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Kaplan is pursuing a policy akin to a shark mandating every child should become bait.
I hear lots of claims about safe or unsafe, lots of endorsements for the policy of fluoridation. What I would like to see is a written statement from a manufacturer that the consumer product they will sell to the city to add to the drinking water, will actually will, 1) reduce cavities and 2) is safe to consume every day, regardless of my age, health status for my entire life. Are the dime a dozen for unaccountable endorsements all that we are going get. Dorothy Hamill endorsed Vioxx, but Merck was held accountable. When is the burden of proof of safety and efficacy going to be placed where it rightfully belongs, on the manufacturer of "the product". Is that too much to ask?
As we know all-to-well, the bad guys are everywhere and deeply entrenched. It just reinforces the notion that the systems and institutions are fundamentally, systemically broken, corrupted and undeserving of any trust, or respect.
Benedetta said, "when are the American people going to wake up?" Benedetta, it would certainly help if you were the BBC- Benedetta Broadcasting Corporation.
Sebelius's 465 words reflect the real 'callous disregard'. There should be a new acronym for the Interagency Coordinating the Callous Disregard for the Autism Epidemic.
Szabo is mouthpiece. She is a mouth with out a brain. No heart, no soul, no integrity and certainly no journalist. Perhaps this image is appropriate for her:
Katie, great informative article. However, "the lack of trust American families have in 'our' infant....." It not ours anything;its 100% "theirs". The mess is theirs, the vaccine damage is theirs, the arrogance and ignorance is theirs. And when their policies have have caused such destruction to "our" children, of course, they want to blame parents or anyone but themselves.
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2012 on The Truth About Vaccine Safety at AGE OF AUTISM
Thank you Taximom5. I didn't know about the position of whaleto regarding the Holocaust. Thanks for doing this investigation. I never would have suspected. It just shows how vigilant we must be on everything. What we don't know can come back and bite us.
Kapoore-- The name you are trying to recall is Ignaz Semmelweis And yes, Semmelweis is looking at Wakefield et al, and saying "been there, done that."
Its hard to keep track, on who is the most callous, offensive, arrogant, asshole. Just when I want to address the current officeholder of that title, the next days news provides the new highest bidder for that position. They must be competing with one another.
The wheels are coming of Offit's trolley. His trolley is coming off the tracks. Inevitably, Paul Offit and Brian Deer will find themselves on the same island of the disgraced, or working for the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Reading this and so many other stories, its abundantly clear, that many of us are on journeys away from what we have been mislead to believe. For most of us, looking back is painful, looking forward, well, we have no other choice. Teresa, thank you for opening the door ever wider.
Frances Collins to Autism Coalition, "Don't bother me, I'm too busy pretending to do something." and for record, my boss, Kathleen Sebelius, "thinks I'm doing a great job pretending to do something." Have a nice day.
RT Contracting: The hospitals stopped giving the birth dose of hepB vaccine with thimerasol sometime in 2000. The rest of the hepB vaccines with thimerasol were never recalled and had expiration dates possibly into 2003. When is somebody going to throw these jokers of worthless research into the middle of ocean and then propose a study to see if Dukin Donuts make a suitable flotation device because they look like life rings.
Anne, the "YOU SUCK" should be a form letter sent to every pediatrician in the country and unless they can prove otherwise. Instead of Angie's List, it would be a You Suck list.
Toggle Commented May 16, 2012 on The Other 1% at AGE OF AUTISM
Cynthia, thanks for this well written article. Its just staggering to my mind, the aligned forces with their constant barrage, that certain autism truths, will not be allowed to be true.
John Stone, from your references to military industrial complex, its easy to see the birth of the autism industrial complex. Many others at AOA have written about the normalizing of ASD and invariably would lead to an industry. The forensics of this are in such plain site, and the media is integral and complicit. Industrial complexes are dependent on the interaction of government and industry. But with autism industrial complex, its being sold to the public by the media. I don't know if the military industrial complex, needed or used the media to that extent.
Sounds like "Iz" is already more qualified for a seat on the IACC. She could possibly help more present and future children than most of the genetic dead heads (no offense to the Grateful Dead fans) that currently occupy seats on that committee.
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2012 on Autism Awareness - Not For Sissies at AGE OF AUTISM
Patricia, Thank you for that link. Awesome presentation.
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2012 on Autism Awareness at AGE OF AUTISM
Brian Deer slithering... "There's not a single witch or wizard [or journalist] who went bad who wasn't in[to] Slytherin." —Ron Weasley to Harry Potter
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2012 on What Letter? at AGE OF AUTISM
In John Stone's recent piece regarding Prof. Walker-Smith Cleared....John said this, "[they]are some of the most disgusting and vile who have walked the earth." Its clear that more disgusting and vile ones, on this side of the Atlantic, have made the list.
I believe it was Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz who first commented that Gabby Giffords became responsive when her hospital room had the loudest voices. Twenty-five to thirty years ago, it was the conventional belief to keep brain injury or coma patients, less brain stimulated. Keep them in quiet, dark rooms with very little stimulation. Reaching and stimulating the brain requires all the senses we normally rely on to reach and stimulate the brain. Its also unlikely that a person who recovers from a vaccine train wreck will ever be allowed to receive recognition or acknowledgement in any government or institutional setting. What can not be; must not be
Toggle Commented Mar 7, 2012 on Gabby Giffords and Autism at AGE OF AUTISM
HEADLINES: More children are coming out of burning houses with 3rd degree burns. SCIENTISTS: We don't know why children are coming out of burning houses with 3rd degree burns, but it could be an interaction between the burning house and the fact the children are wearing inflammable fabrics. One promising theory is that if children weren't wearing inflammable fabrics, houses wouldn't catch fire. INDUSTRY: More inflammable building materials in the pipeline. INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATIONS: Better screening of children could prevent 3rd degree burns. GOVERNMENT: Industry given immunity for "unavoidably flammable" materials. PARENTS: More parents refusing to live in houses recklessly build out inflammable building materials.
I have been wondering for some time, how far this madness will go. Obviously, in their eyes, the need to censor is on the table; and to become more tyrannical. Vaccinations in the Pledge of Allegiance? I pledge allegiance, to the flag and all the vaccinations of America, and to the Republic for which it and Pharma stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and recommended (or mandated) vaccinations for all. Or, how about changing the motto on money? In Vaccinations We Trust I don't know if this is frightening or humorous.
Reading this and a couple of articles searched under "Wingfield Nevada Group Holding Company" it would appear that the Whittemores had tapped into some easy money, easily misspent. There were probably insufficient agreements/contracts or control. I'm going to assume there was some verbalized agreements/understandings which went south as well. Given the state Nevada's economy, the Seenos want some of their money back. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if there were also some shady dealings i.e. taxes, undeclared profits which will surface. Dr. Mikovits doesn't need this in her life. Its a distraction from what really matters.