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Ryan Hoke
Louisville, Kentucky
Ryan is a member of the WAVE 3 Storm Tracking Team in Louisville, Kentucky. He earned his degree in meteorology from Mississippi State University and has previously been a weathercaster at a TV station in Jackson, Tennessee. Ryan's on-air work has received award recognition from the National Weather Association, American Meteorological Society, and Broadcast Education Association. As a Louisville native he's thrilled to be back home forecasting weather in his home town!
Interests: weather, weather forecasting, computers, gadgets, technology, digital video, world travel, photography, storm chasing
Recent Activity
Showers moving in from the west represent the leading edge of additional rainfall today. Rain this morning won't be heavy but it will definitely take down temperatures very slowly and steadily during the day. Expect 50s by the afternoon with... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Weather Blog
It's cold. Wind chills have been in the teens in some Southern Indiana communities with raw air temperatures in the 20s! We've even had some snow showers reported in the Lexington area thanks to upsloping winds on the higher elevations... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at Weather Blog
A band of light showers is moving through our western counties this morning but the main batch of rain won't arrive until early afternoon. Expect under a half inch of total rainfall across WAVE Country today. We'll reach our high... Continue reading
Posted Nov 21, 2015 at Weather Blog
Monday's looking pretty gray. Expect clouds to be widespread with scattered showers moving in during the late afternoon/early evening. High temperatures will struggle to reach 60 degrees here in the city. Some heavier rain, especially for areas west of I-65,... Continue reading
Posted Nov 15, 2015 at Weather Blog
It's cold. As of this writing we've officially made it down to 33° in Louisville with much colder readings outside the city. By this afternoon we're in the upper 50s with sunshine. Tomorrow we'll keep the sunshine but increase high... Continue reading
Posted Nov 14, 2015 at Weather Blog
The sun is out! Clouds yesterday were pesky and overstayed their welcome, leading to cooler temperatures during the afternoon. We'll still see cool temperatures today though, all thanks to a bubble of chilly air settling in with high pressure in... Continue reading
Posted Nov 8, 2015 at Weather Blog
Welcome to an up and down, wash, rinse, repeat weather pattern. We're used to this in the middle of fall. We'll stay calm and cool through the weekend in the wake of yesterday's cold front. Expect highs in the lower... Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2015 at Weather Blog
CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR 2015-2016 WINTER FORECAST With Halloween in our rear-view mirrors we're now looking ahead to the first couple weeks of November. Expect plenty of 70s this week but a front brings that all to an end... Continue reading
Posted Nov 1, 2015 at Weather Blog
There have been a lot of questions already today about the forecast for Trick-or-Treating tonight. At this point we're thinking it should start dry (5-7pm) but after about 7pm we'll start to pick up higher shower chances mainly in Kentucky... Continue reading
Posted Oct 31, 2015 at Weather Blog
Whole lotta rain coming our way. The rain we have now will become heavier tonight and through the overnight as waves of it move through. Some gusty winds and thunder are possible, but overall this is mainly a drencher. Rainfall... Continue reading
Posted Oct 27, 2015 at Weather Blog
Today and tomorrow should be mostly dry days with some clouds. Highs will be in the 60s. That's not bad weather for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer this afternoon starting at 1pm on the Great Lawn! I'll be out there... Continue reading
Posted Oct 25, 2015 at Weather Blog
A very dynamic weather pattern is taking shape over the next 2 weeks, meaning lots of moving and shaking. The first item to contend with is tonight's cold front. It will bring waves of showers and even some thunder during... Continue reading
Posted Oct 24, 2015 at Weather Blog
We're in the 30s and even upper 20s this morning! Some folks in the Great Lakes and Northeast are even seeing some snow. While widespread frost is possible through the morning around here, it's tomorrow morning when we could see... Continue reading
Posted Oct 17, 2015 at Weather Blog
Watch out for a little bit of patchy fog if you're out and about this morning. Otherwise we're heading into a sunny Sunday with highs in the mid 70s here in town! Monday gets us close to 80 but a... Continue reading
Posted Oct 11, 2015 at Weather Blog
We're watching the clouds clear out across our Southern Indiana counties this morning but by this afternoon we'll all be basking in mostly sunny skies. Since we're behind yesterday's cold front we'll be cooler today than in previous days. Expect... Continue reading
Posted Oct 10, 2015 at Weather Blog
Not everyone will see them, but scattered showers and thunderstorms will be most common in our Kentucky counties as we head through the afternoon thanks to a cold front moving in. We already have a few spotty showers and downpours... Continue reading
Posted Oct 9, 2015 at Weather Blog
While a sprinkle is possible this afternoon and early evening during the heating of the day, the highest rain chance of the week begins early tomorrow. This will be the last day in the 80s for a while! A cold... Continue reading
Posted Oct 8, 2015 at Weather Blog
Warmer air has moved in overnight, as promised, as that has put us into the upper 50s here in the city this morning. That's warmer than yesterday's high of 54°! In fact, that high broke the previous cool high temperature... Continue reading
Posted Oct 4, 2015 at Weather Blog
We like to call this good napping weather. Showers, clouds, and chilly temperatures will make for a not-so-nice Saturday across WAVE Country. The showers begin moving in early this afternoon and will be with us off and on through the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 3, 2015 at Weather Blog
Tonight's the night! A lunar eclipse happening this evening starting around 9:07pm will be unlike anything we'll see until 2033. This one is so special because the eclipse is happening during a "supermoon", when the moon is slightly closer to... Continue reading
Posted Sep 27, 2015 at Weather Blog
Compared to yesterday, we'll be a bit drier today in WAVE Country. Only a few scattered showers are possible this afternoon and the best chance for those are just southeast of the city. It's all being caused by an upper-level... Continue reading
Posted Sep 26, 2015 at Weather Blog
Behind yesterday's front high pressure has settled into WAVE Country, making for a mostly sunny day with cool temperatures in the mid 70s. Monday-Wednesday look similar as skies remain mostly sunny to sunny with highs in the upper 70s to... Continue reading
Posted Sep 20, 2015 at Weather Blog
We've got showers and storms moving through Southern Indiana this morning but they'll weaken as they approach I-65 just after sunrise. A few of these may make it to Louisville, albeit much weaker than they are now. By the afternoon... Continue reading
Posted Sep 19, 2015 at Weather Blog
Hope you're enjoying the crisp, chilly air this morning! This fall preview won't stick around long though. After spending a day in the upper 60s to lower 70s we'll plunge down to the 40s and 50s again tonight. Tomorrow afternoon... Continue reading
Posted Sep 13, 2015 at Weather Blog
Cool air aloft driving into WAVE Country today will help spark scattered showers this afternoon. While it won't be the hypothetical "washout" that we sometimes talk about, it will be enough of a chance that you'll need to have a... Continue reading
Posted Sep 12, 2015 at Weather Blog