Broadway as is my wont in the record stores and green grocers looking for pictures of leaves and the leaves themselves on the sidewalks tucked in cracks and drifting from the trees in eddys catching on my arms and in my hair on the way down. I... Continue reading
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Delivery Confirmation Number Continue reading
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The next layer of my California is damp cotton, the sound of birds behind car windows, and raw as raw Inglewood. Continue reading
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