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Thank you Dan for this post. I realize, that when so much of the world seems so whacked out, reading AOA is a place I can go to briefly escape into sanity, into very simple, scientific truths, written by people whose only conflict of interest is the dedication to honesty and integrity. Boy is that not sad testament of how far we have fallen. Thanks to everyone.
Where does making doctors and an entire industry unaccountable fit in? Doesn't that just pave the way for the six bad ideas.?
PATIENT: Dr, I feel like crap, sick all the time, can’t keep food down, barely can move, can’t see... can barely hear, I am absolutely miserable. I took all your prescriptions and advice, yet I feel like I'm dying. Dr. JAMA: Yes, but by applying statistics, you are better………Next patient.
HEADLINE: "Scientific Research No Longer Needs Link to Science"
It is likely had the Zerbo et al study not had any of these flaws in methodology, and truly test the hypothesis of the flu vaccine and autism outcome, there would have been a positive correlation. That study would have never made it to JAMA. Even if the peer review process found the study completely worthy, it would have never been published in JAMA. Zerbo et al, all those prior will do all the "shamwizardry" necessary to make all autism/vaccination associations disappear. This is what has become the model for autism/vaccination research, if you want to keep your job. "What cannot be;must not be."
There is this often quoted lecture to first year medical students that 50% of what you learn in medical school will turn out to be wrong;we just don't know which 50%. In this case you do know that 100% of this presentation was wrong on every account, and it was coming from the self-anointed high priest and priestesses of vaccination--the religion, not the medical intervention. Where was the talk of the ethics and principle of informed consent and encouraging medical students to violate almost every principle underlying good medicine--first do no harm. Stay away from any of these first year medical students when they become practicing physicians.
To Sue M: "MMR RIP": there has never been mercury in the MMR. Angus knows this and a lot more. The MMR RIP is his bi-line.
"Our police department called asking if we needed anything." Cathy, maybe you should encourage someone from your local police department to apply for a position on the IACC. Maybe then they will start doing whats "needed." OR..........since they asked if you "needed anything".... I'm sure you make make a very long "needed anything list" for all the things that aren't being addressed, or provided. Its like an open door with folks who might actually listen--who knows.
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2016 on Braving the Storm at AGE OF AUTISM
Narad, A cursory read of B-12 ingredients does not mention aluminum as an ingredient. There is some discussion that B-12 injections may not be any better than sub-lingual doses. B-12 is commonly given for those who have pernicious anemia. Check to see if B-12 is available from a compounding pharmacy which might have a hydrocobalamin vs cyanocobalamin. Like everything else--only you can prevent becoming a victim of modern medicine. Almost sounds like something Smokey-The-Bear would say. READ and keep reading.
I wonder if veterinary vaccines are preserved with thimerosal or are adjuvented with aluminum?
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2016 on Is Snoopy Just a Poopy or Autistic? at AGE OF AUTISM
I would like to see all the transcripts of speeches she gave to industry. Too me that would be illuminating and voters should be demanding those. We are voting in the dark.
First, I didn't see which vaccinations her daughter was given. Yes there is the piece of crap called the schedule, but the author should have clearly stated the vaccines given. Second, if there are future problems, and this was this was the warning and the warning was ignored--seems ripe for legal action against the parents/doctors etc.
Linda, thank you for such a comprehensive article. This would be a great white paper for our representatives to read, but I think unless its accompanied by a generous campaign donation, they will not attempt to let such knowledge shape policy. One thing is for sure, you perfectly illustrate that the people who really know the vaccination issue, inside and out, rarely have credentials behind there name. They are just called Linda Maybe some day in the telling of this history--the Age of Autism--we will here of a Linda-One Kenobe. You obviously possess "the force".
If all of us "Age'ers" lived in the same state, I'd probably write in Kim's name for the first woman President of a Major Party--we are a major and growing party...aren't we? And for VP, Dan Olmstead. Looks good to me. Cornel West had an interesting comment a few days ago: "This November, we need change. Yet we are tied in a choice between [Donald] Trump, who would be a neo-fascist catastrophe, and Clinton, a neo-liberal disaster," wrote West. "That’s why I am supporting Jill Stein. I am with her – the only progressive woman in the race.” I'm not suggesting who to vote for, because at this point, I'm not sure it matters any more. But I'm still thinking.
Han's, not sure if you knew this but Liz Burt died tragically in a car accident. She was the real deal in so many ways.
Thank you Ronald Kostoff--I did read more on the nuclear industry an the indemnity arrangement they have collectively. So far, but I wonder for how long, vaccine compensation has exceeded what the nuclear industry has paid out in compensation for damages. Indemnity--security against or exemption from legal responsibility for one's actions. In other, no one is accountable, the state of affairs for maybe the last 50 years of the US government/corporate intersect. There was a city in California that was going through one of the fluoridation battles maybe 8 or 9 years ago and someone got a hold of the contract between the city and the entity responsible for implementing the fluoridation mandate. In the contract was a clause that provided complete indemnity "in perpetuity" for any sickness, ill health or whatever from the uncontrolled dosing of that toxin for anybody connected to this forced medication. As you point out industry(s) indemnifies itself from the inherent dangers, known and unknown, of its products.
Regarding the polio vaccine--will we ever know how many SV40 induced brain cancers or other cancers attributable to SV40 have occurred in the baby boomer population (and perhaps beyond). That piece of information would be valuable to the public to truly weigh the costs and benefits of the polio vaccination program. I have no trust in what ever passes off as medical science with the system that is so utterly corrupted and undeserving of trust.
I don't know when the great unraveling of "the Big Lie" ( a variation of the JB Hadley expression "Hungry Lie") will come, but it will come and I suspect with some harsh accountability. The attempt to normalization of autism in all its forms, just another component of "the big lie". I thought the Daschel/Conte article made this powerful point-- "It wasn’t simply the MMR vaccine and TCVs that were on trial in the OAP. It was Vaccinology itself. If vaccines were shown to cause autism, an entire industry could collapse, the prestige of the medical establishment would be forever damaged and the country would have to deal with the responsibility and the reality that thousands of people were injured in the name of public health. The whole empire constructed around Vaccinology was under attack and desperate times called desperate actions. And, (damn it!), every times numbers were run on data sets having to do with autism and vaccines, the data screamed that there were associations." The Whole Empire, as it is today constructed, is built upon lies, fraud and criminal behavior. There is only so much they can get away with--and they know it. They are running out of suckers who believe in their cock and bull.
Imagine billy briggs, if vaccinations were practiced (or approved) like other medical treatments that one-size-does-not-fit-all. You do get that very simple point don't you? What if the CDC instead of destroying documents shifted the recommended age of mmr vaccination to 36 months for all children? Imagine if science weren't for sale; if doctors lived up to "first do no harm". If any of these points were embraced as if we were scientific, thoughtful, there would be fewer children living on the autism spectrum.
Tim, can't seem to get the article out of the wayback machine. Not sure what I am doing wrong.
Yes it was Dr. Marie McCorquack who said paraphrasing--we will never go down that road that autism is result of vaccinations.
Dan, In reference to the "journalist do your job: There was a Dan Burton hearing in a galaxy that the CDC and the rest of evil empire says doesn't exist, where he points out that the media, the journalists should be covering the hearing. Just a few were in the room. They weren't interested or were told to stay away and this hearing was 15-20 years ago or more. Can't remember.
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2016 on De Niro Drops Da Bomb at AGE OF AUTISM
Linda1, When I first read your comment it may have been a semi, Freudian slip--"The study is designed to accommodate the 'investors' limited scope of expertise...." We know science is for sell, outcomes are for sell, whatever will serve the marketplace which we know is genetics because there's money in them thar hills. There's no money in a man-made toxic environment. There are only costs..human costs.
Maybe Meng-Chuan Lai has a lot in common with the 1968 My Lai Massacre. How easy it is to massacre science and fictionalize people who don't exist.
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2016 on Dachel Media Update: Hidden Horde at AGE OF AUTISM
John, I read your article(s), and my brain, heart and soul can only take so much abuse. These people are as evil as they come.