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From Ft Lauderdale, Live in Honolulu
Interests: Dolphins, Heat, Canes.....oh yeah and my wife and kids!
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jpao you are spot on. people like to expect that starters are pulled out of later rounds, while sometimes true it's not always the case. this team is built well at QB, RB, TE, OT, C suspect is WR, OG and oline depth. on D we are built well at DT, LB. DE needs another pure passrusher, some CB's and S's. The next draft and this team will be built well. The problem is we are devoid of PLAYMAKERS. Ireland has not gone after playmakers, the focus from free agency and the draft have been at the positions we are very solid at. One thing Ireland hasn't failed at is drafting 1st round picks. Second and Third have been shaky at best and there is reason he DESERVES angst from fans because he's been bad from 2nd-4th picks, and lack of addressing playmakers. Once this team adds a couple playmakers on both sides this team will be deep and talented. We need to swing for fences for a free agent WR next year, there will be studs available like Dwayne Bowe and Greg Jennings, both of whom appear destined to leave in free agency. A free agent stud give THill his stud go to WR with the guys we have slotting better as #2,and #3's with young depth. This inturn would make the whole offense much better, amazing what a QB can do for a team! We need to find 2 studs in the secondary to what we have, I prefer one at FS and another at CB. MLB may become a need in offseason imo. If Ireland is still here we have got to address getting stud secondary and MLB with first few picks. Ofcourse young talent needs to develop. Ireland has done a great job adding depth to the team, he needs to land the PLAYMAKERS to balance the team out. At that time we will see how well built the team is, but when there is negligible talent at our playmaking positions it affects the team drastically. He needs to stop tinkering with depth and get aggressive for big time talent, we'll have the money to spend for it next year, now's the time....well March 2013 will be the time.
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Why people harp on bad drafting is mind boggling....outside of Jimmy Johnsons "defensive" drafts we have NEVER drafted well. We sporadically got lucky selecting Marino, Webb, Sims, OJ McDuffie, during Shula's years....he could not draft a running back, run blocker, or pass defense to save his life. You guys remember all those Jerry Rice highlights, I believe JB Brown was covering him in atleast half those highlights! JJ's line of,"what can Randy(Moss) do that Larry Shannon cant do?" was an all-timer! That single selection could have changed everything in miami in the late 90's.....he didnt select him because he struck out with Yatil Greene. Wanny was just terrible and had the track record to prove it yet we stuck with his fail for what 4 or 5 years! we missed on so much talent, so much offensive talent with a great defense already in place. we could have anquan Boldin and Chris Chambers with Drew Brees. but we picked a myriad of talentless clowns. I mean we selected a NFL linebacker who lost a bar fight!!! Are you kidding me? would Urlacher, Ray Ray, Patrick Willis ever lose a bar fight? Then we gave 1 draft to Randy Mueller who with just a few selections in first 4 rounds gave us a LT in Carey, even though we all felt that we should have drafted the other Tackle from the "U" Vince Wilfork" but we still got 2 starting OL when we desparetely needed offensive lineman. Saban missed arron Rogers in the 1st rd then Vincent Jackson in 2nd and the Justin Tuck in 3rd....we took Ronnie, Roth and Crowder. that explains why we are terrible, follow that up with missing on brees and trading picks away for Daunte Culpepper. the following draft not selecting Chad greenway or antonio Cromarte and then selecting Derek Hagan and Joe Toledo over the likes of Brandon Marshall or Elvis Dumervil! Each year is funnier and sadder to look at. we dont know how to draft as an organization. History tells us that. no matter if guys are head cases look at the talent we could have drafted, over the past 30 years I have devoted to this team, they consistently fail in this drafting, yes, they do hit some selections out the park, but for every Jake Long, there is ted Ginn's family and Eddie "Hurricane" Blake and AJ Duhe just staring us in the face of our mediocrity! I do feel like we have had 2 solid drafts the past 2 years, but stop swinging for first round lineman and acorn playmakers....its time to reverse it for first and 2nd round playmakers and acorns for deep depth. Oh and long time lurker since about 1994 or so since I was a freshman at beer can college!
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Aug 23, 2012