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Bob Grush
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It makes sense if the best player on the board is a center. It is possible to maybe even trade back, pick up picks and still improve the the way, weakness is not sharing ideas, it is the attacking of ideas because you are weak...fact, nobody on this board knows...
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If OG positions were so easy to fill many teams would not be in need of them...I have read where an OG/C that has the ability to pull has more importance then a RT in the kind of system Miami wants to run. last year by the end of the season, the highest rated rookie OL by PFF was Travis Frederick, a center with a 13.2 grade drafted 31st....just say-in
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Well Jimmy, I think it does not matter what Ross does, most fans that blog will attack his decisions. How easy we forget as fans the years since coach Johnson left how bad the drafts were until Ireland showed up. Even when Ireland was under the Tuna he had a say. IMO Coach Tony had a problem making half time adjustments and that in a large part cost him his job. No matter who Ross hires, it is my hope that he is a great game planner and manager. If he can do that everybody on the team will look better.
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I remember all the cries on here that miami should trade its future for another teams retread QB, what Ireland has done is add the #1 FA QB of 2011 at a cost of zero draft picks. Ireland has the ability to ignore this fan base and do what is right with adding players (every GM makes some mistakes, He is a rising star, Ross is playing this right IMO....With Moore as QB miami makes a major run at the playoffs in 2012, the question is what kind of talent needs to be added to push NE
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Ireland has added a lot of talent from a team that went 1-15, you would have to go all the way back to jimmy johnson to find someone who even comes close....keep Ireland, so we can continue to have good drafts and find a coach that knows how to make adjustments at half time.
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Jan 4, 2012