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@ Curt From the 1950 Merck manual on Diseases: Prognosis Measles usually is a benign infection with a low mortality rate and one attack apparently confers lifelong immunity. However, the disease ma 3 ^ be followed, particularly in infants, by bronchopneumonia and other bacterial infections which may be fatal. Postmeaslcs encephalitis, which also may be fatal, occurs only about once in 1,200 to 1,500 cas Benign doesn't imply innocuous. Most parents I know who have elected by informed consent to decline the MMR vaccine, have an alternative medical philosophy in place on how they would support a child's immune system, as they succumb to measles and other infections. Curt, I'm guessing that you have read enough of the Age of Autism articles to understand where commenters and readers of Age of Autism are coming from. We see a host of problems where vaccination policies trump science. For many of us we see vaccination philosophy having more in common with a religion than science. So I'm curious what 3 things you might institute on the federal policy level which might enlighten this controversy in a way which serves everyone who want healthy children to grow up and become healthy adults. I for one would like to see vaccine safety totally removed from the CDC and assigned to a totally and absolutely independent body. Let the CDC focus on promotion. Would you not agree with that as reasonable step in the right direction? Thanks, in advance for your response.
In addition to lesions, its also where the original Verstraeten data sets are hidden.
Keep your eyes on the prize.
This death is indeed a tragedy, but I'm pretty sure Curt Watkins point is its better to experience measles and other routine childhood diseases when we are children. That's why they are called childhood diseases. Fewer complications on average. Build long lasting permanent immunity as opposed to questionable incomplete immunity from a vaccination. Good Point Curt!
@KWS You, at least I do wonder how much truth people can handle at one time. Some years ago I was explaining to this one person "facts" about the chemicals used for fluoridation and in about 5 minutes of non-stop facts, no emotion, just facts, literally made this person sick. It was just the information he had never heard. That experience has lead me to deliver such disturbing information that we have in our possession in homeopathic doses. A third of the people will insist on remaining in denial---forever. Another third, already are uneasy, but holding on to some shred of belief. There is a third that when the shit hits the fan, will be ready.
"public health who can't explain" yes but refuses to acknowledge the catastrophe of our times. Its business as usual to ignore the iatrogenic asteroid that has hit the US. @andrew & KWS If you haven't viewed the entire The Truth About Vaccines, I would recommend it. See if when you start your journey through the 7 episodes if you end up somewhere different than you might have expected.
The good doctor's condition is called, "wet behind the ears". There's probably an ICD code for that pediatrician, not pediatric, pediatrician condition. Likely he is still nursing.
Amazing that the world's greatest religions are being co-opted that to be accepted as a good practicing Catholic or Jew, you must believe in another religion called vaccinations. Whats next you have to believe in the religion called fluoridation?
@ Jeff Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few--Winston Churchill Hopefully someday you and your daughter will wear the medals of valor for courageously distinguishing themselves in the face of incredible odds, you stood your ground, never cowered;never retreated. Thank you Jeff!
@pharma for prison &KWS: Pharma for Prison certainly, but we wouldn't want them to get lonely. Don't you think out of deep compassion, we should include mainstream corporate pharma media journalist for prison? NPR, Forbes, ABC, WAPO, Slate, NYT, Boston Herald, CBS, CNN, HuFF Po, Mother Jones, Daily KOS, to name a few. And how could we not include Jimmy Kimmel for entertainment and, and this would be just what the doctor ordered;give them access to the documentaries they have never, never, never, never, watched like Trace Amounts, Vaxxed, The Greater Good. Oh dear me, I'm being negligent. Have to think of their health and well-being. Can't be remiss. What if they need a doctor; shouldn't they have the AMA, AAP in a cell down the hall. Oy vey, I'm so verklempt, so much to think about. What would all of these people do with out their beloved CDC? Shouldn't Colleen Boyle, Frank DeStafano, Tanya Karapurkar Bhasin, William W. Thompson, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp be in the same cell-block? Actually we might have to find another location for Thompson, we know how those felonious, criminal, cherry picking, statistical manipulating types tolerate snitches. And, to avoid the high rates of recidivism in this cohort, reading material would be encouraged, provided like Suzanne Humphries--Dislolving Illusions, and books by Neil Z. Miller, and Cynthia Cournoyer to name just so very, very few. Don't you think this would do the world, a world of good? Oh Bill and Melinda, didn't mean not include you, there were just so many. Even though its starting to feel a bit crowded, just find a spot--you'll fit right in. There's one missing and likely to be in hiding--Paul Offit.
Toggle Commented May 13, 2017 on Pro Vax Manifesto at AGE OF AUTISM
Drugs and vaccines need to be tested on those who prescribe them. If the government mandates a vaccine, it needs to tested on those who regulate, administer, evaluate or anyone involved in the supply chain. If it is a vaccine targeting pregnant women, fetuses, infants or children under age 6, it needs to tested on those closest to the production of the vaccine and not as controls.
I agree with David Burd, but I'm also in agreement with Jeremy. Its time to do the real studies conducted in the way the Jeremy wants. Its time be just like Paul Thorsen, go Danish* I say. Distort, mislead, get published in some junk tobacco science journal; launder money, commit wire fraud, become a wanted fugitive under criminal indictment and still work for the CDC. That's the real science of vaccinations exactly the kind of science Jeremy believes in. And of course we've got the CDC Verstraeten-Thimerasol studies "thick with motive". Isn't that the hallmark of good vaccination science. 187.5 mcg's of injecteded ethyl-mercury makes a pretty thick motive and thick with motive is the guiding principle of every study the CDC produces. Centers for Disease Control--We're thick with motive and don't you question our motives. One of our thick motives is restrict access to the VSD and force others to use methodologies which should only be used for pilot studies. Yes Jeremy go Danish* and fly the CDC friendly skies you believe in. *Danish refers to the pastry with cream cheese.
Harrison Garret reeks of Brian Deer. No Edward R. Murrow award in his future.
Deliberate Ignorance: Minnesota Measles' Shitty Reporting is Contagious is more accurate
Should be a billboard or on the Goodyear blimp.
Paul Offit's advice to get parents to swallow "hook, line and sinker" for all things vaccine, in spite of evidence to the contrary.
Jessica Warner still managed to get things wrong in claiming--"Thompson became suspected of omitting data linking vaccines and autism in black children from the published CDC study." Thompson blew the whistle of the scientific fraud and the felony misconduct of his co-authors. Dan would give her a C-. An alternate theory is that they are setting up Thompson to take the fall.
Hans Litten--I followed one of your links and found this: to the current "age of degenerative and man-made diseases". I guess they were thinking of autism and other neurological vaccine/man-made diseases.
Benedetta, That says it all--A Twisted Up Knot of Lies. [and the many liars]
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2017 on Dan Olmsted: Columbo, Hero, Friend at AGE OF AUTISM
Clearly, three paragraphs represent science;one paragraph represents religion.
Gary--I think some enlightened gastroenterologists would appreciate the wisdom in your question. Well said!
Crickets in congress too.
I would like to see a full transcript of the Press Conference yesterday. I thought all that spoke were quite eloquent and hit balls out of the ball park. I really don't know how this will play out, in the current political climate and the profound distrust in every institution of this country. The media and the powers-that-be are running on fumes, and I think they know it. And in the words of Crosby and Stills from 1969--They are "scared shitless"
Linda 1 "but I wonder what informed consent would look like at this point in time." Short answer to have been reading AoA from the beginning or any of books mentioned @ AoA. Informed Consent for vaccinations takes discipline and a lot of reading. Then you would have Informed non-consent to the CDC's approach to vaccinations.
Grapes of Wrath - I'll Be There Speech Tom Joad Like in the Grapes of Wrath, in stead of the cops, its the Government/media beating up the truth, beating up the little guy--us. Dan will be there too.