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Sounds like you had an awesome time. Happy Birthday to you, and congratulations to Anne for organising it!
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I know plenty of geeks who never got sports, but I love getting really into watching my team play. I think that the fact that in the grand scheme of things they "don't matter" makes them safe to really get into them and make out like they do (provided you don't go overboard), so hurray for enthusiasm. Your team finally doing well after years of suckage somehow feels like you've earned it, it's great. Thinking about it, I get like that with board games too - really competitive during the game because it's fun, but I don't actually care if I win or lose. Also, congrats on the Audie!
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I reckon the job involves Wil acting as a consultant and a key character in a new TV show in which first contact with aliens is made and they seem aggressive until they are mellowed out by tasting homebrewed ale. However war then breaks out because they were about to get to level 10 in Munchkin then someone sicced a plutonium dragon on them. Or maybe that's just my crazy ramblings. Good luck with the new job Wil!
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Congratulations! It's awesome when hard work on something pays off. I must also admit to being jealous though. I started work on a webcomic, and found an artist who sketched some character art for me. It was so close to the images in my head I got hugely excited, and this drove more creativity so now even though I only have a limited number of page scripts written, I had loads of scenes and plotlines sketched out ready. Sadly he was unable to continue working on it due to having another kid, but I'm determined that this comic will get made, even if it ends up being years down the line with my extremely poor drawing skills. I care too much about the story to let it go.
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Gaming is great for bringing people together like this. Not that you'd realise that from all the stuff you read about computer games being "anti-social". Like so many things, it's how you use it that counts. Also, hurrah for new projects. I've just finished one, and I'm looking forward to starting my next big thing. Enjoy Comicon!
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Speaking as a sci-fi fan in the UK, it feels like there isn't any decent sci-fi on TV unless you're getting American channels somehow, which is a shame. I miss the days when the BBC were showing Star Trek:TNG repeats as well as DS9 and Voyager. And before anyone points out what they think is a flaw in my argument, Dr Who, while awesome, doesn't really count as sci-fi.
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