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Adin Aronson
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I used Windows 8 for awhile and found it horrendous on the desktop and am surprised Jeff is so excited about it. 1. Why would I prefer a single tasking environment (only one window, or at best a window and a narrow sliver of another window on my screen) to a multi tasking environment. Even if I usually work with a maximized window I still need to view a few windows next to each other every now and then. 2. Why get rid of the task bar? Why should I have to take action to view running apps in order switch between them or to view a list of tabs in IE? I mean I have large screen on my desk with plenty of room for this. I'd rather just click on the "other" app in the task bar, then start swiping all over the place to find it. 3. Similar to the above, but why is it better to not see the clock,volume,network status... at all times at the bottom of the screen? Why should I go the home screen to see the time? or wifi status? 4. You can ONLY install Metro apps from the app store. no side loading. I know how much you hate Apple's control over iOS apps. You wrote "Kind of absurdly scarily ascendant, actually" about Apple. Well, now you can have the same absurd scary control from MS. So, in Windows 9, when they get rid of the "legacy" desktop, you can forget about doing what you want on your PC. Only what MS wants (Or Apple on your iOS) Windows 8 feels claustrophobic and barren. I want more information at my fingertips, not less!
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2012 on Betting the Company on Windows 8 at Coding Horror
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Jul 10, 2012