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Nationwide Homes
Martinsville, VA
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Unemployment is declining in many areas of the country, the field that seems to be suffering trying to find workers is construction. The link below is a recent story in the USA Today interviewing contractors around the country describing how difficult it is finding workers to meet a rise in... Continue reading
Whether true or perception, seems like tornados & hurricanes are popping up in more places. Homes ill-prepared to weather the storms result in traumatic losses, sometimes even casualties. Time and again, modular construction has proven the best wood-framed structure for high winds. Homes built in factories and transported to job... Continue reading
It’s fun to drop the names of famous people…we all do it, from chance encounters in airports to “friends who know friends”, everyone has stories of being around a celebrity or two. As an industry, we mod folks are no different. Some great examples of modular homes name-dropping: Bob Villa’s... Continue reading
Video produced by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) BSC. As it happens, the generic modular home footage used was from Nationwide Homes! YouTube video: Our favorite line – to paraphrase – in NAHB’s own green certification scoring system, modular homes score green points simply because they’re modular.... Continue reading
Homebuilding can be stressful. Lives are interrupted as future homeowners wait for their project to become move-in ready. It’s important to get back to normal, enjoying the benefits of the new home as quickly as possible. Psychologists call this the “nesting” instinct. The sooner the home “nest” is ready, the... Continue reading
There’s a nice piece of family land about fifteen miles outside of town. Rolling hills. Private drive. Great place to build that beautiful new home. One choice would be to build it conventionally, the old-fashioned way. To do that, you might hire Freddy the Framer and his crew. Every day... Continue reading
“I went to work that morning and passed my neighbor’s property. It was a pile of mud and with a square foundation sticking out of the ground. I returned home that night, and there was a 2-story house sitting there with guys nailing shingles to the roof. Wow.” Got that... Continue reading
We hear that a lot. And you know what: It’s true. There’s always a cheaper alternative. And compared to the homes we build here, there are plenty of site-built alternatives that are cheaper. The first alternative is an existing house…actually the most popular way houses are bought and sold by... Continue reading
There aren’t a lot of “IF/THEN” propositions in the world that are lock-in guarantees. If you drink orange juice after brushing your teeth, then it will taste bad. If you let kids choose between lima beans and M&M’s, the M&M’s win. Same holds true for a Nationwide factory tour: If... Continue reading
It rains. It snows. This stuff might be ok outside, not inside. Now, take those same exact materials found in 100% site-built homes, but keep them under the roof and dry. That’s how Nationwide does it. Stored in a climate controlled environment – no rain, snow, ice. Not too cold... Continue reading
A point of pride that shows up in much of our public relations & marketing is that Nationwide Homes was the first modular home featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Williams Family- May 2010). It’s been well over 2 years since that event, and like all good things, the... Continue reading
This is a top-of-the-line, heavy-duty carrier. It’s tough. It’s rugged. It holds Nationwide’s modules as they travel down the road at speeds up to 60 - 65 MPH. These super-strong carriers hold the modules flat and secure as they navigate the twists, turns (and more than occasional bumps) along the... Continue reading
Window staging. Modular construction : Windows come off the truck and are stored in racks…indoors…until installation. Site built: Throw them over yonder. Continue reading
It’s been a rough half-decade for homebuilders, realtors & other people associated with the housing industry. Not so much for one group: folks who own rental property. According to the “State of the Nation’s Housing” report published by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, it’s a good... Continue reading
Care Cottages, Nationwide’s newest offering, and one we feel has a great future. We displayed our first in Iowa (see the movie here), and brought a second to the MedTrade Show in Atlanta last year. MedTrade is a large product showing for the home healthcare industry. We showed off our... Continue reading
What’s the biggest difference between those who build modular & those who build old-fashioned on-site? We like to say: Those who build modular took the time to learn the difference. If that’s our belief, it becomes important for us to help people learn what modular is all about. To make... Continue reading
Plumbers might hit the endangered species list! At Nationwide Homes, we’re hearing stories from builders about a troubling trend. Though there are many causes, it comes primarily as a result of the recent housing crisis. The trend: A dramatic reduction in skilled tradesmen, including plumbers. With little construction activity, tradesmen... Continue reading
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May 31, 2012