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Ask the candidate to provide code samples of their work... work that they are proud of. I've never understood this. I've been asked for code samples a couple of times in the last twenty years of developer interviews, and I just don't get it. I work for companies, producing software that they own. So I have no rights to that software and would be violating my contract if I was to show it to anyone outside the company. Not only that, but in any company with a long-lived code base it will modified and rewritten by numerous other developers, so finding a self-contained piece of code that I wrote by myself would be difficult, to say the least. I can pull some code from the open source projects I've worked on, but that's hardly representative of what I'd be writing in a professional job with budgets and deadlines. So unless you want to hire people who'll walk out the door with code you've paid them to write, you're basically asking me to sit down and write some dummy code which will never be used for anything other than a talking point in an interview. I don't get it.
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Mar 10, 2012