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I remain unable to bring myself to write more tonight, the feeling of dread overcoming me.. I do not feel "normal" Continue reading
*****once again, if this is your first time here scroll to post #1 for the real story***** It's Saturday night, I just published last night's writing..I was going to start on the next chapter in my life with a roommate who abused more drugs than I did but tonight I... Continue reading
There is a large stigma involving any type of drug addict, people assume because that individual is chemically dependant that they are automatically a thief, liar, only looking out for themselves, jobless or on welfare, and in general just a bad person. While I have often lied through my teeth,... Continue reading
To all first time visitors: Seeings how am writing this whole thing from my Iphone (because the truth is I traded my cpu rig for pills a long time ago - sorry) I can't properly manage my story's locations on the site for first time viewers yet, so I have... Continue reading
The euphoria, comprehensive alleviation of distress and therefore all aspects of suffering, promotion of sociability and empathy, "body high", and anxiolysis provided by narcotic drugs including the opioids can cause the use of high doses in the absence of pain for a protracted period, which can impart a morbid craving... Continue reading
****If this is your first time here and you'd like to start at the beginning of my story please scroll to the first post****** Oxycodone - Although it is a semi-synthetic opioid that is closer to codeine in chemical structure and shares much of the same basic opioid effects that... Continue reading
**** A disclaimer before I begin: While I am writing mainly for me, this is also a confession to the best of my friends about the life I have led the past 7 years. Some of what you read here may be shocking for some of you as I have... Continue reading
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Dec 15, 2011