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The relocation is not beneficial for the company nor the employees. I know several employees who have already resigned due to this announcement, and several more who are on the way. Most of them have walked out without notice, so how is it beneficial to any company to have their employees walking out on them while they are in the middle of important projects that need to be done by a certain time frame. If the projects are not complete, it will cost Christus millions of dollars, and they will more than likely not be completed due to the staff needed to complete them resigning due to the relocation. As far is it being beneficial to the employees.......well, they would not quit their jobs, if it was beneficial to them would they? So ask yourself this, how is this move beneficial to anyone other than the CEO of the company? Ernie Sadau, if I were you, I would be looking for another company to go and run because after you get finish destroying this one, they are going to get rid of you.
Cristus does not have one hospital in the Arlington area. There are about 2000 people who are going to be out of work because they cannot relocate due to the recent purchases of homes in the area that they are in, their spouses that own their own business in the area that they are in, or worst of all, the illiness of a spouse prevents them from relocating. This company is supposed to be founded on Catholic principals, and one Catholic Principal is God first, family second. How does causing people to decide to keep their job or keep their family following these principals, not to mention the patients who are in the Houston and San Antonio areas who depend on these people that are FORCED! to move 6 and a half hours away from the hospitals that take care of the patients? In my honest opinion, it is because the CEO of the company Ernie Sadu just so happens to live in the Dallas area and he did not want to relocate anywhere, but let us stick to the facts, He lives in the Dallas area. So when you say that Cristus is going to bring hundreds of jobs to Arlington, you have to understand that in South Texas there are a min of 2000 jobs that are being lost due to their decission. When it comes to medical care, are you going to trust someone who just got hired on, or the ones that have been handling everything for this company for over 15 to 20 years here in South Texas? This company still has to buy a building to house the new cooperate office on top of spending more money to relocate everyone in Houston and San Antonio, plus if only 50 percent decided to relocate, which is a very small percentage, then Cristus would have to spend more money to higher and train new employees. The other way around, the company would have to spend a lot of money in relocation assistance to the people who do decide to relocate. Im sure if there wasnt any relocation assistance at all, that no one would relocate. Would you relocate about 6 hours away without any assistance? Then the money that you have to pay people in severence packages due to the relocation. My question is, do you think Ernie figured all that out when he said he was going to save the company 60 million dollars? He also has to make sure that everyone has a new work space in the new building since you can no longer work from your home anymore which will even cost more money. How are you going to boost the service you provide if you are hundreds of miles away from ALL of the patients?
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Feb 10, 2012