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"sheer aggression"-- military tactics similar to scorched-earth policy.
Bob, of course, I don't need to tell you this, but the media's job is not to inform, but to make us conform. They are functioning exactly as intended.
Shelley, NBC News in one of their nightly get the flu shot commercials, mentioned that pharma needed to sell their product. They've been running that commercial for weeks now.
Her life experience has given her great wisdom beyond her years. It will serve her and all the things she cares about, forever. Fiona is an inspiration of hope.
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If I needed an emetic or a purgative, then I might take a Gorksi, but otherwise not needed here.
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How many deaths might be attributed to inappropriate medication, vaccines weakening overall resistance, antivirals, tylenol and NSAIDs? Careful John, that line of questioning could get you labeled anti-everything. Also in the mice studies this is contrary to my understanding of probiotics " Mice that received heat-killed lactic acid bacteria (DK128) prior to infection had about 18 times less influenza virus in their lungs compared to control mice." I thought the point of probiotics was the fact that it was a live bacteria?
Sometime ago someone or something I read mentioned that we are most convincing within our sphere of influence which in a typical community is about 150 people. The further you get outside of that sphere your influence is diminished geometrically. Of course Cathy, your sphere is much, much larger, Thank God. Maybe you have already done this, but here's an idea: Have some business cards printed up with your name, and the next time you "overhear", approach that person with, "Forgive me, I couldn't help overhearing your conversation, and my name is Cathy Jameson and I write a weekly column for AOA" and briefly tell them your experience and invite them to read some of your columns and give them your card. You've done all you can do at that point and you can have peace mind. On the back of your card have some bullet points. A 4-foot by 6-foot business card ought to do the trick.
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Thank you Hans for the Exley link. I've been reading JB's articles, but today made the time for the 1:03:00 video. Just staggers whats left of the area of my mind not already allotted to this man-made on going colossal catastrophe. Standing Orders reminds me of the Adriana Gamondes article where she discusses the Pinochet's military vaccine (should I call them death squads) grabbing and stabbing kids off the street. Yes Angus, back door;front door it means do not let anyone you love out of sight when anywhere a place that practices medicine. Here is the link for the IAC Standing Orders.
Winfrey just got Couriced. The real test of Winfrey's character, her integrity comes now. Will she stand up to medicopharma media bullies? Or will she do a "the sky is blue..."? I think it could be equally or better to write Oprah. We shall see, won't we?
There are so many articles from all over that visually it reminds me of the room of shoes at the Holocaust Museum in DC.
No one around me knows when I give an "irony chuckle" when I hear something, in this case a story on NPR: A frozen water pipe burst in an airport terminal in New York shutting down operations. No one was hurt, no one died, (get your irony chuckle warmed up), but there will be a thorough investigation; those responsible, will be held accountable. So how do we get a to get a thorough investigation into vaccines and those responsible for the injuries deaths, and the autism epidemic to be held accountable for the autism epidemic? I don't know freeze a bunch of water pipes?
Apologies if this is posted twice. In 1990, Harris Coulter's seminal work, "Vaccination Social Violence and Criminality--The Medical Assault on the American Brain was published. At the time of its publishing, it was autism's co-morbid conditions which were filling our prisons, sometimes called correctional facilities, Ha! The title speaks volumes. It is my opinion that the neurodiversity faction with their "autism is a gift" thinking that bears a great deal of responsibility for the tragedy of the Kologi family. The Ashbury Park Press actually did a fairly decent job of pointing out not only the complexity of this issue, but also illuminating various related tangents to this man-made epidemic. "....a host of critical questions remain unanswered." Thank the IACC for decades of millions of dollars wasted on irrelevant research. Yes many of those at AOA have been asking these critical questions for at least 2 decades or more. " The state-approved tuition for the school is about $75,000 per year, which is paid by the child's home school district." Ah.... New Jersey and other parents are getting a good look at the cost of what 1 in 38 autism epidemic looks like and a hint of where school budgets are going. "A recent review of two decades’ worth of research looking into the relationship between autism and violent acts supports that view." I thought autism has been with us forever and in similar numbers. Why only two decades of research---shouldn't it be 3, 4, 5, 6....? ".......the exact relationship between autism and violence is one that researchers still don’t fully understand." Thank the IACC again. "Some children and adults diagnosed with autistic conditions such as Asperger syndrome or pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) can be so mildly impaired as to be virtually indistinguishable from their “neurotypical” peers, while others can be so severely disabled that their families resort to placing them in institutions." Wait a second can't they all be the "The Good Doctor" or all the like the usual quirky happy-go-lucky adolescents with autism the msm use to portray the gift of autism. "Some children and adults on the more severe end of the spectrum are prone to violent outbursts – and their parents and caregivers often have the bruises to prove it." I only read and hear about that fact at AOA. "........Behavioral therapies seek to unravel the root causes of these actions" [hand-biting, head-banging and other repetitive behaviors.] Now just how are behavior therapies designed to unravel the root causes? Thank the IACC and conventional medicine, the FDA, CDC, etc, for the lack of progress on unraveling the root causes. "Typically, there’s something else, such as anxiety, depression, oppositional defiant disorder, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD.) [thats the short list] A study by researchers at King’s College London found that 70 percent of their young autistic subjects had at least one other disorder, while 41 percent had two or more." "...........urged more research into how these other additional conditions may contribute to violent acts." Talk to the late Harris Coulter. To me, this is priceless--"To make matters more complex, many people with autism are taking a cocktail of medications to treat these other conditions, often prescribed by different doctors. What’s more, additional drugs are sometimes prescribed to treat the side effects of those medications, further raising the chances of a dangerous interaction." Neurodiversity folks, tell me just where the gift of autism is again? Right now it seems the drug industry is being well gifted.
"What I am saying is only what a competent journalist with integrity who had actually investigated it would report." Yes precisely! I certainly haven't seen one-- "a competent journalist" in a long time. Are they extinct?
Its seems that just by observation alone vaccinations for some(more than are acknowledged or recognized) constitute an "adverse........ childhood........ event...., that gets repeated, kind of like child abuse. Hook up an EEG on children before they are vaccinated and then as they are repeatedly vaccinated, and I think that EEGs would reveal some correlations we really ought to know.
Earlier this year, Terry Gross, "Fresh Air" interviewed Dr. Dr. Anna Lembke on the American opioid addiction who authored--"Drug Dealer, MD: How Doctors Were Duped, Patients Got Hooked, And Why It's So Hard To Stop." Lembke made this comment. LEMBKE: "Starting in the 1980s, doctors started to be told that opioids were effective treatment for chronic pain and that treating patients long term with opioids was evidence-based medicine. That was patently false, and that was propagated by what I call big medicine in cahoots with big pharma. " This is especially relevant now since Congress and the President signed that the 21st Century Cures Act which included $1 billion dollars over the next two years to fight what big medicine (think AMA here) in cahoots with big pharma created--opioid addiction. Taxpayers are paying the bill and many people are paying with their lives. Big medicine in cahoots with big pharma created a lost generation of chronically ill children from a reckless, bloated vaccination schedule. Families, taxpayers will be on the hook for billions of dollars and children have had their lives stolen. So we have the epidemic of autism, and the epidemic of opioid addiction crafted by big medicine and big pharma. I rest my case.
Don't do that again. It was awful!
John, I couldn't find an original source for the 5% of children have epilepsy.
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No-vac Re the parental rights amendment. The key for me on that legislation will be in the all inclusive definition of "care" in Section 1. Care--the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.
Dude, Your comments were quite informative and a good read. For as many years as you covered, it read well and didn't ramble. As I was reading, I was thinking of a contemporary version, partly resembling Tom's journey in the Grapes of Wrath. That story set in injustices of the Great Depression. Your story (and that of Grace's) is set in the injustices of Age of Autism, where we and you have painfully learned people* can be insensitive arrogant jerks, schmucks, bullies, i.e. John Oliver who has proven to be all of the above and a NT. It is interesting that in the Age of Autism we now have a term for people off the spectrum called neurotypicals coined around 2004+/-. Not to get on a soap box, but if ASD has been around forever as the ill-informed like to claim, NT would have been minted decades ago. Dude, your obviously very smart! If you didn't have the sensory issues, would you find yourself pretty typical? Your journey and mentioning Peter Breggin again is 'typical' of so many who have learned the hard way the realities of psychotropic drugs, doctors and the medical industrial complex. It seems your experience could make you a great advocate for others. That might be something to investigate. Making a living at it, could be difficult, but the need is definitely there. Just my two cents, at the moment. Thanks for sharing.
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2017 on Autism and Arrests at AGE OF AUTISM
Anne you have assembled repeatedly these powerful indictments of our demise and every institution that should be in full battle-gear to address the cause appear to be paralyzed or in a stupor waiting for someone else to say--Wake the F*** Up and do something like ask the fundamental question, why. Bob Moffit, the NBC story on the Plunging Sperm Counts had this-- Dr.Shanna Swan, "It can't be genetic, its happening much to fast to be genetic changes, and so it has to be environmental. Autism (in about the same period of time) from 1-10,000 to 1-25 or 1-45 , its genetic based on research dollars looking for 'the gene'. Interesting that the video of Dr. Swan has her quote, but the transcript does not--just interesting.
Everyone that has posted is so spot on!!!!! On page 8 of this PDF is the bell curve shift of a 5-point change in IQ. In Harms Way talks about this;Harris Coulter wrote about this. It manifests itself in every aspect of our daily lives. Dan you mentioned, "both are challenged to think logically....", which I translate or boil down rightly or wrongly to 'common sense'.
John and Jackie--I hope your pen is mightier than the politics
Visitor--The opposition is on the left. It is where their arrogance and profound ignorance combine to produce overconfidence in their belief---typified in "I Love Science" slogans without any attempt to qualify or understand what their slogan means. Leah and David-- I don't know absolutely the age of all the members of Congress that voted to invade Iraq based on lies had the on-going horrific consequences in injuries and death, but whether its health care, vaccinations, gmos, or whose children, siblings or parents will be put in harms way, the same Congress is still voting on these matters. The Leahs, Davids, and Michaels don't matter to the industrial-complex forces that define the corporatocracy that currently define our country. One thing is for certain, we are in this battle for the long haul and soul of this country.
Hi Leah, that's in Florida isn't it? I bet you've heard that one before. I attended the 2000 Third International Conference on Vaccinations, sponsored by NVIC and held just across the Potomac from DC, as I recall. Besides Dr. Andrew Wakefield being honored, Congressman Dan Burton, R-from Indiana spoke. Of course he had skin in the game because of vaccination damage to his grandson. I was a democrat then. I remember asking NVIC's Kathi Williams, "Where are the Democrats", and Kathi responded, "There aren't any". Go figure. 2017, there still aren't any Democrats. Go figure, but thank God or Dan Olmstead or Kim, AOA and the Rebel Alliance. I stopped being a D some years ago, and been a Green when it made since and been Republican when I saw the need in an election. Next time I change voter registration I will officially declare party affiliation--Rebel Alliance-- which would likely encompass many who read AOA. I remember clearly when NPR became National Pharma Radio. I remember Dan's piece on NPR, "What Happened to My Beloved NPR?" No Leah, your boyfriend should not loose the health care he is receiving for cancer so the wealthy can acquire more wealth. I try to live simply so that others may simply live. Don't force me into the western medicine approach to health/health care or "the prevention aspects" embodied in the ACA or anything now that Congress is considering. Trust but verify, who said that, Ronald Reagan. I pretty much live by that.
Thanks to Bob Moffat to alerting me to this book a week or so ago. I have noted that there have been no book reviews or even a mention of the book from the left, at least that I can find. Brietbart had an excerpt and its clear the left just cannot handle the truth. National Pharma Radio had this the other day Its a study conducted by a marketing professor. There are multiple implications and applications that can be teased out. GREENE: Well, that's interesting. So there's a general laziness that can be a problem, but also this group factor comes in when you know someone else is there. You see them or you're on social media with them, you expect that they might do the fact checking. If you're alone, maybe you have to do it yourself. VEDANTAM: Precisely. Now, psychologists have sometimes talked about an effect known as the bystander effect where people in a group will sometimes hesitate to step forward and do something important because each person thinks someone else will step forward and do what's needed. But Johar found that was not the case here. People in groups simply seem to let their guard down.