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James, Sorry, I did miss those comments. Yes, after installing OS X, I removed a whole bunch of language/printer and other items. I don't remember the exact programs I used, but I'm sure you can find them, they were pretty easy to find. After that I was able to shrink the partition some more.
James, If you type "chmod +x /usr/bin/" without quotes and if that is the path you put the file, then that will make it executable.
Joe, I hope I'm replying to you. This is kinda hard from a phone. Anyways we have an updated diagram that will be getting posted soon. I'll try to get to your other questions when I'm back in front of an actual computer as well.
I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't work with the ATTiny85. It might need some changes in timing but it should still be possible.
I was actually able to screw it into the plastic tip of the marker. I created the thread as I screwed it in, so it worked out perfectly. :)
I'm using a higher voltage battery. It's the A23 which is rated at 12v. I was also able to use a 6v in place of the 12v, but I forget the model of it. If I remember it I'll be sure to post it here.
Kenshin, Thanks for going though the guide and letting me know what did and did not work. 1. Thanks, I did this on my new MacBook Air 2012 and was able to use the Apple tool. Which I didn't realize only worked on the newer ones. 2. I'll change the guide to make sure people set a password on that account first. 3. You could have better luck using the command line. If you type "diskutil list" it will show your partitions. From there if your trap partition was "disk0s4", you can type "diskutil resizeVolume disk0s4 -5gb" and reduce the size by 5gb. I've gotten mine down to just around 7gb. You may have issues if you already encrypted your main partition. 4. Thanks. I could of sworn it didn't need the .plist in the command but I confirmed that it does indeed need the full filename. Thanks again!
Kenshin, That is odd, it should allow you to remove a user if you're logged in like that. You can delete the old user using a similar command to the way you created your hidden account. dscl . delete /groups/admin GroupMembership ORIGINAL_ADMIN dscl . delete /groups/ORIGINAL_ADMIN GroupMembership ORIGINAL_ADMIN dscl . delete /users/ORIGINAL_ADMIN Make sure you are running in root on terminal by first running "su HIDDEN_ADMIN" and then "sudo su".
Kenshin, You're right a step was missing. Run this command to add your user to the Administrator group. dscl . append /Groups/admin GroupMembership YOUR_USER_NAME I'll get this updated in the actually post soon. Thanks for letting me know!
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Jun 27, 2012