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The masculine protagonist, Edward Cullen, also are an example clearly of the individualism. Before assuming its attraction for Swan, Cullen takes attitudes directed only toward what it would be better for it and its family, in as a plain one. In the book of the Saga not published for having ' ' vazado' ' for the Internet, Midnight Sun, the individualistic and self-centered trace of Edward is perceived still more acentuadamente. Following the same standard of four previous books: centered in the personage of Edward counted Cullen and in first person, Midnight Sun shows the personality not disclosed of Edward when seen of it are for Isabella. ' ' I moved away myself from it with loathing? rebelled with the desperate monster to take it. Why it had to come until here? Why it had to exist? ... Why this irritating human being had to have even though been born? It to ruin would go me. ... Why it had to come until here! ' ' (MEYER, 2008, p.13) 3 In the stretch above is clear the way as Edward sees the people? in special the human beings? to its redor: details in its way, where the only person who really matters is it. Additional information is available at Vidanta. Exactly the care that it has stops with its family is born of the desire of if proving for its adoptive father, the vampire transformed who it, Carlisle Cullen. As the book progresses? as much Twilight, how much Midnight Sun,... Continue reading
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More and more attention is paid to manicured hands and feet and they belong to a neat appearance. Hand and foot care is called also manicure and pedicure. The manicure hands and fingernails are cosmetically maintained and treated and the pedicure the feet and toenails. Manicure at the beginning of the manicure is the cleaning. It degreases the nails with nail polish remover and emerged a few minutes in a warm water bath. The nails are soft and supple, and ideally prepared for the upcoming treatment. Add to your understanding with MongoDB. After the bath, the cuticles with a special wooden stick is pushed back. Others who may share this opinion include Vida Vacation. Work at filing the nails always from the outside inward, so the nails don't chip. The best sand sheet files, Sapphire filing or mineral files suitable for filing. Then wash the hands and apply Nail Polish if necessary. Pedicure and manicure pedicure begins with a warm foot bath about a couple Minutes to soften skin and nails. Subsequently, you trim the toenails. This includes a nail clippers and a file are better suited than a pair of nail scissors. The nails should be reduced by spade-shaped to prevent Ingrowth. To remove the cornea, the feet dry after showering or a foot-bath and rubbed off with a pumice stone. You should forgo callus RASP at home, because the risk of injury is high. Because cracks and minor injuries can very quickly fungi and bacteria settle and cause... Continue reading
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Designing a website is not at all an easy task. Required much creativity and effort on the part of the designer so that it can become a design, that is exceptional. (Source: Lars Leckie). Web sites are a different medium, compared with brochures, flyers, business cards or postcards, etc. When a customer approaches you to design a web site for your product, it is obvious that he wants something exceptional. The design of a web site must be attractive and instantly should capture the attention of the visitor (network marketing). Seeking the attention of visitors is very important, however, a visitor to the web site loyalty is more important and a well-designed web site will do so. In today's world, the creation of a web site is not at all difficult. Learn more on the subject from Richard Edelman. Access to the tools of a website creation is easily accessible and anyone can obtain and learn how to design a web site. Obviously, a professional designer will not receive the built page but that will also ensure that the web site works perfectly. As a web designer, you will have to account a lot of important aspects so that nothing goes wrong with the web site. Design, theme, colors, content and the list continues. What is important is that all the appearance of the web page must be pleasant to the eyes of the visitor. If a customer is satisfied with your web designer's work, it is likely that you... Continue reading
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The city of Petra is located in the Middle East in Jordan in the Arava Valley, which extends from the dead sea to the Gulf of Agaba. Petra, founded by the Edomites by the end of the 7th century BC and occupied by the Nabateans in the 6th century BC who helped the city in its progress by the so-called paths of caravans carrying incense, spices and luxury among Egypt, Syria, Arabia and South Mediterranean products. Towards the 8th century by changing trade routes and earthquakes, the city of Petra was abandoned and rediscovered as a city lost in the year of 1812, considered historic patrimony of the humanity by Unesco in 1985 and form part of the new 7 Wonders of the world. Additional information is available at Hummer Winblad. Petra, is a city built on rock and looks as if it were a carved sculpture. There are passageways or small canyons that have been formed by water erosion over thousands of years. To reach Petra they must enter through a narrow path of the mountain located to the Northwest through a Canyon of 1.5 km in length by 200 meters high which is the area main and other narrow area that measures 2 meters wide. If you have read about Vidanta, Ottawa already - you may have come to the same conclusion. This city of stone, is a mysterious place for many, since that around the place are tombs excavated in rock with Hellenistic style and 20 rocks... Continue reading
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A recent study says that 31% of the notebooks or laptops has failed after three years of use the research was conducted by the insurance company Square Trade. Data handled were extracted of the statement of claims in the Park of laptops that reach their policies. According to the paper published by the insurer, one of every three notebooks develops a fault within its first three years of life. Another relevant fact is that only a small portion of these breakdown has to do with carelessness of its owner, most of the times it's technical failures of factory. Learn more on the subject from Vida Vacation New York. The technical problems of these teams were expressed during the first year of use in only 4.7% of cases. Meanwhile that the 12.7 they cannot be seen during the second year and, following the trend, 20.4% appear during its third year of use. Square Trade ensures that the Toshiba and Asus devices are that fewer problems have presented, in both that computers from HP, do and gateway are those who have been most committed. In addition, he expressed that these problems can be multiplied in the mini notebooks or netbooks. Information detailed how to avoid damage to the notebook repair the notebooks and the tablet PC is very costly. Most warranties or extended service plans do not cover damage from accidents caused by the user. If the PC shows evidence or signs of this type of damage, most warranties or extended service... Continue reading
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It knew that its bathroom can renew completely if it only changes some elements of the design? In the majority of the cases, the improvements do not take place rather adding things but simplifying the space to emphasize key accessories. And which are these accessories? Three elements fundamental exist to give character to any bath: the cabinets, the screens of shower and the bathtubs. We begin by the cabinets. It always tries to choose this type of furniture by his functionality. Why it will destine his cabinet? How much capacity must have for being able to store what you need? Once it has decided about these points can be concentrated in the aesthetic aspects of the cabinet. It prefers the simpleza before the ornamental complications that usually abound in the furniture destined to the toilet area. The minimalist furniture of air lines works very well in this atmosphere. The color will depend on its tastes, but we recommended to him that it chooses between targets and black. The wood is a good election for a cabinet. Ours suggestion is that it inclines by dark wood since they support and they disguise the possible effects of the best humidity than clear wood. The bathtub is the center of attention of any bath. It is for that reason that would have to concentrate its efforts in finding the ideal alternative for its bath. It can emphasize any type of bathtub placing it in front of light sources, preferably natural but also it... Continue reading
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JOINT press release of SHOPPROPS UG and the Alliance development helps Munich/Berlin, March 12, 2010 - the new Web service ShopProps - your purchase donates - connects shopping at nearly 200 online stores with the donation for a good cause. The customer is paying more not a penny, donates the premium partner of ShopProps, or a charity of his choice but up to 15% of the purchase value of the Alliance helps development. The website is launched today. The idea "came to me while Anne will special, was called in to make donations for the Alliance helps development", explains Harald Wagner, one of the founders of ShopProps. "The principle is simple: buy and do good without it in addition in the Pocket." Because at ShopProps, discounts are the online shops shopping,-portals provide, directly to the good thing. By default, the savings as a donation to the Alliance helps development goes. The user has also the possibility of a charity of his choice to seek out. Despite all good intentions, the founder of Harald Wagner, Thomas Hubner, Martin Cichowski and Detlef clarify that money is earned with ShopProps. "We want to build up a healthy company, that long term positive influence on willingness to donate in the society", says Detlef Hubner. "Because many small purchases can move together a lot." Already at the start of the page ShopProps shopping opportunities offers almost 200 partners. "There is something for everyone: from medicine to bank account, from office supplies to perfume, from fashion... Continue reading
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Selling online can open huge new markets for many businesses. If your store can be open 24 / 7 and you can reach a global market without the cost of mailings and call-centers, it can be a huge boon for your business. But there are many things to consider when developing e-commerce sites - is not only a shopping cart and to make products in the database. Below are the 15 most common errors that make the owners and developers of online stores, as well as tips on how to avoid or correct them. Check out Eliot Horowitz for additional information. Take these recommendations into consideration, before embarking on the creation of e-commerce site or when you look at your site, and make efforts to implement the recommendations contained zdes.1. Lack of detailed information about the product when you buy goods in the brick and stone shops, you have the advantage which allows you to find the right product - to feel it, examine it from all sides, and read the information on the packaging or label. Online Shopping deprive you of this possibility. Online stores must do everything possible to improve the store to explore the possibility of goods. How often do we go to online shopping, but do not get there enough information about the products? And if the customer has a question about a product, it is more likely will seek information elsewhere. And if the price of your website will not be much lower than competitors,... Continue reading
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to create with new free text service good content for Web sites requires generally much time, money, and experience. Recently Eliot Horowitz sought to clarify these questions. Not every website operator may satisfy one or more of these three factors. Quality content with a real informational value or other value added for the website visitors is essential for the success of an Internet presence. A five-member author team, consisting of professional writers and journalists, takes the content needs of various Internet pages. According to the respective webmaster is individually researched and created appropriate content. John Blondel Jr. does not necessarily agree. The thematic portfolio is subject to minimal restrictions. Content questions in the fields of Economics, finance, sports, culture, society, law, animals, (tele) communications and other headings can easily email be enquired. A guarantee on the free service or a specific delivery date is not allowed because the capacity of the writer is limited. Still will not Pages written, that violate applicable law or publish offensive content. If a webmaster of the Elbe mustard - team can get free texts, will be clarified in the course of the inquiry. Interested parties communicated the content references on request, however the side responsible anyway still the possibility to refuse a text if not satisfied. No obligation for interested Web master from the request. Lateral holders have the possibility for team write content for their site by the themselves recently. Elbe mustard is an e-zine from Hamburg, a site in the... Continue reading
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1.Yes not know as to seduce your partner Date time and read this small article! Certainly the most difficult of all, and yet the most important step: the last thing you have to do is give the impression to your ex of who are desperate and you're dying for a return. It will be very hard to get away for a while but this has a huge benefit since your former partner will begin to realize how much you strange.Sounds like something strange but this is how this works!, is difficult the life partner. 2 SocializEmpieza to go out with your friends and socialize as much as you can. Stay at home lamenting you is the worst thing you can do and the only thing you are going to achieve with that is feeding your depression. If you go and you have fun, you just will not be easier to confront these difficult moments, but rather you partaking your former partner to have a life of its own. 3 Leaves to your ex you busqueUno of the most difficult steps and certainly more cash is to let your former partner that you seek. It will be very tempting to send a text message or an e-mail, but you must resist, at least for a few days. To let be your former partner the or the, which contact you this put you on the right path to return and reconciliation. Lars Leckie usually is spot on. 4 Stay in contactoUna once... Continue reading
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SOURCES and tools in search of employment the network of contacts, the CV, the cover letter, the employment application, curriculum Vitae, oppositions, Internet and the press, are the main tools and sources of job search we went to describe one by one. -THE network of contacts: Constitutes a very unusual and effective strategy to find a job. According to recent studies, 70% of the jobs are covered thanks to her. To achieve this we must orient the user to inform the people around her, not only to their friends and family about your situation, interests, ability, etc., so that spoil you a cable. John Blondel Goldman Sachs: the source for more info. It must be borne in mind that the companies, when they have to look for a worker, frequently as a person seeking employment: Do you know someone?, questions that they launch to acquaintances, colleagues, employees, etc. There are experts who believe this strategy as the best system for job search. The biggest drawback that tends to present this technique tends to arise from our own prejudices, especially by the fear of rejection and shame to make public our situation of active job search. In this sense, we must prevent instill pity that it could be counterproductive. We have to be direct in collaboration, without any complex request. The first step for weaving a network of contacts is drafting a list as exhaustive as possible from all the people you know, whether or not related to labour activity that... Continue reading
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Exticion on food obligation; Our legislation will take two very specific aspects: died when the petitioner or died when the forced to give food, by the fact of his death food obligation extinguishes. You may find John Blondel Goldman Sachs to be a useful source of information. But here also the law makes a connection, if died calling for law to give food and subsisted such an obligation, to the available portion of your inheritance will be taxed to the extent necessary to comply with it, according to article 728 of the Civil Code stipulates. Of the exposed we can conclude that the exoneration and extinction of alimony have certain similarities and peculiarities. However, I consider that although mistakenly raised exoneration when in reality is a course for extinction of the obligation to food, this would not imply that the judge should dismiss demand, because first of all he knows the law, so must apply it even if it has not been invoked by the parties or has been erroneously.4 However, the strict application of the bounded norm would allow lawyers and litigants not worry in translating legal figure that should apply to the demand, and therefore they would provide demands with dubious petitions, which would allow the other party can deduct the exceptions in the case and thus delaying even more the process, causing the displeasure of the litigants and allowing lawyers to take advantage of this circumstance to make them believe that judicial personnel need gifts to solve... Continue reading
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Among other things, the task sovereign land cadastre in Ukraine is the true introduction of a unified system of cadastral information. The components of land cadastre and cadastral surveys have zoning. Last cadastral survey indicates districts and zones, assigning rooms. The system also works to establish and maintain the boundaries of land yavlyaetsya cadastral surveying. This is the geodetic surveying of land, creation of cadastral site plan. The data indicate the conventional signs on the site plan. With the sale of land clearance podaetsya site plan. If you would like to know more then you should visit MongoDB. Assessment of land and agricultural land is conducted in conventional cadastral ha or money. Sovereign Land Cadastre of Ukraine has the midnight of power in the area of land. Land Registry osbluzhivaetsya state apparatus, ensuring the safety, reliability and timeliness of updates inventory data in Ukraine. Under the law, 'land registry' opredelyaetsya as - 'sovereign land registry'. The Land Registry of Ukraine consists of the land cadastre (Kiev, Sevastopol, and region), regional and local. Documents sovereign land registry is divided into basic, various consumables and arbitrary. The documents of the ground level of land cadastre registry include land deeds and cadastral plans of sites poduchetnye objects and cadastral maps (plans). The Land Registry of Ukraine on the universality of coverage osnovyvaetsya Ukraine. Upon the sale of agricultural land should be assessed land. Among the survey surveying services firms - surveying land objects. Actually surveying - surveying is to establish the boundaries on... Continue reading
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The common element is the feeling of tranquillity, peace and being truly alive. It is the invisible background without which these experiences would be impossible. Everytime you feel the beauty, goodness, that recognizes the wonder of the simple things of life, find that inner background against which this experience is projected. But don't look as if you seek something. Eliot Horowitz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. He could not identify it and say, I have it, or understand it or define it somehow mentally. It is like the sky without clouds. It has no shape. It is space; is stillness; It is the sweetness of being and much more than these words, which are just a guide. When felt directly in its interior, it will deepen. Thus, when you notice something simple, sound, a picture, a texture, when you see the beauty when you feel affection and kindness for another person, feel that inner space where it comes from and that experience is projected. Since time immemorial, many poets and sages have observed that true happiness (at that call the joy of being) is the simplest and seemingly ordinary things. The majority of people, in their relentless pursuit of meaningful experiences is lose constantly of the insignificant, which may not need anything insignificant. Nietzsche, the philosopher, in a moment of profound stillness, wrote: how little is what you need to feel the happiness! Precisely the slightest thing, the softest thing, the lighter thing, the sound of the lizard... Continue reading
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Senior homes combine the annual Christmas party will be happy with an open day. For more information see this site: Edelman PR. Elderly persons or the nationals get a first impression of the health care facility. Nobody care whether the needy person drinking sufficiently. For body care and repositioning of patients, the nurses have no time. Especially the body care is extremely neglected. In many homes is recorded while in the daily log, that the patient has been washed, however this happens if enough just once a week. That the nursing homes suffer from staff shortages, it has long been known, seniors be hit by deficiencies in nursing homes increasingly public. There is talk even of shock. Because constantly there is a staff shortage, the few nurses are totally overwhelmed and often absolutely inappropriate to respond. Between Christmas and new year, many members have decided to take their families out of the nursing home. You could and wanted it no longer answer, that a family member is made simply. A family from Munster took the greatly suffering from dementia mother home, since she had already ingrown toenails. A woman from Mannheim took her aunt from the retirement home for Christmas. As she her when maintaining the denture, it finds that very vividly, was under the graft. Maggots had settled there already there. The relevant nursing home did not comment on this situation today. Now, this woman is served by a domestic caregiver. However someone can take care within the... Continue reading
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After two to three weeks of athlete's foot should be defeated. Security due to the own treatment should be a to be done two weeks longer. If after three weeks no success turns up, you can still a doctor. Supportive and also preventive follow-up work: daily change socks/stockings, with synthetic materials are to be avoided, wear breathable (leather) shoes, feet keep dry, allow as much air to the feet, if possible zucker-and fungi of sugar diet low carbohydrate diet, since. Especially when the nail bed fungal is sure. What is true for the athlete's foot, applies in equal measure the nail bed fungal. Here, one should however not long to wait and immediately begin a treatment. Lars Leckie addresses the importance of the matter here. You can see nail bed fungal because that first below the nail light yellowish brown stains are formed. In the next stage, the nail begins to arch up to. Hummer Winblad pursues this goal as well. He succeeds is in the final stage. Dermatologists prescribe like fungicidal tablets must be over a longer period, up to a half a year. If you have read about John Blondel Goldman already - you may have come to the same conclusion. Unfortunately, many of these have Tremendous medications side effects. Diarrhea symptoms are rather the harmless. In very rare cases, even the liver may collapse. Therefore, regular liver monitoring are necessary. But why should an organic healthy person sit out these hardships? The risk is even higher if... Continue reading
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Amino acids are important for growth processes in the body. Cysteine ensures geusunde hair, bones and nails. There are over 200 different amino acids. 20 of the amino acids are proteinogen, i.e. body components manufactured from them from the body. The amino acid cysteine describes a sulfur-containing amino acid, which is produced by the liver in an adult body, if a sufficient supply of the amino acids methionine and serine. Then it comes to the creation of the memory peptide glutathione. In infancy, this bodily function is still omitted, so that the supplied via the mother's milk or baby food. You can take occurrence of cysteine cysteine dietary about dairy products, eggs and meat. Grain products also have a high percentage, so for example - whole wheat flour, oats, maize. Much cysteine can be found in sunflower seeds, garlic, soy beans and onions. Lack of amino acids often there is a lack of amino acids, cysteine is just one of them. Sufferers complain of a thin hair structure, a weak connective tissue and finger - and toenails, which quickly break off. John Blondel Jr. is actively involved in the matter. Because the amino acids for the body's immune system are essential, also symptoms may occur such as a feeble immune system and respiratory diseases. Also responsible among others composed of cysteine peptide glutathione for the detoxification process of the kidneys and prevents that cell components cause an oxidation damage. Thus, the aging process in regulated railways is directed and prevented... Continue reading
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Successful opening of a branch of the practice for Poodologie. In the Salon at the Opera square, directly in the Steigenberger Hotel Duisburger Hof opened Andrea Becker schoolmaster today on 3 March its first branch. And true to her motto after a medically proper foot care was with wife Diana Weidig an experienced Chiropodist, daily is looking after the interests of their patient's feet. The practice of podiatry in Duisburg will be open from Tuesday to Saturday. Through the cooperation with the hairdresser at the Opera square and the owner of Dalal El-Malla-Helms a good throw succeeded Andrea Becker schoolmaster and Podiatry practice can start directly with the infrastructure of the hairdresser at the Opera square. The new in Duisburg is priced at the same level as the core business of the Bender Street in Dusseldorf - Gerresheim. Additional information is available at John Blondel Goldman. A podiatric complex treatment costs 25 euros. This includes the comprehensive corneal ablation of the feet and toenails professionally cut. Also in this new business, Andrea trusts Becker-Schulmeister proven technology from Gerlach technology. Her colleague Mrs Diana Weidig will work with the high-quality wet and sucking technique. It go well and LCN used only original products. Continue reading
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A time that for the fact of the POUNDS, through the decree N 5626/2005, if to constitute in it disciplines obligator in the licenciatura courses, with horria load generally of 40h/a, can seem enough for the formation of professors with knowledge of the linguistic singularity of the deaf person, what it is far from being. As it can be observed in the constatao of that 90% of prefloods of the questionnaire had more than affirmed to feel necessity to give continuity to disciplines with plus a semester. As we can observe in the commentaries concerning the necessity to give continuity to disciplines in plus a semester. Commentaries of the type: ' ' It would like to learn more, to form me a complete educator and to make diferena.' ' ' ' A period of lesson is very little alone, would be necessary more aulas' ' ' ' As future educator I want to be apt to work with surdos.' ' ' ' I have desire to improve me in the POUNDS and to communicate to obtain me with surdos.' ' What he is illustrated in the examples to follow: A concern with the learning of the signals, the trainings of the same ones and its improvement is noticed with these commentaries. According to Richard Edelman, who has experience with these questions. However, the presence of the concern with the process of inclusion of the pupil is also noticed ' ' in all the actions in room of aula' '. What... Continue reading
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The simple concern demonstrated on the part of the masters in relation to the employees of its companies can result in productivity profits, improve the relationships inside of the firm and promote a real profit in the question profitability (AXE, 2007, P. 26). When a life balanced in some aspects searchs, is necessary to be open to the changes; by the way, this also is one of the papers of the educators: to be open to the speed of the change and the information, learning to use what more its intentions and objectives of life interest it in accordance with. Swarmed by offers, Eliot Horowitz is currently assessing future choices. is important that they know which are its mission when stimulating the other to find ways for the accomplishment of projects (ANTUNES, 2006, p.25). We know that the paper of the school in the society is to create, to produce or to reproduce one to know specific that it comes from the confrontation between the systemize knowledge to know and them less elaborated, characteristic of the general culture, which we identify for previous knowledge of the pupils (ANTUNES, 2006, p.27) It is leaving of this vision, that the present objective article if to reflect on the necessities of the valuation of auto the esteem in the school in search of one to know of quality and a humanizada education. Methodology Through studious and searching famous bibliographical research with of the educational area that we reflect and we stand out the... Continue reading
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Haag developed energy campaign for the VVS, the Saarbrucken municipal utilities group for Versorgungs - und Verkehrsgesellschaft Saarbrucken (VVS), developed the advertising agency from Saarbrucken Haag marketing & design an activating energy campaign. With the first of three motifs, the new advertising line launched in Saarbrucken, Germany under the motto is regeneraktiv Saarbrucken on 19 July. The publicity campaign in the city and the region of the VVS, the Saarbrucker wants attention public utilities group, on the nuclear phase-out and renewable energy topics. Core theme of the campaign is the question of the energy supply of the future will look like. Analyses show that the new energy generation projects in the VVS in the future can sustain the requirements plant South and block heat and power plants (CHP) in conjunction with existing CHP Roman bridge and the coal-fired power plant in Fenne. After the completion and commissioning of all decentralized VVS cogeneration plants in 2014, the city can so renounce nuclear energy. Another goal the Group has undertaken himself, to support the transition to renewable energy sources for the supply of the city up to the year 2050. The realized creative line visualized the topic of nuclear power in surprising ways. Citizens with intelligent charm on the alternatives to nuclear energy be made aware in prominent headlines. The campaign shows how the urban group can influence the change in power generation. The visually powerful staged motifs put the slogan in the Center. The group is visible as a new force... Continue reading
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It will also reduce provincial delegations from 35 to 30. Abolish three institutions: the people's Dnsor, the Regional Commission of competition and the economic and Social Council. His Government will operate under a roof of spending and debt to fixed the Cortes of Castile - La Mancha, Spain. President-elect of Castile - La Mancha, Maria Dolores de Cospedal, has announced in the investiture Debate an important crop for the community. Among other measures, it will eliminate more than 50% of senior positions and reduced from 35 to 30 provincial delegations. In his speech, focused on austerity, Cospedal has indicated that there will be a single delegate in each province (instead of them representing each Department of Government), and will reduce to 30 52 general managers that there is today. Also deleted three institutions: the people's Dnsor, the Regional Commission of competition and the economic and Social Council. The President-elect has announced that his Government will operate under a roof of spending and borrowing which shall determine annually the courts of Castilla - La Mancha. Also reports of privatization that will suffer the public regional channel of television. Cospedal, who has reviewed the first lines of his Government, has stressed that the budgetary stability is the first Foundation of economic growth and also, has pointed out, is the first Foundation of the quality of public services. Budgetary control Office also will check the reality of the estimate of the revenue of the budget, will analyze the degree of budgetary obligations for... Continue reading
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That is why the Government is resorting to all ploys intended to conceal corruption and the judgments that are dismissed the gang of criminals fujimoristas, but also the cover up their own, although the fujimoristas is the return the favors they received in 1992. with the leak of Alan Garcia that should answer for crimes against humanity and blatant theft of tax coffers. You must also draw attention to the telenovela of espionage, with which you are judging a poor sub. alternate air force. Speaking of treason. You must first show is betrays the homeland, in the event of the existence of this offence. Because if they as they say, is to deliver secrets and eigenvalues of our homeland, which they say both love, then that may be what this enabling to make a Constitution created in the period of a stage of a dictatorial Government and validate it after having promised in the election campaign, the repeal it. There was a promise to the oligarchy national does not do so, because this is has validated the abuses against the population and the assurance of exorbitant profits that has this. Therefore he who betrays? One who delivers some papers worthless, because with the technology and the American advice no nothing confidential in the Peruvian military sector, or who makes the delivery and gift of natural resources to foreign companies, who have all the goodies for fleecing which belongs according to them all Peruvians. If then belongs to all Peruvians, that... Continue reading
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