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21 billboards in every city USA.
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Speaking in Pictures at AGE OF AUTISM
Cia, Bayareamom--I'm in the homeopathy club too. From this article is this quote, “It’s dangerous,” “It’s unapproved,” and “You cannot do this.” But what it all really came down to was what was quietly stated to me by one FDA agent when he admitted, “If your client’s [homeopathic] product had never been successful, then we never would have come after you.”
John and Fred--Paul Offit, Poul Thorsen, Coleen Boyle, Eric Fombonne, Frank DeStefano, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, Tanya Bhasin---"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." Obi-Wan Kenobi
Mr. Chopin--Does that mean there advocacy areas where you and Robert Kennedy Jr. would find common ground?
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2018 on The Changing Face of Vaccinology at AGE OF AUTISM
Aimee, Can you think of any "Big anything" that behaves as if it has a conscience? a quote by Ambrose Bierce that was (Wikipedia tells me) published in his book The Devil's Dictionary in 1906: "Corporation, n. An ingenious device for obtaining individual profit without individual responsibility."
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2018 on What Lies behind the Gun at AGE OF AUTISM
Wayne, regarding this statement: Noted again is the complete failure to follow a congressional mandate established in 1986 to conduct public awareness campaign about the NVICP. Every administration since 1986 - and every Secretary of HHS - has failed the American people regarding vaccine injury policy. I think it was former FDA commissioner David Kessler who was going around speaking to doctors groups "informing" them they were no longer could be held responsible for vaccine injuries after the vaccine act. Vaccinate with reckless abandon.
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2018 on Do as I say, Not as I Do at AGE OF AUTISM
John and David--The gate keepers won't let any independent scientists into the Vaccine Safety DATA Link (VSD), because there's DATA collected that has to guarded like its Ft. Knox. Data is just dots and last thing the medical industrial complex wants is for the public to have the ability to connect the dots, whether its SSRI's and shooting or the sacred unavoidably unsafe cow.
"The question is often asked how "ordinary people," "decent husbands and fathers" could have committed so many atrocities." Adriana--I have visited the Holocaust memorial in DC a couple of times and couple of items have always caught my attention. WHY was it so important to POINT OUT to visitors of the Holocaust memorial this fact: January 20, 1942 a meeting took place with the purpose of "coordinating a Final Solution to the European Jewish Question.” More than half of the 15 Nazi's present held doctoral degrees. Adolph Eichmann took minutes. - The Wannsee Conference, 1942 A Final Solution Why was it so important to mention that at least 8 of the 15 present were PhD's? Why was it so important to the understanding of the Holocaust that so many PhD's were the architects of the final solution? Is the Holocaust memorial suggesting there is something about PhD's that needs to be examined more carefully? Would the Holocaust Memorial have made a point if they all were butchers, bakers and candlestick makers? If "Never Again"; then what does this mean? And this: "We are recording the individual characteristics of every single member of the nation. We are proud that we can contribute to such a task that provides the physician of a German body politic with the material [the needs] for his examination, so that our physician can determine whether, from the standpoint of the nation's health, the data thus arrived at correlates in a harmonious, that is healthy, relationship--or whether diseased conditions must be cured by corrective interventions.... We have firm confidence in our physician and will follow his information blindly, for we know that he will lead our nation toward a great future. Heil to our German people and their leader!" Willy Heidinger Managing Director of DEHOMAG January 8, 1934 DEHOMAG--Deutsche Hollerith Maschineu Gesellschaft, A subsidiary of IBM since 1922. The Hollerith machine played an integral part in tracking, who was Jewish, who had Jewish features, who was gypsy, who had gypsy features, who was black, who had black features, who had diseased conditions, retardation, handicapped, neurological disorders, homosexual, genetic or congenital defects...................................................the ultimate victims of the Holocaust. Ultimately this was extremely "Data-Driven".
Mr. Chopin I'm going to respond to the broader implications of your question. There is plenty of evidence of harm or potential harm in areas Dara mentions. Currently the burden of proof of harm rests on consumers. Many of us believe in the precautionary principle where the burden of proof of safety resides on the manufacturer or those employing a particular technology. In many cases i.e. pesticides, vaccines etc. for example, there is more-than-sufficient evidence available showing the probability of harm, and we should be precautious rather than waiting for the inevitable onslaught of previously unrecognized or dismissed adverse effects. I suppose its a matter of perspective which comes with a certain amount of acquired wisdom from experience. My two cents.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2018 on What Lies behind the Gun at AGE OF AUTISM
Bob Moffit's comments over the many years amount to his resume to head the CDC, not this Redherring we are once again stuck with.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2018 on What Lies behind the Gun at AGE OF AUTISM
I haven't been able to read the study, so maybe there is a broader discussion of their findings, so my comments are of limited value. So regarding ARI's, from Vikaspedia (whatever that is): Acute respiratory infection (ARI) is a serious infection that prevents normal breathing function. It usually begins as a viral infection in the nose, trachea (windpipe), or lungs. ... Also, acute respiratory infections are infectious, which means they can spread from one person to another. The disease is quite widespread........... Complications of Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) are extremely serious and can result in permanent damage and even death. They include: respiratory arrest respiratory failure congestive heart failure So there is increased risk post-vaccination for vaccinated children but not for children who are unvaccinated. Hmm. My question is what form of recommended counseling is likely to occur in a clinical or pharmaceutical setting? I think the doctor-patient counseling with an observant parent who has seen this outcome over several seasons would likely take this form. DOCTOR: "Yes Mr. and Mrs. Jones, the CDC and vaccine manufacturers are aware of these temporal findings and out of the abundance of concern we are developing a new improved flu vaccine which combines flu vaccinations with 3 other antigens for the most common ARI pathogens to further protect your child." MR. and MRS. JONES: Yes doctor, what if we didn't do the flu vaccine for our children thus diminishing the increased risk to ARI's DOCTOR: That would be irrational, and quite unscientific and such behavior would likely result in reporting you to child protective services. You would also be dismissed from my practice.
Question: Is the DPT given in India and other locations the whole cell with 3,000 antigen units and mercury?
Fiona, I know PhD's who don't get it. I've heard that PhD stands for "piled higher and deeper.
David I got a laugh out of that as well. They know how to pick them fightin words with the intended purpose to demean, stigmatize, marginalize, ridicule, humiliate, etc. I was once susceptible to believing that injecting mercury into children made you healthy. I was once susceptible to believing there were WMD's in Iraq because the media kept repeating it over and over. I was once susceptible to believing in the safety and efficacy of Vioxx. I mean every night during the TV news Dorothy Hamil skating across the ice you have to believe in it, don't you? If it's on TV you have to believe it, right? In fact there are about 60,000 people who were so susceptible to Vioxx, they're dead? I was once susceptible, but homeopathy cured my susceptibility. But here's a question if the Brady Bunch measles episode where shown on TV right now, would the American Academy of Pediatrics be up in arms, have their panties in knot because its anti-vaccination and linked to Wakefield's discredited research? Would they write a TV station demanding the show not be aired because it clearly represents anti-science beliefs? Just a few more Monday morning chuckles with your coffee, hoping we are all still susceptible to humor. Fred, don't get your panties in a knot as well. I know your come-back. You can laugh too.
Praying that the care coordinator will bring something to the table that will be tangible and give Ronan and your family a break from such god awful seizures. You, Ronan and your family stand tall in the face of such challenges.
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2018 on Coordinated Care at AGE OF AUTISM
OK Fred So you get your healthy child vaccinated with lets say the DPT, and within hours high pitched screaming, temp above 103, eyes roll back in their sockets, hypotonic-hyporesponsive episodes, seizures. Obviously Fred, your child has had a systemic reaction to what was injected into them because the vaccination and the toxic ingredients by-passed all the eons of immunologic development where fever and other immunologic responses are what is natural, essential to how we have evolved to fight pathogens. Come on Fred, try to be smarter than a fever to concoct such a ridiculous statement. Our immune system and its immunologic responses are pretty incredible unless undermined by vaccinations.
Rules of Engagement: (John please take note) Mr. Chopin--I think there was a reasonable question first posed by you, "They couldn't have done anything wrong could they? (I mean apart from not using controls in their "nanocontamination" research)." OK, fair enough, lets ask Gati and Montanari. Is this something (lack of controls) you would have time to pursue in the interest of science and report back? Secondly, Grace Green made this point to you--"Fred, if they were in the wrong the evidence would speak for itself, so why would it need to be removed by the police?" Doesn't this seem extraordinarily odd to you that research would be seized? Lastly, John Stone spoke to you with this comment, "Why are you so sensitive when you generally come on here to insult people yourself, and you of course are not the remotest bit concerned with the legion shortcomings of the official science." Yes, it appears you are not the remotest bit concerned with the legion of shortcomings with the official science and policies underpinning what is injected into children and adults? There are some basic Rules of Engagement and above questions highlight what I believe you conveniently ignore. You are not alone. Mainstream media, the medical industrial complex conveniently ignore decades of inconvenient truths. Inconvenient truths that readers and commenters at AoA know all to well--painfully, depressingly well. Mr. Chopin, these are Rules of Engagement at AoA that I am suggesting for you : Age of Autism is an upper level course in the 200-400+ university hierarchy of courses. There is vaccination 101 short course prerequisite you are required to take for your comments and questions to contribute to their ultimate benefit of AoA readers. At the World Mercury Project is a 7-part series that was written by Vera Sharav. This series is a glimpse into the "legions of scientific shortcomings, (that most open-minded scientists and average consumers would call fraud and scientific misconduct) that John Stone's comment posed to you. Finally, perhaps I am just thin-skinned, but I find the pejorative term anti-vaccine hurtful, because many times its accompanied by anti-science, flat-earthers, tin-foil hat wears thrown at people like us to purposefully ridicule, demean, insult, dismiss, marginalize, humiliate, our AoA collective family experience. So yes, I cry from the hurt and this on-going catastrophe and my loved ones see the grief, pain and my righteous anger that the Fred Chopin' s cannot or will-not grasp; but our children see us in pain and possess enough empathy to feel the ridicule and hurt as well. Mr. Chopin, I'm asking you to dig deeper, that's all.
Peter Hotez is angry just like so many parents who have learned the hard way that vaccines do carry the risk of the kind of damage he see's in his daughter Rachel. His anger is misdirected. He needs to direct his anger and energy at those institutions who have betrayed the public's trust. He has turned his back on his vaccine-damaged daughter and thousands of other children to continue down the only road he knows.
"sheer aggression"-- military tactics similar to scorched-earth policy.
Bob, of course, I don't need to tell you this, but the media's job is not to inform, but to make us conform. They are functioning exactly as intended.
Shelley, NBC News in one of their nightly get the flu shot commercials, mentioned that pharma needed to sell their product. They've been running that commercial for weeks now.
Her life experience has given her great wisdom beyond her years. It will serve her and all the things she cares about, forever. Fiona is an inspiration of hope.
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2018 on When the Siblings Speak at AGE OF AUTISM
If I needed an emetic or a purgative, then I might take a Gorksi, but otherwise not needed here.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2018 on Old School Trolling is Back at AGE OF AUTISM
How many deaths might be attributed to inappropriate medication, vaccines weakening overall resistance, antivirals, tylenol and NSAIDs? Careful John, that line of questioning could get you labeled anti-everything. Also in the mice studies this is contrary to my understanding of probiotics " Mice that received heat-killed lactic acid bacteria (DK128) prior to infection had about 18 times less influenza virus in their lungs compared to control mice." I thought the point of probiotics was the fact that it was a live bacteria?
Sometime ago someone or something I read mentioned that we are most convincing within our sphere of influence which in a typical community is about 150 people. The further you get outside of that sphere your influence is diminished geometrically. Of course Cathy, your sphere is much, much larger, Thank God. Maybe you have already done this, but here's an idea: Have some business cards printed up with your name, and the next time you "overhear", approach that person with, "Forgive me, I couldn't help overhearing your conversation, and my name is Cathy Jameson and I write a weekly column for AOA" and briefly tell them your experience and invite them to read some of your columns and give them your card. You've done all you can do at that point and you can have peace mind. On the back of your card have some bullet points. A 4-foot by 6-foot business card ought to do the trick.
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2018 on Overheard at AGE OF AUTISM