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Hans Litten--I followed one of your links and found this: to the current "age of degenerative and man-made diseases". I guess they were thinking of autism and other neurological vaccine/man-made diseases.
Benedetta, That says it all--A Twisted Up Knot of Lies. [and the many liars]
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2017 on Dan Olmsted: Columbo, Hero, Friend at AGE OF AUTISM
Clearly, three paragraphs represent science;one paragraph represents religion.
Gary--I think some enlightened gastroenterologists would appreciate the wisdom in your question. Well said!
Crickets in congress too.
I would like to see a full transcript of the Press Conference yesterday. I thought all that spoke were quite eloquent and hit balls out of the ball park. I really don't know how this will play out, in the current political climate and the profound distrust in every institution of this country. The media and the powers-that-be are running on fumes, and I think they know it. And in the words of Crosby and Stills from 1969--They are "scared shitless"
Linda 1 "but I wonder what informed consent would look like at this point in time." Short answer to have been reading AoA from the beginning or any of books mentioned @ AoA. Informed Consent for vaccinations takes discipline and a lot of reading. Then you would have Informed non-consent to the CDC's approach to vaccinations.
Grapes of Wrath - I'll Be There Speech Tom Joad Like in the Grapes of Wrath, in stead of the cops, its the Government/media beating up the truth, beating up the little guy--us. Dan will be there too.
David Amaral and the MIND Institute uu-scientific positions, perfectly illustrate the necessity for a Vaccine Safety and Scientific Integrity commission. No doubt Dr. Amaral is justifiably afraid of the third rail seeing people getting Wakefielded, Kennedyed and Seared. David Amaral and the MIND Institute: Leading the way with tobacco science and tax payer dollars.
Like usual--if you asked stupid questions you get stupid answers especially from the Senate on anything to do with vaccinations. If anyone of us asked these Senators, "What is your take on the whistleblower actions of William Thompson", you'd get a huh, who what--it would be a gotcha, like the Gary Johnson Aleppo moment. Proof of the depth of their ignorance (some of it or all of it willful) is the 95 to 5 vote for the 21st Century Cures Act. So come on people we have been is the battle for so long, we know the other sides playbook. All they have is bag of pathetic lies and deceitful tricks. They are desperately trying to maintain the charade.
QUESTION: It says that they were given the DTP. Because this occurred in Turkey was it a multidose wholecell DTP with Thimerasol? Would surely like to know.
Just remember we are all citizen scientists. We don't have credentials which are used to destroy the truth, or hold positions in agencies where we can commit fraud, destruction of evidence or even lie. Just look what Dan has done as an intrepid journalist who just followed the evidence. Dan is us and we are him. So when scientists do hold their marches, just remember--Vaccination Science is Tobacco Science.....or worse.
As far as I am concerned, the center of universe is AoA, because of Dan because of you Julie and all of what is AoA. Its the only place where sensibility, sanity and truly uncorrupted knowledge exists.
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2017 on What Dan Olmsted Meant to Me at AGE OF AUTISM
Bill, maybe you already started searching Alison Singer, but here is just one point along the way.
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2017 on Media Coverage and Vaccine Science at AGE OF AUTISM
Thank you for such a beautiful tribute.
Former CDC director said this on retiring, I've added the obvious. “I've always made career decisions based on one simple question—how can I save the most lives, [and ignore the deaths and injuries from vaccinations]” Frieden said. “That's the question I'll ask going forward.”
Martha Rosenberg is now a member of the Martin Niemöller, "first they came for the ......" association of scientist, doctors, writers, parents and those who dare speak the truth. She is now an honorary member. Niemöller's version today would be--First the media went after__________
What ever this world is to be, it is better because of Dan. Its hard for me to say rest in peace, because he is, not was, such a powerful voice for those whose voices have been suppressed. My heart aches.
Thank you Dan for this post. I realize, that when so much of the world seems so whacked out, reading AOA is a place I can go to briefly escape into sanity, into very simple, scientific truths, written by people whose only conflict of interest is the dedication to honesty and integrity. Boy is that not sad testament of how far we have fallen. Thanks to everyone.
Where does making doctors and an entire industry unaccountable fit in? Doesn't that just pave the way for the six bad ideas.?
PATIENT: Dr, I feel like crap, sick all the time, can’t keep food down, barely can move, can’t see... can barely hear, I am absolutely miserable. I took all your prescriptions and advice, yet I feel like I'm dying. Dr. JAMA: Yes, but by applying statistics, you are better………Next patient.
HEADLINE: "Scientific Research No Longer Needs Link to Science"
It is likely had the Zerbo et al study not had any of these flaws in methodology, and truly test the hypothesis of the flu vaccine and autism outcome, there would have been a positive correlation. That study would have never made it to JAMA. Even if the peer review process found the study completely worthy, it would have never been published in JAMA. Zerbo et al, all those prior will do all the "shamwizardry" necessary to make all autism/vaccination associations disappear. This is what has become the model for autism/vaccination research, if you want to keep your job. "What cannot be;must not be."
There is this often quoted lecture to first year medical students that 50% of what you learn in medical school will turn out to be wrong;we just don't know which 50%. In this case you do know that 100% of this presentation was wrong on every account, and it was coming from the self-anointed high priest and priestesses of vaccination--the religion, not the medical intervention. Where was the talk of the ethics and principle of informed consent and encouraging medical students to violate almost every principle underlying good medicine--first do no harm. Stay away from any of these first year medical students when they become practicing physicians.
To Sue M: "MMR RIP": there has never been mercury in the MMR. Angus knows this and a lot more. The MMR RIP is his bi-line.