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Heirloom tomatoes and zucchini in an open-faced tart It’s that time of summer when produce beckons. All of it. From that first bite into butter-slathered corn on the cob, to that cherry tomato that bursts with flavor when you pop it into your mouth, to the juicy sweetness of red ripe watermelon. Even zucchini, that butt of too many jokes. Well, I’m sure you get the drift. It’s that time of summer. And with so much summer produce at the peak of ripeness this month, now’s the time to improvise. Who needs a recipe? Try a few of the recipe-less... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Delaware Girl Eats
Simona -- we have a farmer near me who raises multitudes of heirloom produce, one of which is the sweet little zucchini you featured in your post. It's not a french variety, but its nickname is "cueball". I stuffed them something along the line of how you did, and they made for individual side dishes that everyone loved. As to the book, I too liked Tender to the Bone a bit better than this current selection but they are all great reads
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They are incredibly easy to wolf right down! Make a bunch if you're feeding a crowd
Deb - when I read this part of the book I too thought it was too bad that folks liked the Brenda persona better than Ruth's own personality. Telling isn't it...
Claudia -- please don't feel bad. These didn't puff up too well either. It's just a clever photo angle that makes it seem so. I remember making gougeres in the past that were wonderfully puffy but maybe it's the heat/humidity this summer that played havoc
Hi Simona -- I'm not brave enough to even think about making the noodles but I'll bet you would do a great job at it. Thanks so much about the photo. Each one is a challenge as you well know
Thanks for including my link in your Tuna post!
Tina -- I often visit Kennett and love that you grew up nearby
Scott and Wendy - I'm glad this piece provoked some nostalgia for you and that the mill has a family history for Wendy. It's so nice when things like this happen
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2018 on Apple Picking and Cider Making at Delaware Girl Eats
Delicious cheese puffs called Gougères are an easy, fast appetizer A woman of multiple personalities. That was Ruth Reichl undergoing dozens of transformations with wigs, thrift shop ensembles, jewelry and even creative makeup to disguise herself while dining as the New York Times restaurant critic. With the help of these costumes she could dine unnoticed by NYC restaurant staff, eating and considering both the experience and the cuisine for her reviews. In her memoir “Garlic and Sapphires”, which we are reading this cycle for Cook the Books, Reichl describes the process of crafting each of the rich personalities she affected.... Continue reading
Posted Jul 21, 2018 at Delaware Girl Eats
I like the idea of taking away the crust... A parfait or something where you could mix up colors would be a nice touch. I found the color on the pie filling a little muddy, but then blueberries are dark anyway
Deb -- my comments went blank for a few days till Typepad fixed the problem. Sorry for late reply and commenting back to you on both posts so stay tuned for another one
I have to say I'm a novice where it comes to the grains you mentioned so I was on a learning curve in making this dish. I had the idea of a room temp salad as you said since it's always nice to take something cool but substantial to a summer potluck.
My golden retriever wishes she was a lap dog, but sadly she's too big :)
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As you say Simona, everyone is different in how they deal with both the ups and downs of life
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Goat cheese filling makes for a savory twist on blueberry pie “Everybody in the car!” On scorching hot July Ohio mornings, my mother, siblings and I headed out in our trusty station wagon to an abandoned blueberry farm near town where we filled turkey roasters with scads of perfectly ripe dusky-colored blueberries for canning, baking and just plain eating. It was quite a job for us little ones. “Reach higher,” mom urged but our short arms could barely reach the top branches as we worked our way down what seemed like endless rows of bushes. The sun was merciless on... Continue reading
Posted Jul 6, 2018 at Delaware Girl Eats
Please do try it... like other dishes this is pretty easy if you prep everything in advance and simply assemble when it's time for each step or ingredient
I agree that couscous is equally good at room temperature or even chilled. In both cases it would be great for a picnic compared to other cold dishes with mayonnaise and its heat problems
Oh I forgot to say Thanks! for organizing this round up again. I always find books that just must be read by seeing what others had enjoyed
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2018 on Novel Food #33: the finale at briciole
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Olive in a way sounds typically British to me, but I may be applying stereotype. As usual, your reading voracity just amazes me. I'm trying... Somehow I heard of this teeny little volume by AJ Liebling called Between Meals, which is a memoir of his eating experiences in Paris between world wars. Will let you know how it turns out unless of course you've already read it.
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Simona I'm truly in the mood for minimalist, light food considering the extreme heat over here on the East Coast.... As to the book, I haven't read it, but I can understand the character's unwillingness to talk about his former life. My father was a teenage private in WWII and we could never ever get him to say anything about his experience. Some things are best kept in that hidden place of memory I suppose.
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Hi Simona-- don't know why my comment came separately. Tried to delete the first pass and redo but now there are two -- oh well
Paula Wolfert's Moroccan Couscous with Chicken, Fava Beans & Zucchini Paula Wolfert changed the way Americans eat in through her ground-breaking cookbooks.. Yet for years she was virtually unknown outside of the cooking world’s inner circle. That changed earlier this year when the Beard Foundation bestowed on her a Lifetime Achievement award. So who was this woman and why were her cookbooks so important? For over four decades, those cookbooks and countless articles on foods of the Mediterranean had a quiet but huge influence in popularizing foods we now take for granted. Eons ahead of popular tastes she championed foods... Continue reading
Posted Jun 27, 2018 at Delaware Girl Eats
Grilled Shrimp with Corn & Black Bean Salsa in Lettuce Wraps Charcoal or gas? That’s the contentious question among grillers. Folks either swear by a lovingly tended charcoal fire or the convenience of gas flames and there appears to be no compromise between devotees of one or the other. Each has its own charms. Charcoal creates deep smoky flavors, plus there’s the fun of playing with fire. Gas is beloved for speed, control and reliability. In my house we own both types of grills though mostly we succumb to the convenience of gas. And what to grill? The answer to... Continue reading
Posted Jun 19, 2018 at Delaware Girl Eats
Time for a frosty ice cream treat - Heath Bar mini ice cream tart It’s that time of year, the time when the Mr Softie trucks start cruising neighborhoods blaring their widely known jingle or, in what must be a fit of desperation on the part of some driver, Christmas carols. But they do indeed signal that it’s June and therefore it must be time to enjoy ice cream. And who can resist? Ok, recent weather here in Delaware hasn’t exactly been conducive to frosty treats, but nonetheless it’s time to enjoy their many pleasures. Their luscious, dense-but-not-too-dense consistency is... Continue reading
Posted Jun 8, 2018 at Delaware Girl Eats