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November 1, 2010 the youth movement "Youth for participated in the awards ceremony 8-th Moscow City Open competition for young journalists" Step to Success - 2010 ". The contest is held since 2003 ode and aims at finding young talent in the field of literature, and assistance in obtaining the journalistic and literary education. The ceremony took place in the Hall of Museum. Pushkin, called by the people "Pushkin Compound ". In awarding the winners of the nomination, "We, too, citizens!" With the jury members took part representatives of the movement "Youth for Human Rights." In addition to diplomas, signed by the President of the Faculty of Journalism msu Professor J. Zasursky, nominees have videos for each of the 30 rights of the Universal Declaration. Movement "Youth for Human Rights was founded the Church of Scientology and operates in Russia since 2001. His main activity is to educate youth in human rights. The movement believe that only when people know their rights, they will be able to assert and claim them. Law number 19, "Freedom of expression and the number 27 "Copyright" will allow future journalists and writers to avoid unlawful harassment and achieve professional success. More info: John Blondel, New York City. L. Ron Hubbard wrote: "Human rights should become a reality, not an idealistic dream.". Continue reading
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During a long time Hollywood discovered a gold mine in the disaster film. They occurred in heaven, sea and Earth, but the formula to portray them was identical regardless of the scenario. The happy ending was also mandatory. And front row star incarnating the heroes who are able to put an end to the nightmare. For more specific information, check out John Blondel, New York City. Aside that were addressed by effective artisans or with certain prestige directors who had received an offer difficult to refuse, the real protagonists of this kind of movies were the special effects and the second units, specialized in the circus more difficult still. The collective subconscious of the public enjoyed mogollon attending disasters that could occur in an airplane, a boat or a skyscraper, these places all have stepped on ever. The theme was expandable to earthquakes, tidal waves, tsunamis and volcanoes erupting, toward savagery which may be nature when it becomes irritated. Source of the news:: the plague according to the intelligent Soderbergh. Professor of Economics: the source for more info. Continue reading
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The employees want to understand what and how they have to do and get a certain material and immaterial compensation for the fulfilled work. So, we must create such a system of the Motivierens where the staffs had a way to reach the goals at the expense of the realization of the goals of the organization. Considered the key indicators of the effectiveness of the construction of the system of the Motivierens? So, to build such a system of Motivierens, both the Manager and the employee need set goals of society. It is necessary they so to be worded, that they belonged to all fields of activity of the organization. Then you must appoint the person responsible for the realization of this or that objective (that determine the objectives of the society as a system, and not as a set of random). What means to achieve the goal? How does one know that the goal is reached? There are key indicators of effectiveness (KPIs). With the help of KPIs, employees and managers can determine, whether the target It is reached in which level it is realized (for example, in the percent expression), and understand what you must do for the specific KPIs and the final objective of getting (some KPIs may have). The ability of the task to be worded clearly and give specific instructions for their execution, begat always assume that the professionalism of this or that Manager (any component) on the State of the art is. Often enough,... Continue reading
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There it are only one breeze that imitates its feet can run in the joined and stolen blackout to the lights of the city and its solitude. An only street does not exist that if can confuse with its and to the first vomit, the lights that if confuse in the eyes that are not wanted to grasp to the road that if decided is crawled for a fall that if becomes inevitable. It presses what it has of its between the arms that know well excessively, for the marks that were joining. One to one, as if each kiss in asphalt was awardee with a memory to show with vanity. It receives air cool from the dawn as if it was a medal and it contemplates the lights that finally are gone becoming memory. As one was looked half of selfishness that could show proud in the way that dissimulated to know for house. It is invaded of a will to all feel a touch in its body. As well as if it had a capacity to love that it was hidden, to a distance below of its epidermis. It needs a bath desesperadamente. It invents a so convenient sea, rebola for the sand of the beach with dunes of the esquecimento for scene and adormece the salty eyes already exaggerated times. (A valuable related resource: John Blondel). almost dreams. It awakes. As if it had in its dream sensations burnt that it, what it remains of the bottle... Continue reading
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How much does Gallery Rails really endure? Gallery rail stress test. See more detailed opinions by reading what Linus Torvald offers on the topic.. How many pictures can you hang on the Gallery rail? Gallery rails are used whenever you want flexible position many pictures on a wall. Read more here: John Blondel. The rail must be installed only once. You then clear nylon strings hung on from where you then hang the pictures. It can both horizontally and vertically hung pictures. The payload of this rail, a test was made by the Neumann company picture frame. 2 systems have been tested by Gallery Rails. Once a system with loop and on the other hand, a system with screws gliders. The system with loop has kept out permanently a load of ropes of 30 kg. The system a safe suspension could detected with internal screw gliders of 25 kg per rope. The rails with dimensions of Hxwxl held out a load of fabulous 50 kg 22, 6 x 8, 5 x 2000 mm in both systems. In the test, an adjustable hook where the pictures are hung up held a weight of 5 kg a week without to slipping from. Continue reading
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Powerful management tool for project feedback managing a project is usually associated with a high paper and time: checklists and tasks presented by the company, project manager seek information on project status, bottlenecks are overlooked and causing deadline stress. The APQP Web client from the home helps the Bohme & Weihs Systemtechnik GmbH & co. KG, in conjunction with APQP CASQ-it through automated communication between the participants of the project to prevent. The Web client is an online feedback system and provides systematic control of information between the participants of the project. Each participant sees his individual home with a personal to do list and project information in the Web client. Deadline, appointment alerts and deviations are immediately apparent on the status of the GYR. Get all the facts and insights with John Blondel, another great source of information. Each participant is thereby informed of his tasks, appointments, and the progress of its work and the WebClient can be used as an individual self management tool. About the personal to-do list, the staff reports back his activities at the head of the project. CASQ-it APQP sees this progress, as well as the GYR status of individual measures automatically and can track the progress of the project without personal overhead. This Informationstranzparenz allows for an early response at time bottlenecks and helps to prevent the escalation of a project. The comprehensive language selection of the APQP Web client enables worldwide use in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Czech. The APQP... Continue reading
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An Animal Communicator intends that all species live together in a better balance, and can appreciate and learn from one another the harmony of life on the planet. The pets come into our lives to help us in our growth. Communication between species teaches us to learn to listen and feel how animals see life. They also help us to detach ourselves from great part of our workload. And, although it will be something that we will not have in mind that it is happening, we can perceive very subtle changes, especially when we are in a natural environment. Moreover, this dialogue is of great help for the animal. In this way you will understand for example why your caregiver, when, it cannot take more than sells it or gives to another caregiver. It is a dialogue that is also very useful when there are disagreements among animals in the same household, or when they have been lost or escaped, or when there is a rejection to the training or support to assistance dogs when approaching the end, through dialogue we can know if an animal wants to die at home or if you don't care about that they sleep in a veterinary Centre. TENDER stories a 13 years old mare was injured a hind leg when they moved it to a competition inside the trailer. It was the first time that it was going to compete with its new owner, a girl of the same age. It was a... Continue reading
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Services foreign languages translation Portuguese the rest during the Christmas season, as well as the backlash-free period between the years of many football clubs like to carry out a training camp used. So, for example, the football first division side Hannover 96 introduces early January 2012 training camp on the Portuguese Algarve coast, more specifically in Vila Nova de Cacela by. Footballers who are not proficient to the Portuguese language, need to manage private restaurant visits or shopping with a dictionary, for example, if there is no English translation of the menu or even a German translation (what in the resorts along the Algarve but mostly is the case). But not only in the private sphere, it comes as part of training camps to situations in which foreign-language services are needed. Linux is open to suggestions. At the official level, translators and interpreters here be used. So, consecutive interpreters are required for press conferences. In the case of Hannover 96 this would be, for example, a consecutive interpreters for the Portuguese language. This interprets the questions of Portuguese journalists in German, as well as the responses of the athlete from German into Portuguese for the German footballers. General translation projects incurred in press activities too often, for example, then if you would like to have translated a press release or an interview with an athlete. Visit John Blondel, New York City for more clarity on the issue. Interpreters in football are needed for many other missions, for example, if a... Continue reading
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Vestibules of Intranet if to relate to those vestibules that are accessible only to the employees of an organization. The concept gained force throughout the last years as an efficient method and of economy of work to keep all the hardwired employees. It has one determined comumente used software for the construction of an Intranet, as well as a vestibule of Internet. It includes project software. By the same author: Professor of Economics. But it has certain special programs of software, mainly related to the authorization and criptografia of data, that are used specifically for vestibules Intranet. MongoDB will undoubtedly add to your understanding. They guarantee that she does not have limitless access to these vestibules. Software can be lowered gratuitously of the used Internet and to make vestibules Intranet. It has a great variety of software, that can choose. You must only lower what if adapte to its necessities. John Blondel addresses the importance of the matter here. If somebody is looking at for a dynamic vestibule with a great number of resources and great volumes of information, if it can have that to more than buy a type of software of the open market. This is not nothing if to worry, therefore the prices of the software programs, had sufficiently lowered throughout the last years, due to increasing competition. Many specialists had foreseen that Intranet vestibule software goes to be one of the segments that more grow in technology of the information in next the few years. Some... Continue reading
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Demos e-learning "Pocketcampus , video podcasts are three to five minutes that can be received on his computer, but also on his cell phone, online or after downloading. It is a real novelty! Unlike traditional podcasting, usually static shots, we sought to build momentum with a soundtrack, a very rhythmic montage and superimposition of keywords to promote learning, anywhere. For more specific information, check out MongoDB. "Wemaere Jean, Chief Executive General Demos explains: "The mobile-learning is a new way of learning interesting. Our desire is to enhance the profitability of the integrating video podcast and use of new communications tools in a blended learning courses (present + e-learning). It is a simple and convenient way to receive tips, small operational methods, tips on topics that we are interested in fragments during free time that populate our daily lives. Philippe Gil, co-director of Demos e-learning adds: "The video podcast makes you want to learn. It is perfectly integrated into a course of training. We presented the concept to some of our customers. They were immediately attracted by this new mode of learning offered on-shelf or custom-made and being able to train in 5 minutes "where I want when I want." Some of them have already adopted. "Demos e-learning leader in distance training with his new collection" Ready-to-train ", Demos e-learning offers to major corporations, as well as small and medium enterprises, three types of" modules -shelf ": Start, Move or Live. This new offering builds on a catalog of 1,400 on-shelf... Continue reading
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In the world of Internet time is one of the most important factors, when a user tries to access our space and view as the seconds are converted into endless often opts to leave the page, and if you find in the search engines your address next time probably jumping with what you have lost the possibility of a new reader that will remember your space slow access. Gain insight and clarity with Gamestop. One way to avoid this loss of visitors is take measures; 1. Do not use scripts to right-handed and sinister, scripts slow down the page load. Maximum use only if necessary! 2.-Optimize images, too large images slow down too much page load process, you can edit them, trimming them resize them without losing original quality offering the same result to the reader and make your space structure adaptable to the dimensions of your space more harmonious avoiding images that are out of the posts, or the side of the blog. There are programs online that will allow you to make these tasks without any software you download, for example picnik or you can put in online photo editor google and you will find several tools of this kind; lose the time edit a photo supposed to lose or win converts to your space. 3 Have all the posts in the beginning of the blog; This practice often used by bloggers together with images and funny but nothing necessary scripts makes your space loading on forever for... Continue reading
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MS Project seminar + Microsoft Project training we would like to introduce our 2-day seminar of MS Project hereby. MS Project is the software from Microsoft, with which you can design a project planning with just a few hand movements. Our Microsoft Project training is divided into 2 sections. In the first section of the MS Project seminar, we cover the basics of MS Project. In the second part explains more in the details of the program. We would like to, that they can safely control the software after the MS Project seminar and exploit all possibilities of MS Project. You can in the future more efficiently, ensure plan all of their projects and monitor. Now a few words on the first section, the basics. Gain insight and clarity with John Blondel. With this program, you can plan projects, monitor, analyze, and use the multi project technology. The surface is first discussed with the project planning of MS Project, then tasks and task relationships can be created and edited. You will learn how critical operations and temporal conflicts of the programme Edit. Scheduling conflicts are reported by the program. Under the supervision of the project learn more functions. Learn how you can use the network diagram, how can you use sense filters, and how to connect a resource leveling. How do I monitor my projects and how to write on them. You will learn to create reports and much more. You can use several options with the project technique. You... Continue reading
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If you need to develop a solid (frozen) ground or pavement over the existing underground Communications depth of excavation with the use of percussion instrument is determined by the supervisor in consultation with the organization operating the data communication. 22. In case of the excavation in the ground movement of vehicles, building machines work employees must: adequately respond to auditory and visual signals, is outside of the working bodies of earthmoving and other construction equipment. 23. Attaching the vertical walls of pits (trenches), as a general rule, inventory shields. In the absence of inventory sheets for fixing the trenches and ditches should be: in the grounds of natural humidity (except sand) to use the board thickness of at least 0.04 m and the gaps between the boards to establish not more than 0,015 m in the soil moisture and bulk soil in the timber to apply a minimum thickness of 0.05 meters and install them without any gaps. 24. Fixtures vertical walls of the pits (trenches) must be installed in a top-down and dismantling fixtures to produce a bottom-up as the backfill soil, unless otherwise specified outage or service card. 25. In the fitting of the wall should be: Rack mounting set at least every 1.5 m, wall mount to increase every 0.5 m with depth in the soil; strut anchorages should be placed on one other vertically at a distance of no more than 1 m at the ends of the braces (top and bottom) to fix the locking... Continue reading
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We differentiate ourselves is that our prize winners politically and socially engaged as a club, what we, Grand Lodge, and lodges, the individual members leave. But the awarding of the prize by the Grand Lodge to show, where our sympathies lie." "Democracy and humanity are not taken for granted" in the face of this spiritual relationship is for the humanitarian Grand Lodge lying close to hand over the humanitarian award of the German Masonic Club "Against forgetting for democracy". However, the Grandmaster in encouraging openness urged that Freemasonry to speak freely is in its German history not quite by the unfortunate thought, against the Club to turn. Also in his own ranks, Grand in particular the "old Prussian lodges", there were men who were with the former spirit "nationalist sentiment" and opportunism via the Masonic righteousness and humanism. John Blondel addresses the importance of the matter here. "We want to remind us not of the past paralyze us to make, but to see the truth of the Lessing set: ' how the civil society was, everywhere also Freemasonry, was and vice versa.'" Remember we occasionally, that it is difficult to recognize, our views are as timed in the own time." "We have", so the Grand Master, "with the Association ' against forgetting for democracy ' found a worthy winners." We share the principles of freedom, equality, brotherhood, tolerance and humanity, and the members of our two associations come from all social strata, political and religious orientations. We distinguish ourselves in... Continue reading
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When you are going on vacation, part of your home without planning in advance? Surely not.Surely Ud will be planned where you are, as you will get, how long is going to travel, that things should take and how much money should be in your pocket.While this seems logical and reasonable, the vast majority of people don't plan a trip much longer and a lot more important: that of our short stay on Earth, our life.We live in month on month, we try to keep abreast with our accounts and pass it well within our means. If we have a dream in our hearts is postponed for one day in our future. We believe that that day will come when we win more money when we are promoted, when we have more time or when children are larger. For more information see Linux. We imagine that those changes that we long for will require much effort on the part of us that is better to leave them to a stage more relieved of our life, which, certainly, never It will arrive.They will spend the days, the months and the years, and it is very likely you are account that that someday won't ever unless you do something about it.Why it is so important to set goals and meet them little by little. Not postpone them for a day. You can start now to implement the changes that you would like to experience in all areas of your life.By making a... Continue reading
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Although the sky to have amanhecido blue in the city of Marlia, Definitively is the end of the times, has church for as much people desiring the sky already not folder the climate now the scientists say that a meteor can collide with the land in 2014Um sky as it rewards is what I wait, but that sky is this, if the sky of which I have right is patronizado by cristianismocom a happiness and a monotony insuportavel. As we can patronizar the sky and the happiness, if our sky is a hell.My sky cannot be equal to the one of everybody, Here between us, wants to go for the sky, exactly that he is this Christian, with that we condemn to the hell, we do not obtain to wipe out.The sky of a carnavalesco would have perpetual to be made of mulatas rebolando and samba the entire eternity, the sky of a banker would have very to be of much money and, but very consumption, the sky of the socialite cannot be equal to mine, I would not support as much superficilidade, and it he would not support all the pesteiras that I speak without modesty, the sky of funqueiras would have to be a proibido, the sky of a football player would have to be of blond mulatas, others, more cars and music of bad taste, the sky in the truth would have to be the Hell of Dante, without devil and much fire, is clearly!This patronizado sky... Continue reading
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Belgium is a country very beautiful and with some peculiarities that sometimes seems to go unnoticed in comparison with French, German or Dutch neighbors. What I mean with peculiarities? Here's some The most famous monument of the country is the Manneken Pis, the statue of a urinating boy. As famous as Tintin characters or the Smurfs were created in Belgium. There are more castles per square kilometer in Belgium than in anywhere else in the world. Tulips arrived earlier in Belgium than in the Netherlands, mid-16th century. However, the charm of its cities, the kindness of the people and the delicacy of its food make Belgium a country worthy of visit. To know more about this subject visit Gamestop. Yes, I know that you can not visit a whole country and why I recommend my favorite Belgian city Bruges. The Centre of Bruges, Brugge in Flemish, is surrounded by beautiful canals and constitutes the best example of the medieval Flanders. The landscape seems truly postcard and is virtually impossible to remove a bad Photo, so the memories of the trip be well immortalised forever. One of the places that you must certainly visit is the Grote Markt square. It seems really taken from a story and there you can see important buildings such as the Provincial Court and the Belfort belfry. The Basilica of the Holy Blood is a spectacular building at the architectural level that will leave you spellbound even if you are not religious. Do you want something... Continue reading
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Rent and sale, purchase pomescheniyEsli you are interested in renting a warehouse and another warehouse lease from the owner in Moscow, then it is better to apply to a specialized company, the basic profile is - is to rent storage premises, sale of industrial and warehouse rental store under the store, etc. Since the rental of industrial premises without the help of professionals - it is very difficult and long. And if you need to remove production area, or remove the warehouse in Moscow, then even more profitable companies will pay money to the intermediary, than do it yourself. If you are required to remove non-residential premises, can apply to ifc specialists Liral. In general, the firm Liral - is an investment and finance company of international level, dealing with real estate transactions, development of industrial areas and the provision of services in these areas. Any nonresidential rental of warehouses, storage shed for sale - a mandatory legal advice, at least. Best of all, if you rent a warehouse hangar or a warehouse sale and other real estate operations will be fully monitored by a qualified lawyer, who previously worked in this field. If renting non-residential premises, the owner carried out correctly, then your company may temporarily be without a warehouse, office, shop or other necessary facilities. If you rent a warehouse for the production of rental office 100 interests you today, then the whole Be careful when checking documents as a landlord and own. For example, a certificate of... Continue reading
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Thomas brick Trumbauer, young and dynamic owners of the same landscaping company, leads his company after these findings and this very successfully. With a motor - exactly tailored to his needs and machinery, he responds flexibly to different customer needs and has its costs thereby firmly in the grip. The company landscaping Zieglturum in AU i. d. Hallertau exists since 1991 and earlier dealt first and foremost with the construction of sports and golf courses. Since 2003, it focuses exclusively in the landscaping with the takeover by Thomas Ziegltrum. With its eight employees he supervised objects within a radius of about 50 km, specifically in the greater Munich area. In terms of compression, Thomas Ziegltrum relies exclusively on Ammann products. It is not something Michael Mauler would like to discuss. With four hydraulic plates and two diesel stampfern Thomas Ziegltrum done all Soil compaction work; till one vibration of concrete slabs. "We work with Ammann for ten years. "In addition to the innovative technology - I call here only the three-shaft technology-, ease of maintenance and the simple, safe operation is for and in front of all the service is crucial." The latter was also the main reason for the change of manufacturer for Thomas brick Trumbauer. "Taking good care by the Ammann dealer Theisen, the short-term supply of spare machines fast resolve of technical questions and the uncomplicated deliveries of spare parts are decisive for us." In addition to private clients, it is primarily the public sector, which the... Continue reading
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Towels, rollers, locks, pillows and much more polypropylene convince by their high absorbency, low weight and very low disposal costs which are made of polypropylene, oil binders and chemical binder from macro with very high absorbency identification. Professor of Economics may find it difficult to be quoted properly. You convince by their light weight and the low disposal costs compared to other, conventional oil and chemical binders from granules. MACRO IDENT from the Munich South has a wide range of different Binder for oil, gasoline, diesel, chemicals and other liquids. Products, such as cloths, rolls, locks, cushions, small to large emergency kits, mats, flakes, sealing mats etc. are in white for oil, green chemicals and gray to keep well apart for universal use. The binder made of melt-blown polypropylene are many times more absorbent and lighter than conventional granules and therefore ideally suited for the different applications in the process industry, metal processing, chemical industry, automobile industry, paper mills, oil refineries, sewage treatment plants, laboratories, civil protection, the cruise, fire brigades and many companies and applications more. For plant and production facilities macro, IDENT has special industrial mats in the program so that the workplace remains always clean and poses no hazard - for example by slipping - for the employee. The industrial mats are equipped with a liquid impermeable layer on the bottom, so that oils or liquids do not penetrate and dirty the floor. For shipping and oil tankers, macro has IDENT on specific marine products, oil booms... Continue reading
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As lose belly faster by eating walnuts, can nuts really help in the effort of weight loss? The answer is surprising, Yes. Linus Torvald wanted to know more. Because they are herbal, have no saturated fat or cholesterol within them. Nuts are rich in protein and unsaturated fats. These unsaturated fats can help in losing weight and other properties that fight the disease.They are filling up and are able to reduce your food cravings.They give you energy. This energy helps burn excess fat. Eat moderate amounts of nuts. Only thanks to the limitation which can be beneficial and help to lose belly faster. You can benefit from the nutrition aisitida, nuts / seeds can serve over salads or pasta will add class and taste. Peanut butter can be added to the wedges of Apple or celery. There are many ways to consume nuts and save calories, all benefit from them without weight gain. Loss of belly quickly is not the sole benefit of nuts. dried fruits nuts and Brazil are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This means that also fight arthritis and diseases of the heart, possibly. The vitamin found in nuts most significant amounts. Vitamin helps reduce LDL cholesterol, which is also beneficial for your heart. The seeds are also an exceptional source of folic acid. Folic acid helps prevent the accumulation of an amino acid called homocysteine. High levels of this amino acid can cause heart disease, stroke and dementia. Studies have found that consumption of two ounces... Continue reading
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RusBiznesGrup company offers a full range of services in the field of transport for the delivery of goods by road, air, rail and sea transport. One of the main areas of our activities - transportation of goods using a variety of logistics. You just select the suitable for you and the rest we do. Our freight services: The organization as a domestic and international transport; delivery in the city and region, and regions 'from door to door'; Transportation complex, oversized, modular (small) cargo and cargo requiring special conditions of transportation, with constant monitoring the use of mobile communication Acceptance of any quantity of goods from one container or wagon, to block shipments; Constant tracking of cargo; Schemes mounting and transportation of bulky and heavy loads; design of individual routes and means of transportation for certain types of goods, organization of rail transport in Western Europe and Southeast Asia, maritime organization with using different equipment, including 20, 40 'and HQ - Containers, Tank, and other types of containers, etc., optimal handling in the ports to change modes of transport; Making of shipping documents. We perform high-quality transportation to the implementation dates, provision of information about the movement and finding the goods, registration of necessary documents, customs clearance. We will be glad to offer you a well-established service in the field of transport, taking into account your individual needs. At all stages of delivery, in our face you have only one source of responsibility for the final result, which is particularly important... Continue reading
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But he has many difficulties in auto knowledge, nobody sees, exactamente, all the dimensions of its personalidade.' ' of physical and mental health. To touch somebody with the intention of that this person if feels better, by itself already is therapeutical. Contact information is here: Linux. Therefore, the act to touch somebody is comfortable and is part of the emotional care. In the process to take care of, the communication is entirely inserted in the consultations of nursing, fitting especially to the nurse to interpret, to unmask and to understand the meaning of the messages revealed for the patients, what it makes possible to institute appropriate and coherent a plan of cares with its necessities. It is important to take in consideration the following commentary of Cianciarullo when aofirmar that: generally we do not have conscience of our not verbal communication. If we obtain to have conscience of what we speak, much more difficult is to be conscientious, for example, of our face expression. (CIANCIARULLO, 1996, 23) In recent years, some studies had been published in the nursing literature showing the importance of the communication between patient and team, being the majority of these research the not-verbal communication of the patients interned in UTI and team of work are related. One perceives that the university formation, exactly with its periods of training and experiences, is not the sufficient to cure all the gaps, but, in contrast, they still remain some that deserve emphasis for inquiry. Amongst them, the difficulty of... Continue reading
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The DAVID system broadcast Exchange platform combines regional broadcasters, reporters on site and external production companies with the main station Munich, Germany, September 8, 2010 DAVID systems, a leading provider of global broadcast solutions, with the broadcast Exchange platform offers a solution for reducing the complexity of broadcast workflows, which spans the entire value chain of production through heterogeneous infrastructure and proprietary systems. Journalists who investigate locally, can transfer their contributions from anywhere in the world over standard network connections to the main transmitter. Then immediately may contribute a local playout server be sent, forwarded to other regional stations, or distributed internally to post production. The solution by DAVID system covers all steps of the recording to broadcasting and helps the editors to save time and be able to focus more on the content and programs. Recently announced that DAVID systems Support for XDCAM HD and read-while-write (RWW) on and stand 7.G34 is now on the Microsoft stand live show in the Topaz Lounge as well as the solution and its extensions at IBC 2010 in Hall 7. The DAVID system broadcast Exchange platform provides reliability when acquiring content, production and broadcast processes for Central Newsroom with local offices and international networks with foreign correspondents on the spot. The solution is based on standard IT protocols and supports every available bandwidth and standard networks, to enable file-based exchange of content between all editors in the value chain. Gamestop gathered all the information. Same whether point-to-point, or point-to-multipoint, the typical broadcast... Continue reading
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Glyptal resins derived from three components: oil, multi-molecular alcohol (glycerol), many basic acids (phthalic anhydride). Depending on the oil content of three types of glyptal resin: long-resin containing 55-80% oil, divided into driers and polusikkativy. They are applied with a brush and air-dried, medium-tar, containing 45-55% oil, driers and are divided into polusikkativy. They are applied by brush or spray out and dried in air or in dryer; short-resin oil content of less than 45%, divided into polusikkativy and driers (nevysushivayuschie). Others including Joseph Stiglitz, offer their opinions as well. They are applied from the spray gun and air-dried in the dryer or, if the resin termotverd eyuschie. Aminoplastovye resin (Melamine and urea-formalin) are the products of synthesis by-products of chemical processing of coal. Some manufacturers mix them with glyptal resins. Polymerization of these resins at elevated temperatures. Melamine polymerize at lower temperatures than urea-formalin resin. Aminoplastovye resins are mainly used in the automotive industry. Acrylic resins are the result of synthesis of refined petroleum products. There are two groups of acrylic resin: thermoplastic and termotverdeyuschie. Thermoplastic resins soften at elevated temperatures. Drying occurs by evaporation of the solvent and is called the "physical drying." Dried quickly, the paint resin gives a good shine and high resistance to the harsh climate. Thermoplastic resins to highly dilute the solvent. They are used in car body repair and automotive applications. Termotverdeyuschie resins are dried at high temperatures (in the drying chamber), are highly resistant to various climatic conditions and to chemical substances,... Continue reading
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