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In addition to what Cynthia Cournoyer's comment, "they" would really like to reduce the unvaccinated population so that those healthy people out there won't exist anymore.
They (and you know who they is) would extol a stinking pile of horseshit if it was pro-vaccine.
Thank you Dr. Wakefield. You are the model and posses exactly what is lacking in science, journalism and government --integrity, courage and the conviction to stand up for what is right and just. As a secondary note, Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward, epitomizes anti-science, hubris and arrogance. She will be but speck of dust in history and will be remembered as a dishonest, hypocritical coward.
Forget Feinstein, she's got her head so far up her ass, that facts don't matter.
I can no longer in good conscience say the pledge of allegiance. That America is no longer about truth, justice, freedom, liberty, and equality. My allegiance is to the principles of honesty and integrity. Isn't this what they really want, "I pledge allegiance to the vaccinations of the United States of America...."
I don't know where such human cruelty comes from. Perhaps there is a previously unrecognized syndrome appropriately named "Kimmel Cruelty" named for a pathology which stems from some mental defect which allows some people to entertain, yet the inability to entertain the grief of others. Yes, a new diagnostic condition for the DSM-V. "Kimmel Cruelty" can be associated in early stages as cruelty and mistreatment of animals, bullying, demeaning, lack of empathy, and nighttime drooling especially when disparaging others who are less fortunate.
does anyone know whether any of the Italian court documents have been translated into English?
Bob Moffit, what about doctors in the late 40's and 50's telling mothers that breast feeding is "so third worldish" and that formula is superior to breast milk. And on top of that, telling mothers that were breast feeding, not to breast feed their children after the oral polio vaccine, because breast milk has enzymes which can neutralize the polio virus by up to 90%. "Cured yesterday of my disease, I died last night of my physician"--Matthew Prior
Teresa, you and so many parents at AoA deserve the "Courage in Life" award. I have learned so much from your writing and experience. AoA is the only place I go anymore that matters. I know I have a heart because its breaking. I think the tin man said that.
Everyone in Washington in government, in the corporate media, wherever, is afraid of these questions which why they go to great lengths to not ask them. They are more afraid of asking the questions than they are of hearing sworn-under-oath answers. As has been said elsewhere "if you don't ask the right questions, the answers are irrelevant".
The Shame of US Journalism. This is a essay on the Bill Moyer's website regarding the current media frenzy over NBC'c Brian Williams helicopter story Its an article about the Shame of US Journalism. Change the wording appropriately to vaccinations etc and the cheerleading for launching war on the truth about vaccinations. Recall that Bill Moyer's himself went into denial when vaccinations were the topic of one of his shows a few years ago. THE SHAME OF US JOURNALISM............... Given that Williams works for NBC, his participation in the construction of a piece of fiction during the US invasion and occupation of Iraq is apt. US network news, together with outlets such as CNN, aggressively cheer-led an invasion predicated on a massive falsehood: the Iraqi possession of WMD. What is jarring, however, is the fact that Williams’ sad attempt to inject himself into the fabric of the violence is getting more ink and airplay than the non-existence of WMD did back in the early-to-mid 2000s: a lie that provided the justification for a military action that has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. From embedded journalists to ultra-militaristic news logos and music, US television news media were more than willing to throw gas on the invasion fire. “Experts” in the studio were invariably ex-generals looking to pad their pensions, while anti-war activists (who spoke for sizable portions of the US and UK populations back in 2003) were avoided like the plague. After all, what news organization wants to be tarred with the “peace” brush when flag-waiving jingoism sells so incredibly well? The one-sidedness of coverage, particularly in the US, bordered on the morally criminal. Despite some limited soul-searching by journalists a decade after 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq about the abject failure of the US news to engage, in a truly critical fashion, with the falsehoods peddled by the Bush administration, the current focus on an inane untruth told by one celebrity news anchor has overshadowed the bigger picture about the US media and Iraq. And I don’t think that’s a coincidence.
One of the early investigations done on the DPT and the horrific reactions which accompanied its use, was actually aired on TV. Don't remember the station, but around 1996(?) It was revealed that the FDA through VAERS could "give you" the numerator, but "could not", "would not" give you the denominator. The reason being that the size of the lot (denominator) was proprietary information owned by the drug companies. A numerator without the denominator and just WHO is anti-science? And they wonder why we are so skeptical.
Kristina: I think Dan and all those who contribute to Age of Autism have already saved thousands of children from harm.
The fundamental truth regarding vaccinations--One size does not fit all. Some kids appear to handle thimerasol and others clearly do not. That point we certainly understand. Lopez maybe would get it with a slow, careful explanation of the science. However, Anderson Cooper just needs more vaccinations, no antigens, just the weight adjusted doses of thimerasol and then he might begin to see the light. Throw in some aluminum too and now we have a real guinea pig, kind of like our children. Looks like vaccination science and policy to me.
Toggle Commented Feb 6, 2015 on Vox Interviews Olmsted on Vax at AGE OF AUTISM
Years ago when there was only the polio, DPT, and MMR, a doctor said and I'm paraphrasing--if you removed all the children who could possibly react to the DPT, there would be no mass vaccination program. Hence the "one size fits all".
John said, "These journalists would make good Nazis." And we who bare witness, are the Jews.
Kaplan is pursuing a policy akin to a shark mandating every child should become bait.
I hear lots of claims about safe or unsafe, lots of endorsements for the policy of fluoridation. What I would like to see is a written statement from a manufacturer that the consumer product they will sell to the city to add to the drinking water, will actually will, 1) reduce cavities and 2) is safe to consume every day, regardless of my age, health status for my entire life. Are the dime a dozen for unaccountable endorsements all that we are going get. Dorothy Hamill endorsed Vioxx, but Merck was held accountable. When is the burden of proof of safety and efficacy going to be placed where it rightfully belongs, on the manufacturer of "the product". Is that too much to ask?
As we know all-to-well, the bad guys are everywhere and deeply entrenched. It just reinforces the notion that the systems and institutions are fundamentally, systemically broken, corrupted and undeserving of any trust, or respect.
Benedetta said, "when are the American people going to wake up?" Benedetta, it would certainly help if you were the BBC- Benedetta Broadcasting Corporation.
Sebelius's 465 words reflect the real 'callous disregard'. There should be a new acronym for the Interagency Coordinating the Callous Disregard for the Autism Epidemic.
Szabo is mouthpiece. She is a mouth with out a brain. No heart, no soul, no integrity and certainly no journalist. Perhaps this image is appropriate for her:
Katie, great informative article. However, "the lack of trust American families have in 'our' infant....." It not ours anything;its 100% "theirs". The mess is theirs, the vaccine damage is theirs, the arrogance and ignorance is theirs. And when their policies have have caused such destruction to "our" children, of course, they want to blame parents or anyone but themselves.
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2012 on The Truth About Vaccine Safety at AGE OF AUTISM
Thank you Taximom5. I didn't know about the position of whaleto regarding the Holocaust. Thanks for doing this investigation. I never would have suspected. It just shows how vigilant we must be on everything. What we don't know can come back and bite us.
Kapoore-- The name you are trying to recall is Ignaz Semmelweis And yes, Semmelweis is looking at Wakefield et al, and saying "been there, done that."